Psychologist Paul Marko on Targeted Individuals with Ella Free

“Psychologist Paul Marko on Targeted Individuals with Ella Free”
“Ella F
Published on Jun 2, 2017
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Recorded on May 30, 2017
Doctor Marko spent 30 plus years as an organizational development psychologist in large corporations and governments internationally. Which means that as a psychologist, he worked with organizations and people within those organizations to help achieve objectives and modify culture.
He has a Ph.D. in psychology with a major in Consciousness Studies and has done research in that field. In 2011 he co-authored and edited an academic book on that subject entitled The Postconventional Personality. Subsequently, Paul wrote a short book for public consumption entitled, Belief Magic, designed as a tool to awaken people to the trap in which those that manipulate their beliefs have placed them.
Academically, Paul has taught at various times on all levels of education from kindergarten to the postgraduate level.
Currently, Paul and his wife Mindy do several podcasts per month called “the World Beyond Belief” which presents information and interviews relevant to the awakening of humankind. They also make videos that explain what is really happening in the world behind the MSM facade. Paul and Mindy host and produce a weekly panel discussion entitled the Techno-Crime Fighters Forum to raise awareness of the plight of those innocent individuals being targeted by the deep state which orchestrates gang stalking events and directs energy weapons to transform mankind.
All data and information provided on this recording is for informational purposes only. The host, Ella Free makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this recording and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis.
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“cascade down from…the committee of 300 down through these very various organizations..through Tavistock, RAND Corporation, heritage corporation, it all comes down and they create our reality for us and they have been doing it for a long time and now
they’re experimenting with these gang stalking and energy weapons, so that they can control the whole population and
that’s the program, you’re kind of in a beta test, you’re in the test, they’re testing these energy weapons, the
chipping to make sure that they’re going to be able to control the entire population in these nefarious ways, so
you’re the first line, the TIs now are the first line of this this program. (Dr. Paul Marko)(2017)”
“We have a full background noise..”
It’s a to power enhancing ritual.. so they use torture for that and then what you people are involved in is what I’m going
to call transformational torture and it’s torture to transformed society and it was first used by the United States in the Phoenix program where during Vietnam various military people would terrorize towns and have people live in fear, torturing and killing many of them, so they were very complaint to whatever the Americans where doing there..manipulating the society by fear and torture, and so that that morphed into, after the war as well , during that same time with the MKULTRA program where they used torture to create mind-control slaves…. (Dr. Paul Marko)(2017)”
“Well, it seems to me that battle lines are being drawn and there are people that know their perpetrators and they work for these
organizations and they’ve sold themselves in this program and they’re going to stay there, the rest of us have to come to the
realization that we’re on the other side, that we’re are the targets and that we are the innocent, we’re the hope for mankind, because without consciousness the ability to expand and grow. I think if there’s just no future, there’s
nothing to count on, if they’re successful in being able to control every individual and put us all in their transhumanist agenda there’s no future for consciousness, there’s no future for human consciousness and I would imagine what would happen is we would stop participating, but right now I think everyone needs to know that they’re in the game, nobody’s sitting on the sidelines there’s nobody that’s not on one side or another and once I think they realize that they’re in the game and the game is horrible the game is I mean I think that everybody should watch at least one or two interviews with TI’s to see what these people go through I mean it’s horrible in itself but what makes it doubly horrible is that they’re gaslighted while they’re in it now gas
lighting is a process I’m sure you listeners know what gas lighting is, it is ab process where the people around you make
you think that you’re crazy or for voicing your concerns so they’ll surround you with people that that doub you and usually one of the steps in totally in this program is to have you lose friends, your husband’s sometimes, a lot of people lose their spouses during this program… Actuallx I know person who the CIA sent a lover in for his wife to break up…you stop
expressing yourself, stop behaving normally and then you’re just alone and in this horrible torture ,so, yeah, I think it’s something that really needs to go out there, people need to know and they need to know that they’re in there in
the program in one way or another. (Dr. Paul Marko)(2017)”
“Deborah Anne Weber
10 months ago
Actually, Paul has it a little backwards… but it’s how the West has been social engineered – technically so in the U.S. Torturing criminal psychopaths, war criminals, other persons crime criminals or abetters DOES WORK. You know, the old “eye for an eye”… ACCOUNTABILITY, retributive justice, punishment. Paul is just regurgitating psychobabble BS steeped in war-criminal semantics… In other words, the guilty don’t want to be held accountable so they spew PROPAGANDA knowing “If you repeat a lie often enough, it’ll eventually be perceived as truth..” Anything to get away with what they’ve done.
