FREE RANGE: Gail of Gaia talks with Super Soldier Penny Bradley about Mars, Council of Five Justice

“FREE RANGE: Gail of Gaia talks with Super Soldier Penny Bradley about Mars, Council of Five Justice”
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FREE RANGE Gail of Gaia
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This is a fascinating account of Penny’s life as a SuperSoldier after she has recovered many of her memories. She talks about Mars and here experiences with giant spiders and living conditions on Mars and the colonies there. She talks about the replicators that Drake Bailey mentions and the quality of the food they produce. She shows a picture of the Galactic Council of Five administering justice to those who have taken advantage and abused humanity and their children! She serves as a Bailiff on the Council with the prosecutor. Penny is protected for what she reveals as long as she tells the truth. The Guardians protect her. They are called Canids and are wolflike benevolent creatures. You will find this discussion fascinating and amazing. Space is occupied and humans are feared at this time for entry due to our hostile nature. Our collective consciousness must improve and people need to open their eyes to what is truth and what is lies. You will find this talk full of information and will increase your knowledge of the galaxy. You will see a picture of the Council of Five. Some very dark entities have been executed and Baphonet is one. Learn what you have never been told… Also we have found that audio gets affected on upload many times and it is not a problem on the raw data. Google has refused to monetize my channel. I am trying to upgrade my equipment. A very special thank you to Garrett Ward for helping with the processing of the videos and putting together the introduction. He volunteers his time as I do. Your donations make it possible for me to pay it forward to Garrett Ward who helps process these videos with old computers and free software only. He is due for upgrades especially in software to speed up the processing of the videos. Please do the same.”

“It was really hard to defend it was really hard to
air condition which meant keep it warm at night
it was hard to secure it against the other
life forms in the area and they found several places that were much more suitable to humans and the only legal way to get it was to remove the owners which were the dracos no
no it was the Mars native raptors and they look just like out of jurassic park except they have longer arms like humans
and they have 200 iqs and they’re telepathic and they have
claws this long or longer that are razor sharp
in an unarmed battle they will win every time oh did i mention that they’re from seven to nine feet tall
in the northern hemisphere they’re green in the southern hemisphere they’re brown and at the equator you get both and
they are in the stone age now they had survived
both events and had crawled back up to the neolithic stage when the germans nuked them and the germans were
using proton bombs so that it would kill the organic life
and leave the buildings habitable they just had to wait to move in wow now was this the nazis or was this the
the nazis were all left on earth, this was the aristocracy this was the german aristocracy had come to mars,
they had established a base in antarctica and they had established a base on the moon and they were
coming to mars and they were on Mars about 1960.
wow so we’re talking they’ve been there a long time
last count i heard from mars which was about 2014
there were 10 million germans on Mars that’s a lot
we’re not talking about a small population
and they live underground and they live underground
uh some of the other groups and this is just the germans some of the other groups have taken craters and put put caps over them and they’re living inside of those like a dome house
like a big like a dome city city oh okay um usually they have
factories inside there and your viewers don’t want to know what the factories are for it’s pretty dark there’s the entire space program is based on slavery and
human trafficking and turning humans into cyborgs and selling them to ETs and what they are getting back in exchange is technology that the et’s consider to be toys, because
we’re a child race and they don’t want to give us anything
dangerous. well look what they’re doing with what they do know exactly i mean look at look at earth you know we have from a third to half the population kills baby girls just because they’re not baby boys on a regular and ongoing basis what what are those people gonna do with technology i mean i’ve been told that by et’s we’re not an unknown quantity they’ve been watching us for a long time they know exactly what stage we’re at that we have enough technology to be a
threat to them and not enough wisdom to even know what we’re doing basically basically like toddlers playing with matches. (Penny Bradley)”

“so Mars mars started off with a war started by the germans that lasted basically from 1964 until 1990 in the northern hemisphere in the southern hemisphere of mars that
war is still ongoing because the raptors there refused to
sign treaties there was a real problem with the germans not honoring the treaties in 1990 give or take five years
and these are earth years. (Penny Bradley)”

