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“We are going into the Freemason Curses.”
“I can´t stop doing what I am doing.. I have been fighting evil, fighting demons for a long time now, it has just become a habit, now that wasn´t my choice, I was thrown into this Arena…Now anyone who notice what´s going on…
As regardless of what you beliefs are, things are like they are.”
“Scott Hensler Show.”
Conspiracy Revelation Archive Vol.128: 3. August 2016:
“Targeted Individuals or TI’s are increasing and now at a all time high with plenty of room for the rest of the population. This means the New World Demonic Order is ramping up their end-time agenda through pain compliment tactics.
So now you’re not so crazy in the eyes of those who are now experiencing PSYCHOTRONIC WARFARE.
You have been complaining and warning your family and co-workers for months and years and now they too are being
targeted. Is it too late? Is there still time to fight back? All I can say is never give up! Julie continues with more gematria.
Source: In The Crosshairs 07/27 by Tin Foil Hat Club | Spirituality Podcasts”
Targeted Individuals or TI’s are increasing and now at a all time high with plenty of room for the rest of the population. This means the New World Demonic Order is ramping up their end-time agenda through pain compliment tactics. So now your not so crazy in the eyes of those who are now experiencin…
“Targeted Individuals
Bible codes
False flag
“We are trying to tell you whats going on, through our experience from the past…The Reality of the Demonic, we have some knowledge to give there has been a rise in paranormal activity. Now when I talk about paranormal, I am not talking about those things of divine supernatural, I am talking about those things of the demonic, demonic in nature, okay, a demon is what it is, evil is and does what it is and that it´s evil, so there´s nothing good coming from it.
No Good is found in it. Now unfortunately today with Technology, where we are at, is combined with what we call Psychotronics. Now obviously the creators of Psychotronics are Evil, because its intend was never of Good…it´s through Electronic Beams of Mind Control, Pain Compliant, reading mind, putting thoughts into the mind, which also, by the way, can mimic schizophrenia, mental illness, insanity, depression, anxieties, and all of these things that people are experiencing…because of psychotronics..So those victimized by this technology are now deemed insaned…, classified, documented and put into a system, .. and this is also part of the tracking and gang stalking and that has absolutely terrorizing people…So those who are Targeted are referred to as Targeted Individuals, that´s increasing exponentionally..Mapping of their Brain by Gang Stalkers, ..just like any IP-Adress, you can get in the Internet. And once you have an Ip-Address you can go from one place to another.. but now that they have you mapped they can select you..because they have had their brains mapped, their minds mapped…so certain individuals could be tormented, that can be done on a larger scale, they have evevrything in place, again that is the beast system otherwise known as cellphone technology,.. it has a double duty…like cellphone transponders, but at the same time it´s also psychotronics, those things microwave, those things of ELF, those things of mind control…so this is your family members got their brain mapped,..they mapped their mind.. so now they have it and it is now put into the system and through satellite, through wifi, through smart meters, through tracking you with your cellphone, or you may have been chipped in some way..again through might become aerosoled.. I used to work with micro technology, now this is nano, so they have taken this to another level..The Chemtrails that have been here have been off the chart..I cursed everyone behind the Plane, because they are not human…I am not tolerate this any longer…I am child of God…we are going to be a little bit more aggressive about it, because there are so many people who are dying and tormented and the church stays silent..we are to move forward… we are to expose evil…those planes, those reptilians, those hybrids, those clones who are flying those things…now there is still satellite technology, there is still cellphone technology..we take down those… things of the Air..because the church is birthed out of Freemasons. The Catholic Churches, those things that were not of God, those false converts…they are demonic, they are part of the Beast System, they are those things from Nimrod, they are those things that have to do with the Babylonian System.. We also must remember those who run the electronics are evil themselves or those who are not human or they have sold their Souls, they are enemies of God…Whatever God does, he is waiting on us…”
“In the End Times..What Satan is trying to do, he is trying to take down the Saints…now again through Nanotechnology, Nanobots, through Microwaves, through Chemtrails, whether it is a localized Aerosol application or not, these things effect all of us, but again when we understand… through our knowledge.. we can stand together as a corporate against these things.. Gang Stalkers, these are individuals that have been brainwashed, some of them might not even be human, they may be clones….this is all under.. New World Order, the Illuminati, which are Reptilians, they are the Seed of Satan…since we are made in the image, they are coming after us..Fight in the Spirit. Take Authority…If you are an adult.. and Satan takes you out, your children are going to be at the demise of the evil ones, so that should give you reason to fight…So anyone who clergy, pastors, politicians, law-enforcement, they are in on it, ..they are Masons, who are crypto-jews, who are Zionists, who are put in place intentionally to infiltrate those houses which were supposed to be the houses of God..wolves in sheeps clothing…those who are not willing to reveal what is taking place… because this is an effort to destroy man, this is an effort to destroy the world and we are so far into this, with the information we got through the Internet.”
“The Mainstream Christian Church was not of God…”

ConspiracyRevelation: 23.2.2020: It has effect, your talk…the NWO Criminal Alphabet Loser Gang tries again to enter my system…and Antikeymagic repels their efforts.
Stupid DoD-Arpa-Nsa-Tao-Zion-Nazi-Bolshevik-Inc-Mister-Zombiehost-“FED-BÜNDEL-Trojaner”-Backdoor can´t beat Antikeymagic….
I didn´t even update Antikeymagic for 1 Year…and they all lose and buy crappy corporate Antivirus products of no use against the NWO Corporate Alphabet Inc. Crime Cartel.
“Psychotronics use the Radiowaves..4k is using Visuals..and now we have Audio, which gets down into the ELF-Spectrum… So now we have ELF, which also crosses over with Audio, but you can still have electromagnetic radiowaves that are still in the same spectrum as audio waves.. and below that is we have all this technology bombarding us…”
“It isn´t bad enough that we have iridium systems..satellites…Satellites..far-field…they will have near-field. Ladys and Gentlemen, this is unacceptable, this
tells you what they want to do it.”
“I ask you…Would you guys please empty your head of all the stuff you have brainwashed to believe and just take it for what it is,…and stop putting the spin on it that the churches put on it, what jehova witnesses put on it, the mormon church´s not true.. Tory (Likely she means Tory Smith) passed away…
Technology that you don´t know about…placed into your body..he had those into his body. They had actually inserted things into his body,..,including private parts, his front and´s not hard to do anymore… With the Technology I am speaking about they tortured him absolutely to death.
Tory spoke out daily… the department Socom, Northcom, FBI, NSA, NATO, DARPA…Police Officers, Police Departments, State Police, Governors, Senators, all these people were involved in this…they have criminal records..the workers have criminal background… This is the dastardly people they put in charge…that should help them, but actually murdering them. The Vatican is the Number 1 child trafficking Ring in the World…His name is not Satan..Satan is a rank, a colonel, chief, sergeant or major, it is a rank of demons.”

“We are making sure that we are clean, so that we don´t give them any opportunity to take us out.”
“These things are taking people over.”
“Along with the Sheriffs and Several Agencies, they are all in bed now…He exposed them for who they were and they didn´t like it.”

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