FREE RANGE: Host Gail of Gaia talks w/ Supersoldier Penny Bradley About the Targeted Groups& More

“FREE RANGE: Host Gail of Gaia talks w/ Supersoldier Penny Bradley About the Targeted Groups& More”
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FREE RANGE Gail of Gaia
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We talk about the targeted groups of people for this new biotoxin/parasite and the supplements that will help to avoid the the problem as much as possible. We discuss the benefits of raising your pH to avoid the bug and more. We discuss so many things its difficult to cover it all. I think you will find this a fascinating. Space is occupied and humans are feared at this time for entry due to our hostile nature. Our collective consciousness must improve and people need to open their eyes to what is truth and what is lies. You will find this talk full of information and will increase your knowledge of the galaxy. She speaks about the flash and that it wipes out half the planet. We talk about the reincarnation cycle and how you must be 51 percent service to others to leave this planet and get out of the reincarnation cycle. We are about to be given our last chance or move back to the stone age. We must take care of everyone on the planet without judgement. Humanity has much to do to make up for our lack of love. We cover many topics that will keep you interested.
To donate with a Postal Money Order or check or cash however is best for you or PayPal. Also we have found that audio gets affected on upload many times and it is not a problem on the raw data. We may have discovered a way to fix that problem. Google has refused to monetize my channel. I am upgrading my equipment a bit at a time. A very special thank you to Garrett Ward for helping with the processing of the videos and the voice over of the introductions. He volunteers his time as I do. Your donations make it possible for me to pay it forward to Garrett Ward who helps process these videos with old computers and free software only. He is due for upgrades especially in software to speed up the processing of the videos. Please do the same. We really appreciate your help. Thank you for watching. Thank you for helping.”

“but if you’re a normal person, living a normal life
and you have no weirdnesses in your life at all,
then you’re probably safe, okay, they are choosing certain
families, because this high meta gene is hereditary, it’s a genetic thing you hear other whistleblower blowers talk about
well if you have the genetics for this if you have the genetics for that the genetics is your level of hybrid with jihami or as the rest of the world knows them Anunnaki…Merovingians, they are the people who are descended from Clovis the first who was descended from Jesus, so this is part of the infamous grail line that people want to pretend isn’t real, when you talk about the dan brown novels, when you talk about the dan brown movies, when you talk about um grail line anything, these are the people that we’re talking about and people think there aren’t very many, but there are. The Merovingian bloodline is the biggest bloodline on the planet at this time in in history
and it goes into every race on the planet, because these guys get around, so you don’t have to be white…This is a
bloodline that originally started in what is today called ukraine and there were tribes, plural, that their rulers
were the basis of this bloodline and these tribes
came north up the east side of the alps into Germany, went up, some went up into scandinavia and around to the british isles and others went South from Germany in and became France and then further south into the rest of Europe and North Africa and from that point they spread everywhere, so there are potentially a half billion people that are from this bloodline.”

“my behind-the-scenes sources told me at the tail end of january that this particular bug was designed to spare Merovingians…because they were used in so many projects that this was designed to spare them.. and that everybody else was at risk and that Type A positive was particularly
targeted…then the bloodline A positive is mostly Asian
..yeah it’s most mostly what what did they call it and inasion, so it´s one of the big types.,. yeah it’s the a positive not necessarily the a negative, the negatives seem to be spared they’re not not getting it they’re just getting
a milder case, so if you are resistant because of blood type but you have coexisting you’re still going to be in bad shape, so nobody should assume they’re going to be safe
this is a very real issue and it’s just not as
deadly as media is portraying it, but for those who are
who have pre-existing are elderly yeah they’re
having a really hard time and so do some younger people.”