“The germans found some piece of ancient technology that they wanted really really bad and it was being held by I believe it was the mantids and they were basically told no and so they they sent in a battalion of americans
to take this and this is what randy cramer calls
the battle of the blender because they got into this site
and they had to go through this tunnel and they were basically shredded as they went in oh my god
and it was my personal commander who had ordered it
and i witnessed my commander being gutted by
his commander who was a draco for having no honor for not
honoring the treaty that the draco had signed with us so
there were consequences to the man that did this after the draco left the room the rest of us took this guy and dubbed him into regen and he was a lot more humble after that
but this is the state of of the stupidity that was going on. (Penny Bradley)”

“..what we have on mars are the draco have a base
they have a whole section of territory and they have a
a small colony there we have anunnaki really in a city and they have several million in a underground city
in the southern hemisphere and they’re mostly
the blue colored ones that on earth we call
tall whites or nordics but they’re anunnaki
um there is a race of surviving humans who we always call
them the mars natives and they resemble american apache indians they have that brown gold cast to their skin and
they’re about seven feet tall because there’s less
gravity there and we don’t know what they eat because they
live underground and when they see us coming they run,
they wear either black or blue robes that look very much like what the ancient hindu people wore and their language is very close to sumerian which by the way so is the
language of the anunnaki, so very much like sumerian very much like sumerian, because someone told me once that the
sumerian.. a reptilian group is that correct.. I’ve heard the anunnaki called reptilians on earth, but when you see them
they look like us but they’re seven to nine feet tall
and they have very white skin when they’re born and the royals abuse ormus, so the ones that abuse silver end up
a blue gray color and the ones that abuse
copper-based end up a green and their eyes start off usually as bunny red because basically they’re albino
and um some of them have bright blue eyes or gold metallic gold or bright green eyes but you you know
what they look like is a seven or between seven and nine feet tall viking muscular…and they have psi abilities that you
have absolutely no doubt that they are not human… and because they modified us over the years the human
tendency is to just fall to their knees and worship,
that’s the anunnaki right that’s the anunnaki
they call themselves shahami and I don’t understand why people think they’re reptilians but you know as far as i know
the only evidence that they have for any of these
beings or their hybrids on earth to be reptilians. (Penny Bradley)”

“Wow.. so they went through several tries but the bible says we were created to serve god you know that’s a polite way of
saying you were made to be a slave I mean our own holy books tell us this it’s not like it should be
anything new you know we we are told right from the beginning
you know we created you to do our work so that shouldn’t be a shock to anybody…so if you’re in a meat suit you have a soul that´s how the whole universe operates even the et’s have souls no matter what creatures… this entire universe is based on consciousness. (Penny Bradley)”

“from prime creator”

“Yeah, my understanding is that every so often there is a new timeline created usually birthed and that the mother usually
dies in the process because it strips her of her chi
and it just creates a new universe and that the life comes with it that consciousness is the timeline itself is
conscious and what people are calling source is just our own timeline’s consciousness. (Penny Bradley)”

“and they were training us now to their credit,
the germans wanted us educated, they wanted us to be able to read and write to do math to understand astrophysics to
understand ..exobiology, exopolitics and they taught us self-defense before they taught us our job so we were completely educated by the time I graduated at 19 so 10 years of Schule
I had the equivalent of an aa in California and I was trained to be a pilot as well, so you got to fly spaceships, yeah i got that is my job i would think that’d be fun, it was
um that’s the one thing i miss the most being on earth is being able to fly the ships the smaller ship like i used on mars it was basically an f-15 with a plasma engine instead of a jet engine and my job was to be basically in low Mars orbit
and use a computer scan to find raptor nests and when i found a small raptor nest i was supposed to take it out if it was a large one like a village i was supposed to call for backup and we were to take it out and i was equipped with some pretty major weapons you know basically tomahawks
.. that would be the earth equivalent of what i was equipped
with. I also had lasers and a small nuke or two and
…we were in a war and it was 1974 when I was put into a plane with orders until this is where you are supposed to
go over and most of the time that was my job was to hunt for raptor nests. I could also be assigned ghoul duty which was going and finding human remains after after a battle and some of them might be pretty old and stinky and my job was to just
bring them back and let the techs figure out if they could be revived or not. Remember we had regen type tanks that could bring you back from the dead for up to four months up to four months up to four months the body’s decaying at that point isn’t all it takes is some of the dna to still be
viable. (Penny Bradley)”

