Avatars vs Mass Cruelty and Mass Stupidity… Humanity must evolve…

“We all know what crass humanity did to Jesus. Apollonius of Tyana was thrown into prison and later tortured to death; Daniel was thrown to the lions; Raymund Lully was stoned to death; Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake; Ibn Gebirol, the Kabalist, was murdered; Jaques Cazotte, the seer, was executed, and Socrates was condemned to death.

Pythagoras had to flee from the tyranny of Polycrates.
Cagliostro died while confined in prison; Giordano Bruno was burnt alive; Sendivogius was imprisoned and tortured; Paracelsus and Agrippa were forced to spend their lives as wretched wanderers……… and the list goes on.
You may argue that all this took place a long time ago, that we are civilized these days and would never tolerate such barbaric behaviour. Don’t believe it! Human nature does not change much, and however arrogant and self-satisfied modern man is concerning his latest achievements and so-called progress, he is still as stupid and as cruel as ever. Fools are still persecuting and killing messengers, whether physically or by ridicule, who irritate them, or who hold views considered threatening.

The largest part of humanity suffer from intolerance, and the remainder tends to be apathetic and indifferent where it concerns the rights of other humans,
being utterly disinterested concerning anyone’s welfare but their own.”
“..people, on the whole, are only interested in themselves, caring nothing for, or being envious of other people’s vain dreams.”

Source: bibliotecapleyades.net/sumer_anunnaki/reptiles/reptiles41
“The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil – Philip G. Zimbardo”

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