“that you have a lot of acid in your system and
that is difficult there’s things you can do even if you’re a meat-eater because the Merovingian bloodline has a tendency
to pernicious anemia so we have to eat meat or take b12.,, I
am even taking b12, I still have to eat meat, or become so ill i can’t function at all and i nearly died last year because of it …if you are a meat eater and you don’t want to get the bug there are ways to avoid it i take
5 grams of msm the methyl sulfur… i’m not
talking one gram like you take for joint health i’m talking
five of those when you get to the five gram dose
it supports your immune system…you can take vitamin c and i mean ascorbic acid not citric acid and that also has to be at the five gram dose to matter thank you everybody
i mean don’t pay any attention to that..vitamin d
very important sunlight very vitamin d if you’re not going to be out in the sun you need to be taking vitamin d anyway
but if you don’t want to catch this bug you need to be taking
what is it 5 000 units…you take d3 and k2…your body
cannot use the d without the k and people don’t understand that these things were not designed to be take one at a time they were designed to be taken together and we have a lot of that going on just like the b vitamins we have a lot of that going on if you take one b vitamin by itself it creates an artificial deficiency of the others…and when you mentioned about the bicarbonate of soda that’s a great idea unless the person is already taking a prescription potassium supplement
if they’re already taking prescription potassium adding the bicarbonate of soda is deadly yes,,you need to be careful of what you do [Music] i’m blessed that my pharmacist has
an herbalist pdf.”

“yeah they once they make a certain level of money they think they own the world and the truth of the matter is
nobody owns the world and all of us are equally
here, equally alive and have enough spiritual energy
that we could create whatever world we wanted to
if we just decided to, – people have to get out of fear in order to do that – what i found is is normals have to be
scared enough to get out of their comfort zone and normals have more power than they realize that’s been one of the biggest lies is that just because they don’t have
obvious psi abilities as in the claire’s clairsentient, caliraudient, ..they have power they just don’t know it
and they’ve been they have been reinforcing their ideas
of what reality is without realizing it so if they want a better realizing it so if they want a better
reality where that they’re treated better they can create it they just have to know they can and i’ll be honest the secret
doesn’t give you all of it it just gives you
the gloss at the top so all of the information out there
about about manifesting reality is limited information
the real details are not told.”

“it requires an entire basis that takes years to learn and most of the people out there would have to undo
so much training and if i shared it they would just gasp freak out and go oh hell no i’m not listening to her anymore..too much to handle because of all the programming the cognitive dissonance and the um negative programming or seem to get it’s they have their own ideas how reality works and for most of them their ideas are wrong,
provably wrong, in the space programs and
information gotten from ET groups, the germans got a lot of information from both the mantids and the draco and they their information on how to access and use spiritual power
it was put into something that’s being called psionics on earth and randy cramer teaches classes on the department of defense version of psionics but it’s an actual science it’s not a religious base and that’s where that’s where most of
the cognitive dissonance comes in is because
they think that if it has to do with spiritual power
it has to be religion and it’s not it’s energy manipulation and as such is part of physics, it’s a science,
so actually being able to do all this stuff has nothing to do with religion at all it’s completely science-based
and that is the first mistake that people make they think that they have to be some religious guru or or a christian
saint to be able to pull these things off you don’t
anybody with psi abilities can do it almost second nature if they just know how and this training should start at a very early age yeah it should it should be starting in early
childhood because these kids currently are being told that they’re demon possessed and they’re abused and
that’s what’s happening on earth that’s what happened to me
that’s what happened to other people I know..I have one woman friend in her 40s, early 40s she has children who are just
now in high school..when she was a child she was being raised catholic and she would walk through the sanctuary and all the lights would pop out,s it was just her
energy field she wasn’t doing anything just walking through and she eventually i think she said she was 12
whenever the priest finally told her you’re not gonna do here
we’re not gonna be able to deal with you you just
you might as well just leave and said because you are not a human, you are a demonic spirit in a body, this is this is what these kids are being told,they’re not being trained how to use these abilities, my great grandmother knew what i was
wanted to train me and my father said no he tried to beat the demon out of me.”