“My Unit was called valkyrin, the valkyries, because they would sometimes take us and time travel us back in
into earth history to rescue people who were dying in battles
or from the plague /oh really wow/ in german history
and celtic history and it goes back six seven hundred years
in the legends you have the legends of valkyrie or morrigan
who come into battle. that they’re actually
people from today’s german military in space
coming back in time and they’re taking people who have been wounded and they know are going to die and the most efficient way to do that is is to just take their heads,
because you decapitate them with the laser and you don’t have blood all over but you have their head you take it you put it in a region tank and it re-grows the rest the person back
with full memory and if don’t go too far back in time
you can still talk to each other you know because languages change over time…to be able to integrate some of these people into their colonies. Well, the cia shot us up with et dna, so that made that impossible the germans had to find
genetic diversity somehow so this was how they did it. (Penny Bradley)”

“nobody likes those bankers / no, the germans really hate those bankers.”

“There was a new capital for the german group it was moved
from Antarctica to Mars and they called it Neu Berlin
or New Berlin and so that is the capital of the german group.”

“She was born in Ukraine and she’s in canada now and she served on Mars …well the germans call them Bankers in Space, but she says they’re called planetary corporations
it’s what Eisenhower called the military industrial complex.
Tey have their own faction in space oh wow
that’s interesting .. so she’s a super soldier too
yeah there’s lots of us uh my most conservative guesstimate
is that there are at least two million of us
running around on the planet who have served
in one faction or another, so are there some that don’t remember or don’t recall none of us were supposed to
so those of us who remember it’s because something failed
in my case an agent from another spy group decided to activate my memory, it was a an agent from the nsa who
activated mine in 2013. So my million dollar question is why
the hell did they do that to me? / For disclosure. / apparently it was time and they figured i would do it.”

“if we had the free energy source that they have in the programs any of the programs because each of them
has a different technology but they all have a zero point energy if we had the medical technology the region tanks of the germans or the holographic beds of the americans
either one both of them will cure anything you’ve got going anything why are they kept from humanity on earth because they tell us we’ve got too many of us that we’re useless eaters they want eighty percent of us dead why would they fix what’s wrong with us seriously yeah well seriously who are
those people and why are they so arrogant and pompous
about everything that the elite crap they think they’re
in charge of the planet and they think that
that they have the right to do whatever they want and none of us have told them no yet that’s a problem it’s a major problem the other technology is replicators so if you have
all the energy needs met and you have all the medical needs met and you have everybody’s food food clothing shelter needs mets at that point you can become a point a level zero galactic civilization which is what the galaxy wants us to do
/now i’m all for it /every time i bring it up i keep it being
told well that’s socialism /how is that socialism?/ because you’re taking care of everybody whether they deserve it or not / oh that’s a self-righteous statement..”

“but there are six factions in space each with their own technology set that does the same thing and take it from any one of them and bring it to earth and we could have
heaven on earth for everybody that’s what i want that’s i’m all in favor of that maybe yes get maybe getting this
information out is a really good thing in that because drake talks about that too and um if we could just get it released and take down the power elite that think they’re better than everybody else well my understanding was that the power
elite thought that they were going to move out into their own colonies and play god there and that they were
going to leave us behind and possibly blow the place up on
their way out under the guise of fulfilling prophecy
because everybody has an end to the world program
/doom and gloom/ yeah.”

