Dr. Joseph P. Farrell – Special Investigators (Stop 007)

“Dr. Joseph P. Farrell – Special Investigators (Stop 007)
Dr. Katherine Horton – Stop 007
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“Zion Nazi International”
“Dr. Joseph Farrell is a guest on Dr. Katherine Horton’s new interview series Special Investigators. He reports about the spread of the Nazi after World War 2, and their technology and methods. Dr. Farrell’s website has a wealth of information, a list of his books, commentary on current affairs and special insights about what lies behind the news that we read, see:
“..before he retired by the CIA in Washington DC General Gelen’s outfit you mentioned talking about the sensing this
pervasive Nazi presence in post-war Europe well general Gelen’s outfit simply is rolled over and becomes and
please note not my choice of words there becomes the post-war West German Bundesnachrichdendienst, so in other words modern
modern German intelligence is nothing but the old Nazi military intelligence unit on the on the Eastern Front that’s been given a new name now.”
“”Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations”..let’s look at the Bilderbergers for a moment here you have something that’s set up by Lawrence and David Rockefeller and of course the Rothschilds, representing the anglo-american interests, but who do you have setting up these meetings on the European side of things, well, you have Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who is Prince Bernhard, well , he’s a German nobleman, he had been a kind of a middle Echelon manager working for IG Farben, okay, and then some of the principal
people that were invited to these early Bilderberg meetings was always without fail Dr. Hermann Yosef Ochs, so who’s Dr.
Ochs, well Dr. Ochs at the time is the CEO of deutsche Bank..so in other words Dr. Ochs was the guy signing … Hitler’s paycheck as Reichkanzler Germany.”
” ..the rest of that structure was left entirely intact and even even after World War two and this is something that
most people don’t know that I mentioned in the Nazi International: IG Farben was such a gigantic corporation that it was
only finally liquidated in the year 2003. Remember what IG Farben was: Bayerische Anorganische Soda Fabrik and Bayer…and there was
another chemical combine that went into creation of IG Farben, well, look at the modern German chemical industry and
the quote unquote subsidiaries of IG Farben are still in existence, so, you know, they got rid of the cartel agreement, but the
companies comprising it are still, there, they’re huge backers of Chancellor Kohl and then of Angela Merkel, President
Sarkozy in France and so on and so forth, if you if you scratch and sniff long enough behind particularly German
and French politicians, you’re gonna find those big German chemicals cartels.”
“In my 911 book, the 911 book is called hidden finance rogue networks and secret sorcery, I go into the Nazi connection
behind 911 because believe it or not there is one and let me briefly outline what it is so that I can get to
Switzerland, the hijacker that we all associate with 9/11 ..he’s being sponsored here it comes by the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft , well, if you look who Carl Duisberg is he’s president of Bayer during World War one and after World War one and he’s one of the movers and shakers that sets up IG Farben, okay.”
“..if you start talking about nano-thermite than the people with access and the technical ability to use it narrows and
there’s some evidence for that if you narrow it even further to so-called mini nukes and there are evidences that some
sort of nuclear event occurred that day that circle becomes even narrower and then if you talk about exotic energy
weapons which i think is definitely one of the modalities involved in that circle becomes even narrower and it’s with that
last component that you’re in the territory of Nazi international high-tech weapons, American black projects research and so on..”
Oona Craig​: The new “Jim Marrs.”
Fred Last: ​this guy looks like a parody of himself.
Lonely Soul: ​KGB and Gladio are involved ..
Mark Tauriello​: AshkaNazi.
Lonely Soul: ​Cabal Elite needs to be exposed.
Oona Craig​: Famous Jewish Nazis Part I.
Oona Craig: ​Oh brother, Joseph Farrell. Nazis, Nazis. What a crock. Cowboy hat, too! Looks like Ramola D smelled a rat after all. Jews or Nazis? Jews.
Lonely Soul: ​Who Controlls Switzerland really, who is it? Tthey put me since birth into this Mk Ultra Program.
Greatest Ever​: essentially.. they’ve slandered and mocked us just like all the rest.
Lonely Soul: ​V2k is very real, yes.
//Yes… Their message today is: scared to death…///
Lonely Soul​: okay, where this Cabal people life? Is it Switzerland ? I think they hide in the Bunkers.
Lonely Soul​: I see Psychopaths Sociopaths rule the World, better I say the Devil.
Stephen O Neill: ​This guy loves his cigarettes lol.
Sylvia Frank: ​Puff.
Lonely Soul: ​9/11 made up for propaganda and to blame Muslims but the truth is we know it was the Cabal Cia Mossad.
George Baez: ​MK Ultra appears to have a Demon radio program in…
Lonely Soul: ​Mk Ultra uses also Telepathy and they use Demons, yes.
Lonely Soul​: they did BlackMagic to me and I was sleeping, they tried to kill me when I was sleeping, a Demon came to me, so creepy.
