Super Soldier Talk – Astral MK Experiences – Feat. Asha

“Super Soldier Talk – Astral MK Experiences – Feat. Asha”
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Super Soldier Talk
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Asha shares with us some of her astral and psychic experiences and how we can cope with mind control in our lives.”
“As we all know from many videos like Harold Vella…Some sort of conspiracy was happening in the
Gulf of Mexico had to do with the Black Goo…almost like WW3..I don´t understand the details, but it had to do
with black Goo,, it was very karmic. Meanwhile At the Gig the Teenager that I work with and some other Woman,
she went demonic on me, it does happen every now and then, but you never get ready for it. So I think I had gotten
into her subconsciousness or something and she decided to cycle on me and her eyes literally when she was talking
to me mean like 3 inch black darts came out of her pupils and you could see them pulsing like this…and she got me
kicked me out of the whole wedding and the gig.. for things I didn´t do…I still try to dance and the first dance
all of the sudden my heart was like I couldn´t breathe and I couldn´t inhale and I couldn´t even walk, something
had caged my heart, so it couldn´t beat and I don´t even know how I didn´t even die. Something got a hold on my
heart and squeezed the crap out of it…I enjoyed the beach, but it was a really horrible experience to have to go
through this demonic experience….Then one night I had a vision of Harold, he visited me in his higher self astral
body of his true alien self and it looked like an Atlantean Priest from another dimension, at least 60 or more, he
was made of electricity, he had blue and red and yellow…and it was more like 3-Dimensions.
He was always in a hurry…. We would meet in dreamstates in different places in the world. He had these Blobs of
Golden Goo. (Asha Alene)(2016)(11.7.)”

“One time I saw Sarah Adams and she had another name, I forgot her other name, Rachel or something, it was one of
the first ones in London when she was speaking and I went into my trance and ..I was going to remote viewed her, I
don´t know why, and then I left my body, but then all of a sudden a giant white Tall Alien was like buff and he was
over my head and he blocked me and …there he was looking at me and he was there, he wasn´t letting me go
anywhere…I don´t know if she is a Tall White or if they work with her and protecting, I don´t go out and hurting
anybody, so that wasn´t my intent, I was just trying to see what was going on. (Asha Alene)(2016)(11.7.)”

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