“It’s going to take a lot more work than I individually am capable of doing to fix that, because that’s a heart issue, that’s a cultural value system.”

we’ve got half the planet or more is killing their kids if they turn out gay … there have always been gay people this is not a new thing what’s new is they’re coming out of the
closet that’s it it’s not new and when i took biology in
san diego state, actually it was zoology, they said that all mammals were bisexual, period, all mammals are bisexual,
that that is why when you have an isolated
population like the prison, you will have lesbian or gay behavior, because the sex drive is still there, but they don’t have a heterosexual outlet and in humans we have so
socially pressured for heterosexuality, for reproduction, that we have suppressed all of this behavior, all of these centuries, but the people have always had that longing,
they’ve just been not being true to themselves, so that is science, now people can believe what they want to
believe religiously, but that’s what the science says
.yeah well whatever was put in to certain religious
books certainly contributed to the demonization of that sort of thing.. well, if you look at the the jewish bible it talks about to go forth and multiply and that reproduction was the entire purpose of marriage and it actually authorized
polygamy, but only in the case of one man having multiple
women, ..because it was all a patriarchal property system
where those women were his property and those children were his property and he could actually up until recently
a man could kill his wife and kids and nobody would say a word, it was about 200 years ago that changed in the west, it still hasn’t changed in parts of the east or the third world,
…so yeah you know I see these things and then i hear
people oh yeah we’re gonna always send into 5d and i’m like really? …I mean I don’t want to be picking on somebody’s religious beliefs, because they often especially in my
community of super soldiers and ssp veterans, we are so traumatized that our personal faith is all that’s holding us still together and i’m one of the rare ones that i’ve basically lost faith entirely, i just this is what it is and i’m interacting with these beings, some of which are considered demons by some faiths and other you know because i keep being taught oh gee i keep being told that that there are no et’s that they’re only demons
-oh i’ve heard that one too -that comes from the gnostics
and was picked up by the christians and there’s a lot of gnostics that are into new age and i find it amusing that a new age person who talks about pleiadians will tell me that et’s are demons i’m like excuse me..well we had so many lies…and yet you look in the religious arts and there’s
ships everywhere.. because people believe what they’re told
without critical thinking or without looking into it ..themselves..when i stopped judging through a
religious filter and just categorize them by how they
present themselves if they’re in a 3d physical body
they’re an extraterrestrial or they’re an
other kind of earth being and there are other races who live on earth um if they’re not in a physical body then
they’re an interdimensional and i don’t judge them by their by what polarity they supposedly are i judge them by
how they treat me, some of them are good to me and some of
them are not and the ones that are good to me usually have an ulterior motive, so i really don’t trust any of them
that’s that has been safest because every time i’ve trusted one i’ve been shafted oh that’s sad um so when they start saying oh the et’s are going to come rescue you uh i don’t think so well isn’t that against the prime directive
right in the beginning and i mean it is it’s a it’s against the prime directive for any race to interfere on earth
42:06as long as it’s a earth situation between the races
that live on earth and there are multiple of them..”