Mark Tauriello​: jews have a cast system of 7 layers.
Oona Craig​: The ONLY way to end the tyranny, torture and genocide of the goyim is to wrest control of the central banks from the Vampires.
Lonely Soul: ​they try to destroy all Positive DNA.
La Grâce de Jésus-Christ​: You must come to Jesus to be saved.
Lonely Soul: ​Eugenic never stopped.
Nikolaj der Burner​: Wann gibt es wieder ne deutsche Sendung?
Lonely Soul: ​mir wäre Deutsch auch lieber.
Lonely Soul: ​the whole city in Zurih wants me dead, so many people are involved in this Gangstalking, so sick.
Lonely Soul​: they are attacking me since kid i am alive, god saved me.
Lonely Soul​: Paranoia Shizophrenia made up to Cover Up Mk Ultra Crimes.
ArkM55: ​that is the plan to isolate you.
Oona Craig​: OSS, MI5, MI6, Mossad, KGB (FSB), BND, Deuxieme Bureau, Swiss Intel, Chertoff’s DHS — one Big, Happy Mishpucka.
Lonely Soul: ​my Brother isolated himself 6 years :/
Fred Last​: Warburg funded Kalergi, the architect of unmitigated immigration into Europe and the United States.
Lonely Soul​: because of this Gangstalking.
La Grâce de Jésus-Christ​: We should get prepared for the mark of the beast 666, cryptocurrency exists, rfid too, it’s soon.
Dialectic Reborn​: the k in MKULTRA is a reference to german research.
Dialectic Reborn: ​because the nazis started this research in the kzs.
Oona Craig: ​Bankers are Italians…. like the Kosher Nostra is Italian.. ha, ha.
Oona Craig​: The Venetians were Jews.
Lonely Soul​: Why we have Media because of Propaganda.
Lonely Soul: ​the Media always blames Autistic people or Gamers why they dont talk about Mindcontrol?
Lonely Soul: ​most people who are in Prison or Psychiatry are Victims of Mindcontrol, not all.
The Broccoli Lobby​: The Hitler/Rothschild family connection has been debunked, but Hitler may not have known for sure.
ArkM55​: the illuminati use secret technology dating back to ancient Egypt.
La Grâce de Jésus-Christ​: By experience I know that..they use satanic rituals and also technology.
Sylvia Frank​: It goes back to Nietzsche.
Lonely Soul: ​Switzerland has many Nazi Templers.
La Grâce de Jésus-Christ: ​Yes at the time of ancient egypt they had to have spiritual power or technology to build the pyramids.
Sayed: ​Babylonian magick is what the Jews learnt off the pagan Arabs.
The Obsoletist: ​This is ZOG propaganda.
ia Frank: ​There is a cadre of protective warrior Angels preserving the work of Dr Horton.
A B​: faraday and quwave.
Mut zum Wolfsblut​t: he queens jewels are the jews.
Lonely Soul: ​God is the Ruler not this stupid Satanic Minions.
Dialectic Reborn​: Gangstalking I had in the past, now not very much anymore,La Grâce de Jésus-Christ.
mick brown​: you really believe the second coming will help us ??
Lonely Soul: ​my Family are targeted since in Russia, I think KGB is involved.
mick brown​: Vatican DESTROYER of the Alexanderia books that would have destroyed much of the religious bullshit we are indoctrinated with from birth ..
Lonely Soul​: I feel many things that others dont see and feel I am an Empath, yes, highly sensitive and They hate this,
La Grâce de Jésus-Christ: ​my great grandfather worked as a doctor with germans nazis during second world war.
Dialectic Reborn​: Rosenkreuzer.
Lonely Soul​Satans Minions are Freemasons.
mikeythemic: ​the masons go way back before the illuminati.
Sylvia Frank: ​God is in control. He can end the global crime cartel with one SMASH of His mighty fist.
La Grâce de Jésus-Christ​: Lonely Soul don’t speak too much, they will kill you.
Lonely Soul​: they always wanted to do it so.
Karlemids​yes: they can triangulate
Lonely Soul: ​since birth they stole my Indentity, my DNA.
La Grâce de Jésus-Christ​:… it’s coming soon, the third temple in jerusalem will be built soon.
Anne Montgomery: ​would someone even want my dna?
Dialectic Reborn​: Stalin was on a jesuit university.
Lonely Soul​: they do this and I know so much, now they want me dead.
Karlemids​: Bush too, in fact all Zionists.
mikeythemic​: the church was very repressive.
Lonely Soul: ​I was diagnosed with Asperger.
Joshua Andrews: ​Not surprised at all.
Joshua Andrews​: they love working with aspergers.
Oona Craig​: The clever Venetians bribed the ignorant Crusaders (4th crusade) to attack Christian Constantinople instead of Venetian-controlled Alexandria.
Mark Tauriello​Its the jews
Lonely Soul: ​but I am just Highly Sensitive and I like to be Creative.
