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“99%-100% of the TIs have done nothing to be on this list (terrorist watchlist/blacklist). So once you are on that fascist nazi list, apparently you are no longer citizen, you are no longer a human being, you no longer have civil rights and that is how they are circumventing the law to abuse you and in some cases murder you..The Police are totally totally ignorant…I am outraged, I am absolutely outraged… The Police are letting us down and there is no excuse for this. I am referring to them now as Oath Breakers.(Karen Stewarts)(ret. NSA)”
“Human Experimentee. I have being their Puppet in 2003, one of the things I heard: The Boys have new Toys. ..It was 8 years since the high tech torture began…Retired from the Air Force and began to physically stalk me.
..From 2003 forwards the high tech torture just has escalated…He belittles me, he questions me…it seems to be realtime, maybe 50% of the time it´s computerized.. It seems that we were Brain-to-Brain linked. …
So apparently he has a chip in me that links my brain to his and allows him to have all of this contact.”
“charles hallvor 2 Wochen
Yes they are Oath breakers. They will be charged with this as well. domestic terrorism is a act of treason. The penalty for treason is death.”
“Enslaved Angelvor 2 Wochen
As a Stasi victim, I got an RFID chip, which sent my brain activities and frequencies to secret services (CIA, NSA, FSB, AIVD, MI5 and MI6) in 2006. Since then, everything is twisted and sent through my brain. V2K transfers destruction measures against my property and bank account. MKultra and HAARP extremely. Bush and Obama put me on their blacklist as terrorist, rapist and childabuser.”

“The Internation Coalition against electronic torture and robotizaton of living beings.”
“There is much intent from the intelligence agents to stop me. Truth is always stronger than cover ups…in the end of the day this is going to come to light, all the extreme crime against humanity that have been perpretated with these weapons…and what I specifically mean with weapon is Nanotechnology Implant Weapons and directed energy weapons to torture and harass people, as well as the psychological harassment campaigns, warfare you could they against innocent people. (Melanie Vritschan)(2017)(4.5.)”
You were implanted against your will, as I understand it people came into your home and You woke up with scars..(yeah I did) and I should say that you are not alone: all the victims who are implanted get either implanted illegaly in hospital or they wake in their own home..sometimes they sleep really well for a couple hours longer than normal and then they wake up and they have scars and then they realize that they have been anesthetized… have an implant at the top of your head..~ (Katherine Horton)(2017)(4.5.)
In my throat there is a technology that will record everything I say, but also everything I think. (Melanie Vritschan)(2017)(4.5.)
1.1 Ghz” GSM Signal 850-900. You are broadcasting above the GSM… (Katherine Horton)(2017)(4.5.)
Mostly used by Combat Airplanes…The majority was clearly linked to the Military… (Melanie Vritschan)(2017)(4.5.)
Wow..we have young mothers, they wake up in the morning and they end up with chips inside them that broadcast on Airforce frequencies.
Everybody refuses to help and the charities we don´t even have to mention, they do nothing and what that means de facto is the only last chance we have are the courts. We have a global nazi take-over with fully operational death camps and death camp experiments and also a lot of murders, high profile murders, these are public executions so we have got a global nazi take-over with public executions of high profile people.
I was shot into the head about 2000 times with microwave guns..they shot me into the head until I collapsed from pain…how they absolutely do not like when we take them to court…In a sense you are doing the right and they hate that.
When I look at the profile of all the victims I have come across…but the vast majority.. they upset someone by being to successful at work…the people who are doing this they are degenerates…the military intelligence complex is a cartel of degenerates, brutal, degenerate, corrupt retards…out of their envy or just their degeneracy or psychopathy attack..healthy, normal, happy people who are contributing to society, this is horrific. (Katherine Horton)(2017)(4.5.)
Mainly they are targets of opportunity and there is also the sexual aspect of this, because they are really sexual perverts. They are looking for easy targets…there is also the rape aspect of it, a lot of victims are implanted in their genitals…you have women like I and many others they get raped every day or every night by this technology. (Melanie Vritschan)(2017)(4.5.)”
“Bonum Vetus Pusus Conplexio: If you are a new TI there is no chip. It is all done by satellite now.
“John LaPagliavor: The biggest problem with “Intelligence Agencies” is that they do not do anything productive at all. ..You know, this “Implant” is going to be a real problem if the Chinese or Russians figure out how to “Reverse Engineer” how the Americans utilize this technology.”
“Targeted Individuals, the awakenings, underground bases, cloning chambersvor:
I believe this is being orchestrated by big corporations using people from intelligence communities to help them. Check out Eve University. Google it. Once on website. Look at eagle emblem. Looks like a Nazi symbol. Then click members names on left. Look at the names. Pretty dark people playing. Then search the game terminologies used. Sounds close to what we experience don’t it?
Corporations are the ones playing it. I believe we are a game piece to them. Though we are the prey.
Targeted Individuals, the awakenings, underground bases, cloning chambersvor:
For all T.I.’s. The matrix grid is locked. They know who is awake and who is not. If your awake then someone has awakened you. If your a whistle blower then that would be why you’ve been awakened. The people still sleeping are wakening more and more. However, it will take time and they are doing their best to stop it.”

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