Now, torturing completely INNOCENT PEOPLE – which was & is what GITMO, Abu GHRAIB and other CIA off-site “prisons” are ALL ABOUT – ALSO works. It’s what war-mongering psychopaths & Empires of OLD do to control the masses. Think of the phrase “Royal Screwing” : part of the idiomatic vernacular & you get the idea. Having the most aggressive & “ethically-challenged” of a populace INTENTIONALLY carry out relentless, sadistic, malevolent cruelty & torture to completely innocent people – and, of course, the innocent victim realizes they’re dealing with feral, madmen psychopaths, which is why some victims confess to what they think the madmen want to hear – anything to get that oft-times lethal torture to stop. It doesn’t matter if the torturer believes or doesn’t believe that the person they’re torturing is innocent or guilty – what matters is the overall effect.
So, yes, INTENTIONALLY torturing innocent people relentlessly “WORKS,” it has a function. It has a function through a war-mongering, war-criminal sociopath agenda; through an Establishment (elite) agenda and it has a higher function through savvier sociopaths of Empires of OLD. Those savvier sociopaths have made the United States of America and some of the West, the most loathed Empire on Earth – the absolute loathing & hatred for America (USA) is not only unparalleled, but will be its eventual demise. It’s called “AUTO-GENOCIDE” in para-politics parlance. And that is a function of those savvier who have been putting a choke-hold of all of Humanity… It’s the GAME of EMPIRE or what Paul calls “TRIANGULAR” as in a structured socio-political culture based on pyramid scheming (couldn’t resist).”
“Jenna Lee
10 months ago
look up ‘ google play body sensors ‘ and …The development of WBAN (wireless body area network) technology started around 1995 around the idea of using wireless personal area network (WPAN) technologies to implement communications on, near, and around the human body. About six years later, the term “BAN” came to refer systems where communication is entirely within, on, and in the immediate proximity of a human body. A WBAN system can use WPAN wireless technologies as gateways to reach longer ranges…these are sensors which are already built into your cellphone. this might be one of the ways they are spying on us/watching us!!”
“I. Sokolov
10 months ago
Thanks Ella F for a great program about an interesting topic. Mind Control is becoming the new normal. It is not easy to stop it since it is not only a US/NATO invention, but Russia, China, India, and Israel too is developing this technology. It is a disaster this technology has been leaked to private entities and some of them are cults that does not work four your best interest. Our privacy of mind was lost in the 1990’s and now Facebook, Google, and Microsoft will commercialize the de-classified DARPA technology and improve it by engaging Universities and research laboratories world-wide.
We should too develop a low frequency shield to protect those of us who do not want the mind control on 24/7 (I guess that is all of the TI’s). It would be great if the Governments decided ALL research has to be done on consenting adults, not on randomly picked Targeted Individuals.
Neuro science can be very good in the right hands. Helping stroke victims with communication handicaps. .. this technology can do a lot of good. The way it is today used is to harass people, by cults and criminal entities. We do not see the same problems in Russia, China, and none NATO countries. CIA, NSA, and the US military complex is notorious bad to keep secrets, we see this from the Wikileaks. Neuro Science is here to be, it can not be un-invented, but we can regulate it.”
3 months ago
If you are a TI, report it to the Federal Government and tell them it involves Russia, foreign espionage and Human Trafficking. This will force them to investigate. They are holding American Citizens Hostage to exert political pressure on elements of the Deep State, the Pentagon, and the Federal Government. There are also people within the Deep State, Pentagon, and Federal Government that are involved. This goes back to the Cold War and there is cooperation at the deepest levels of the Deep State between Russia and America. We need to inform the rank and file of the Pentagon, the Federal Government, DHS, Department of Justice, FBI, Military Intelligence, etc that TIs are being held Hostage against their will and might be set up as Russian spies at some point in the future so that the real “Russian Spies” in Naval Intelligence, the Pentagon, and the Deep State don’t get caught and are safe to operate undetected well into the future. We need good people in the government to understand the complexities of what is really
going on with genuine Targeted Individuals and also what is going on with fake TI activists and fake whistleblowers.”
10 months ago
Yes! They have a digital footprint of everything you look up and sometimes in real time. I know this because I became targeted after researching government corruption in 2014.
10 months ago
I think the computer is one of their finest weapons against the people. It was invented for the very purpose of using it against us.
Twill Scott
10 months ago
They also check the comments you leave.
Kiona McNutt
3 months ago (edited)
Twill Scott That’s okay. I want them to. They need to know the truth and that they will be defeated and punished severely. Hebrews:10:31.
Deborah Anne Weber
10 months ago
I came up with how to make the mind-reading technology in the mid to late 70s…. it’s been here for decades and decades.”

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