Karlemids​: Zionist Jews.
Joshua Andrews​: they have it genetically mapped.
Joshua Andrews​: they were able to tell me who else in my family, newborn, would have it.
Lonely Soul​yes they target me since birth.
Brimnott​: The mind control is alien tech fo sure. it seems its power is in relationship and relative to.
Lonely Soul​: my DNA is Targeted.
ArkM55​: are there any countries not involved in targeting? It seems uk + usa + western Europe are the hot spots.
Lonely Soul​: Illuminati farts Chemtrails, lol.
Fred Last​: Japan is a big one, but the US has military bases there.
Lonely Soul​: America Controls Japan.
Fred Last​: the US is the centre of gangstalking.
mikeythemi: c​pyramids obelisks.
Fred Last: ​CIA control.
Artist of El Elyon​??Illuminati.
Fred Last: ​the US has military in Japan.
La Grâce de Jésus-Chris: t​There are so many secrets, hidden agenda is going on.
Anne Montgomery​: wherever its convenient is whoever they target historicity.
Lonely Soul​Why Illuminati hides in Switzerland?
La Grâce de Jésus-Christ: Yes, it’s french.
La Grâce de Jésus-Christ: ​France is part of Illuminati.
Lonely Soul: ​Cern is for Mindcontrol.
Lonely Soul: ​France Templars, yes.
Lonely Soul: Illuminati is Dajjal..
Karlemids​: hidden in plain sight.
Sylvia Frank: ​The serpent spirit rules the world.
Fred Last​: the romans were paganists who worshipped the serpent.
Fred Last​the: vatican emerged from ancient rome.
Lonely Soul: ​Swiss Military Helps Vatican.
Fred Last​: they hijacked christianity as method of controlling the masses when the old order became corrupted.
La Grâce de Jésus-Christ: ​The french president macron has relationship with the Rothschild family, research that.
mikeythemic​: catholicism is full of occult infuences in the doctrimes.
Karlemids​yes: Pagans corrupted the Churches.
Anne Montgomery​: I had some bad experiences in those French templar places, lived in one, with tunnels under it. you can see them by the drier grass patterns where not as much water gets in. had to clean myself after.
Lonely Soul​: destroy all cults, they are evil, we dont need this Secret Society.
mikeythemic​a.. they have roots in masonry.
Lonely Soul​: Freemason Clubs are a Death kill Club…
La Grâce de Jésus-Christ​: Yes: there will be great fight between the devil and his army and God Jesus Christ and his angels.
Mark Tauriello: ​diversion.
ArkM55​: people are waking up which is why the control grid is getting worse.
mikeythemic​JW: Mormons scientology christian science.
Karlemids: ​we need a cashless society, cut out the Zionist money changers.
Lonely Soul: ​God will destroy them, yes, God sees all.
Artist of El Elyon​: I get followed by thousands of perps. How are there so many sellouts?
Lonely Soul​: yes, they have so many Perps, from where?
Artist of El Elyon​: California
Andrew Wright: ​Cashless is what they want us to have so they can digitally turn your life off!
Lonely Soul​: but here in Switzerland most Perps are not Swiss.
Lonely Soul​: Most perps are Foreigners and some dont even speak german. // True…they are British or from USA…little stupid arrogant boys or students..Lonely Soul leave some comments on conspiracyrevelation, in case you pass by…I agree with most of what you have said. ///
Artist of El Elyon​: yeah, California is full of perps.
mick brown: ​Truthers are next to be gulagged, third eye so important …
Mark Tauriel.. sometimes perps are just responding to electronic mind control.
Lonely Soul: ​Switzerland Zurich is also full of Perps.
ArkM55: ​some perps dont even know that they are.
Mark Tauriel: they all think different things about you depending on the program they belong to..
Lonely Soul​: Perps are Demons I saw it: they are evil, no Soul. I feel the bad energy around them.
La Grâce de Jésus-Christ​: They are doing experiments on weather and the earth electromagnetic field.
Lonely Soul​: The Perps tried to push me into suicide really sick evil, most are Students and young Adults.
Stephen O Neill​: It is bed time here now. I have a night of sleep interruption and dream manipulation to look forward to. And they are banging on my walls as I am writing this as much to say YES WE WILL DO THAT TO YOU.
ArkM55​i think there are levels of perps, some know more than others.
Mark Tauriel: Satan and demons are behind it all…
La Grâce de Jésus-Christ: ​I’ve seen Bryan Tew is suffering a lot.
Artist of El Elyon​: yeah it is satanic.
Lonely Soul​: Satan hates my family bloodline.
Artist of El Elyon: ​my brother was murdered by a mind controlled perp.
Mark Tauriello​: It is racial.
Lonely Soul: ​they killed my 1 brother, 1 sister as baby.
Artist of El Elyon​: I’m so sorry Lonely Soul!

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