“the elite cannot leave that they are going to be stuck with whatever future they demand for the rest of us
so that was a big shock for them it was also it was also a big shock for them when their god baphomet the draco
was tried for violation of the prime and convicted and executed in november 2018. so he is gone baphomet is gone
and he was draco he was draco the real et that they thought was a god is now executed so his followers have been used to
him giving them whatever they wanted,…lucifer is an angel
..he got in trouble for defending humanity with the
the flood seriously that’s what he that’s what he’s in trouble for he didn’t want us killed that doesn’t
make sense uh nothing nothing in the official story
makes sense it’s when you start talking to them that
you find out the real story so if lucifer is an angel isn’t that who the illuminati worship the illuminati
the illuminati are i’m confused now well there are like 30 different groups calling themselves illuminati and each one has a different theology each one so it’s like who are you talking about they’re not all satanists nope they’re all
occultists but they’re not all satanists and most of them don’t even kill anybody.”

“who I was supposed to be exposing because
from what i can tell it’s the group that involved
the owl i was just going to say moloch it’s the ones that worship baphomet and the ones that worship moloch are the
ones i’m supposed to be exposing okay…
if they’re using adrenochrome, if they’re using human sacrifice, those are the ones we want to get rid of
we definitely need to get rid of them now at least stop what they’re doing yes they’re very minimal.”

“you know it’s considered that everybody knows what the law means and that it means what it means and trying to argue it means something else just is lying and lying is an admission of guilt they go about it very childlike and simplistic and they go through with each individual victim
is what takes so long and because they’re in hyperspace they can pull the victims out of time to testify
wow that’s fascinating who are the judges
uh they’re the council of five which is a group
a specific group of et’s that are in charge of earth
and they’re in charge of justice for the solar system
and they specifically deal with QHt bullshits ETs do here and they have nothing to do with what humans do to each other that’s an internal matter…so they have jurisdiction over ETs messing with humans on earth.”

“totally green do you know of a race that that might be
there are thousands of those kinds of races they’re green
and they do come in different colors there’s greens and blues and purples not just the the gray or muddy brown that that most of them are depicted as and most of the races that we call gray started off as basically human and they survived
nuclear wars on their planet that is the usual genetic damage done by a nuclear war,now there are a few of those races who
actually are a different biology. Now there’s one
group that has a mushroom physiology and then there’s a group that we worked with on mars um they eat through their skin and they absorb it through their skin and then they poop it out through their skin and they stink to high heaven and
they’re very smart and the germans sometimes have to use them
as pilots because not everybody has the ability to go into hyperspace and take physical objects with them, we got tired of the smell and started using cleaning products on them
and that’s how we found out that cleaning products make them drunk, make them drunk oh wow that’s amazing make them drunk
so um but you think about it it makes sense because
anything that makes you high stoned drunk
is actually a poison so you know you’re using something on them basically stripping their digestive system yeah eat through their skin and that can’t be real healthy..but most
ships that go through hyperspace are piloted by an e.t
usually a gray or a draco, because they’re the most friendly to humans. Dracos are friendly to humans? They’re more friendly to humans than a lot of other races
we’re considered a threat to the galaxy that makes me sad you know that it makes me sad because but i can see their point too because i’ve seen the others i’ve seen the other side i’ve seen how nasty we are in war and how every faction i’ve been a part of takes prisoners and turns them into
cyborgs and sells them to other et’s go through when you’re doing a job for the draco and you have to make a
profit on it,, we’re pretty nasty out there…most of the races that have a money system are considered to be slave races i guess that’s why it was created in the first place yeah that’s what it was created in the first place uh money goes with slave systems and most of the systems out there
are level one or higher galactic civilizations and each person each individual has um a credit system that’s basically equal for everybody
and it covers the things that are not automatically given you um like if you want to collect books or something you know so that’s what scares people is the idea that that if we went to something on that order that they think that’s
socialism I think it’s socialism because they’ve never worked with something that worked with humans that was about
everybody getting a fair share, because humans are by nature greedy you don’t want just what you need you
want enough to make sure you’re secure and we’re acquisitive and most of us have a tendency to hoard something
and so when you start saying everybody
has to share equally yeah you look at it and you go hmm
i’m going to lose everything that i’ve collected
i worked harder for this or i’m deserve more than that person they don’t what do they contribute ideas like that there’s a lot of self-righteousness in there we have a real problem on this planet with hierarchy yes and i’ve been calling it pecking order slavery because everybody all the way up to the
elites are caught in this trap it’s a pecking order slavery
where even the ones at the top are slaves to somebody else
the ones on the top are slaves to their their e.t masters and some of them their e.t masters have been executed
and they don’t even know what’s going on.”