“yeah wow what does this talk about
uh flipping a switch and moving into four D
..4d not necessary like you can’t skip
from 3d to 5d but you can move into 4d.
4d is the land of the dead it’s where ghosts live
although the entire dimension from the entire dimension is the land of the dead and it so if you’re moving into 4d it
means you’re dead physically okay um that’s bursting a lot of
people’s bubbles..the astral plane is the land of the dead, that’s where you go when you’re when you’re astral
projecting it’s where we come from it’s where we go
to it’s where we go when we when we’re astral projecting that’s the land of the dead 3d is the land of those in bodies
what about the um reincarnation cycle um is that
are these spirits that are here in physical bodies now part of the a reinca carnation cycle that cannot leave this planet
..Reincarnation is the normal event everywhere in 3d it’s part of conservation of energy which is a law of physics okay so reincarnation is conservation of life energy so the reason i’m asking that is i’m thinking well what if you’re a spirit
that wants to go explore other planets and other places and so on but yet you keep reincarnating back onto earth
there is a system here to keep us here until we hit 52 percent service to others once we hit 52 percent service to others we can an individual and if you’re coming back to try to bring others you’re going to be here a
hell of a long time if you’re coming back to do what to bring others but what the positives do of coming back to bring the rest of humanity you’re going to be here a hell of a long
time earth was designed to be a nursery for baby souls it was a place for baby souls to learn about life learn about morals learn about ethics learn why violence is wrong we’re not learning that one are we that was what the soul trap was for was because these were babies that didn’t know any better
and then the rest of the galaxy figured out oh wow we can drop our dissidents and troublemakers and criminals there
lovely so what we’ve got going on is we have about half baby souls and we have about half criminals, dissidents and troublemakers and you can see that if you look at the
population, so from the galactic point of view the
soul trap’s a good idea but all it takes is 52% service to others to change, all it takes is 52% service to
others to change that..most of our culture is set up service to sell yourself yes you put yourself first you put your own
house first you you hoard things you you take care of your own first yes our entire culture is set up that way self self self self self self self self self self self me yeah me me me me me me me ego ego ego i’m the greatest our entire
culture on the entire planet is set up that way, so we’re not encouraged to be service to others in fact when you are service to others you’re told you’re a fool and yet that is the only way off the planet spiritually we’ve managed to get
off the planet physically but that’s about to change because we’ve been bad out there because we’re children and criminals and dissidents and we’ve been doing worse stuff in
space than we do on earth which was pretty much mind-blowing to me was what pretty much mind-blowing oh mind-blowing yeah
what are we doing out in space except i know that
the people that are in the positions to take us out in space are the same ones that you know um have a very imperialistic attitude in every inch of space is pretty much occupied leased or used or whatever and it doesn’t that’s what i’ve heard anyway i haven’t can’t say i’m here and everything
out in space is already owned by somebody else
so we have gone out there and started wars
in order to get our own place service to self we have in those wars we have captured civilians and turned them into cyborgs and sold the machines to other et’s for basically what they consider to be toys. I think that’s probably one of the worst things that we do is we’re going through and and taking prisoners of war and turning them into cyborgs from the perspective of the galaxy that’s the worst thing we do
we’re also taking our own people from earth and i’m talking kidnapped children i’m talking um refugees from wars
from from natural disasters and where we’re using we’re using prisoners in jail and for slave labor we in space a lot of the colonies are still at the point where they’re you they’re establishing infrastructure and a lot of manual labor
is required and to be honest it’s easier to have a human
slave than it is to have a robot that has to be reprogrammed for every task they don’t you can’t that’s why they’re using cyborgs is because the human mind is adaptable and the computers are not.”

“okay this is us this is what we are doing out there
so aren’t are they so there aren’t any et’s that are engaged in um slave trade it’s all up but there are et’s buying slaves from us so yes there are so if they don’t set those uh slaves free aren’t they guilty of uh service to self that’s what the galactic authority is saying is that we are contaminating everyone else that we have this mind
virus that we don’t even honor our own kind -who implanted that in us though- i’m going to guess the anunnaki did
because they have the same bug um i’ve noticed yeah that’s why i was wondering if you’d say that yeah yeah um i don’t worship any of them i don’t think any of them are wonderful
there are individuals among every race that
are these yeah are are stand up decent
people and i use people loosely…in fact the ones that look
most like us are the most dangerous really really hmm
so they are the most the ones that look most like us
are the most service to self and the most dangerous
to to earth humans and if we’re putting it completely in
terms of who is good to earth humans: we have reached a point where the draco are good to us and the anunnaki are ashamed of us and they created us yeah well we’re like a mirror of their worst qualities, so they’re ashamed of us and
the galactic authority considers us racially at about its two or three-year-old level we’re children we’re children and we’ve escaped the we’re out there creating havoc it you
know must be the terrible twos and we don’t know we don’t understand what we’re doing wrong but yet at the same time because we’ve gotten by with it some of it you know because of time travel the german colonies are 400 years old, so they’ve been watching human behavior out there for 400 years
and they’re fed up with it and they’re sending the germans back to the solar system and once they have all the humans in
space back to the solar system we will be presented
with the opportunity to become a galactic level zero

“and part of why i’m speaking why i’ve not been
killed yet is because the military police
of the galactic authority have authorized me
to tell people this and as long as i speak the truth
i will be protected, so i’m not here about money i’m not here
about fame i’m here about come on people we’re about to be offered our last chance and if we don’t take it we’re going to be shoved back to the stone age to start over.”