“so the time has come to clean house and anybody in my personal opinion anyone that is cfr should be banned from
serving in congress definitely the council on foreign
relations has no business being in congress
at all i agree.”

“and when they used those bullets in warfare
the bullets would disintegrate and have created such a radiation problem that iraq has huge areas
including fallujah where there are so many
deformed babies that the women are being told to not have kids if that’s not genocide i don’t know what
what we should call it so it scared me
yeah so there’s a lot of crap going on
a lot a lot a lot a lot of crap going on
and people need to wake up and
smell the coffee exactly exactly there
is a war on normal people and sitting back
with waiting for the plan to save you
is just gonna get you killed…”

“everything’s a conspiracy theory
the cia created that word and it has been so abused it’s pathetic”

“yeah um i’ve investigated a lot of conspiracy theories over the last two decades and more so since i’ve been
on the internet and it’s been easier i would say 80 of them have been correct and that the other 20 have been based on
theories that made sense even if they didn’t end up being correct..everything’s a conspiracy theory yes it’s not a conspiracy when it’s a fact it’s not a theory when it’s a fact if you can prove it it’s not a theory.”

“that they’re out to kill you and you’re just looking
at how many ways they how many paths they’re working on you know oh my god yes yeah you know you know what i it’s it’s food with gmos and additives it’s water with fluoride and
now lithium it’s air with chemtrails it oh
they call it stratospheric injections so if you’re going to look up chemtrails on google call it a stratospheric
injection and you’ll come up with all the science, geoengineering i think you can get it with that too
um it’s not as complete it’s not as good as
it’s not as good um okay the stratospheric injection i got that from one of the high high up military people during the obama’s administration interesting …
and I figure they’re going to kill me anyway i might as well speak the truth / well i hope that doesn’t happen i hope
you’re protected by the guardians /
and i have been shot 10 times with energy weapons
and i don’t know why i’m here today and last year when the cia broke my shoulder they said we don’t know why you’re still alive we’ve just figured out we can’t kill you but we can make you hurt, so they broke my shoulder i’ve had
reconstruction surgery, i’ve had physical therapy… and i
have to take pain meds to sleep at night and um so i know eventually they are going to make me so disabled i can’t do
this anymore…and until then i’m going to keep talking.”

“the public needs to know mars is livable uh mars has other races there but there are 10 million germans there plus
american and that every faction in space uses Mars for their basic training they are from the department
of defense’s space program which has been going on
since the 1980s or they are from a solar warden which is
a separate program what trump called space force
used to be called earth defense force and it was part of the air force the american space programs are through the navy
so none of those have been declassified yet, but randy cramer was from the DOD space marines and
some of the others i’ve done interviews ..kevin is a canadian and he’s no longer in the community because of death threats
and he was specifically told to not talk to me anymore but uh he was he was in solar warden and uh michael gerloff
was a earth level marine who has memories of being transferred to the space marines and he has a document for
yeah he actually has paper proof and he’s not doing interviews because he’s sitting home writing a book… i blank on names because they go through and mind wipe the names so even when i’m on earth i have trouble remembering people’s names.”

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