“and i think that’s i think that’s the biggest
problem that we have both on and off world
is that we have no loyalty to our own kind
-that’s really pathetic isn’t it -it’s
really sad and it’s the cause behind
all well the service to self
and the no loyalty to the our own kind
the combination is behind ninety percent
of what’s wrong here yeah
i see it all the time it’s it’s behind
all of the pecking order slavery and by
that i mean the religious hierarchies uh the
the debt slavery through the banking
system patriarchy but i’m not going to say that
matriarchy would be any better
because the draco have matriarchy and
it’s not, so there needs to be a system where we
are valued for who we are and not for our
personal plumbing definitely i agree and
7we seem to be pretty far from that on
this planet we are very far from that on this planet and
um any time that you consider another human being to be a commodity you’re in trouble ethically, morally, you
have you have lost your moral compass if you
can consider another human being a commodity
– and that’s what the banking system did
that’s for sure.”

“thinking of as we’ve been talking here
is that we have all these ships above that have
been being sited as if something big is going to happen
um why are they here they’ve been here for a long time
we had the united states had treaties with
125 different races Eisenhower signed most of them,
so it’s all these years later those treaties are up for renewal oh my and the original treaties all said that they
had to be secret and the ets have almost unilaterally
said you’re not going to hide us anymore we
we’re tired of being your dirty little mistress yeah so
that’s why the ships are just uncloaking and letting themselves be seen and good i like that why the pentagon
is starting to say well yeah they’re real and yeah they’re e.t and yeah we have ships that where that we’re um reverse
engineering and that they’re not from this world and
they’re dripping it they’re being forced into disclosure
they’re being forced into disclosure because the et’s
are saying we’re not going to do this anymore
um the department of defense is so hooked on their drip drip drip of technology that they have to go along with it, so i understand that that trump is even flirting with the
idea of more transparency now i’ll be honest i really believe that that um trump’s space force that the plan was to start the space program with this space force and pretend the last 70 years never happened that’s what i really think is going on because there is so much criminal activity in
how the old program has been run that i think they want to just start it now and just whitewash all that crime.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 8.8.2020: Exactly…I think so.

“I have friends of all ages who are still being taken for
service they’re being taken on new trips new 20 and backs
new 60 and backs new 40 and backs, yeah, so this is the old
criminal program is still ongoing and that’s the problem
you can’t whitewash something that’s ongoing and have people like me sit back and say okay..I’m not even screaming for retribution or justice just for it to stop stop yes no more kidnapping, no more mind fracturing, no more weaponizing psionic abilities, no more going into space and create
and committing criminal offenses things that would be criminal here are still criminal there or if not why not so a lot of the stuff we do out there is criminal…. that the torturing is how they activate the side abilities in their own children…so i was like thank you for giving me
the actual honest reason but i agree there has to be a better way to do this it’s still not acceptable yeah yeah it’s not acceptable to modify kids before they’re born and then pick
them up when they’re four years old and use them the rest of their lives, that’s not acceptable.”

“Back in those days 1970 we had our own private line, oh my god…they’ve been trying to kill us for 70 years and we’re still here.. I think Eisenhower couldn’t handle it and
that’s why the secrecy to the beginning, because he had come through world war 2 and fought the Germans and thought he won
and then got into the presidency and found out that the germans in antarctica had won…and he just pawned it all off on on nelson rockefeller and rockefeller became the liaison between the american government and the germans in antarctica and then when he died his son david became that and that’s
where the rockefellers got their modern power, they had money before that but they have power now because the head of the trilateral commission is the liaison between the germans in antarctica and now on mars and the american government
and the terms were the germans were in control
but the american people were left with the illusion
of self-government we have a lot of illusions to deal with
i’m afraid when i say voting doesn’t matter
it’s because it doesn’t we get elected in that election
we get what the germans in space want we don’t get what we want so um we also have several several layers of competing
groups that are in between the government and the germans
and some of them are religious and some of them are political and some of them are just assholes to be blunt and um
they are competing to rule the world and not all of them understand that the germans are in charge after winning world war ii and then you then you have a lot of americans who
don’t know the germans one who are trying to take world war ii back into space and get rid of the nazis well they’re not even nazis they’re germans yeah that’s like anyone from germany is not a nazi um yeah well they do have teutonic tonight in in the officer class..,.they were the German version of the Templars…the night they went to the um teutonic knights in germany and because they were still fighting pagans germany was not christianized until
about 1400.”

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