“All of the different phase of the Recall.Basically it does begin with a past life agreement, you do make a past life agreement. On the other side you make a past life agreement to come into this life and then you do basically a career in the secret space program…before you even come into the world, they know who is coming and they actually abduct the mother of the child and then that´s when they actually start doing the genetic alteration is through the mother and the embryo… before the birth of the Milab, because they know who is coming in…once the
child is born they are identified as a geneological Extraterrestrial and then that is when they basically Milab infancy and that´s when they take them to the Deep Underground Military Bases and start doing the genetic alterations, putting in the implants and putting in the black goo, because some of the Agencies that are involved in Milabs use Black Goo, but some of them don´t..basically most of them use Black Goo, most of the abductions have to do with implants and black goo..when they turn the child into a super soldier..where they are started to be groomed as a super soldier, being trained psychically. These are the three TTTs; Telepathy, Telekinesis and Teleportation. I went to the mystery schools when I when through my spiritual journey…where I got taught techniques where I was able to rise my vibration to have my memory back…It´s a general timeline for all Supersoldiers…they can come to this Timeline, they can take them out, utilize them in a mission..I am currently utilized in missions..It´s a astral consciousness transfer, but basically you could be returned back in the timeline just seconds after a month or a year or 20 years and that could be happening multiple times to people that are involved..I am remembering my past lifes in dreams…you can start to figure out what´s a past life remembrance, what´s a mission recall from a secret space program, what´s a dream, what´s an actual experience going through a higher dimension where you are dealing with other higher dimensional, you can start to make sense of it all, that starts at higher levels…blue pill, red pill and then they will get psychic contacts in their dreams from basically from higher dimensionals, ancestors, family members, you know, the secret space program, it could be negative psychic contact,.. dark fleet, or it could be positive, it has to do with the light forces, and I mean all that has to be sorted through as the person is remembering…my conscious was taken into a tornado..”
Conspiracy Revelation: 9.11.2019: The Tornado Sequence is the means of your astral body to detach itself….it is in the ring mechanism of your third eye. Anti-Gravity-Methodism.
“The Egypt Atlantis connection is documented in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, The Atlantean, I mean literally…where Atlantis sunk and they took all the knowledge of Atlantis and the Eygptians and came out of their space ships and basically established civilization…what they call A Trip Chair..It basically looks like a chair in Total Recall..The Mind Wipe Technology..those are the chairs they use to wipe the minds of the assets that are being used, but the memory is still retained in the Soul and if you are doing the right spiritual work you are able to open the akashic records and get the memory out that way… so I am able to remember what they are doing.”
“Kerry Cassidy: When you are doing your recall this must also involve a form of time travel, are you aware of this?”
“Interdimensional Space Travel…Time Travel…there are different secret space the same time you are going through all these missions…On Mars, having to do with the Mantids and they are highly psychic race…they have an ability to induce fear….I was on the base there was a kind of plasmic entity, an electrical type of entity…because there is the light secret societies and there is the dark secret societies.”
“I do have obviously a connection with the other side, because I have obviously people who have passed appearing in my dreams, I obviously have found that I do have this connection with the other side, a clairvoyant connection.”
“So basically the memory starts coming back to super soldiers that have been involved…one that happens.. Someone that is involved in Milabs..a super soldier will get threats and warnings and phone calls, and will get like surveillance and harassment, which has to do with the targeted individual aspect of it, and the EMP/EMF Weaponry, because I get hit by that all the time, because I am a super soldier, I am a targeted individual, but what I have done I have risen my light body high to where it doesn´t negatively affecting me, but I am aware of, but it does affect other milabs and super soldiers..”
“Earlier this year, this is how I actually found out that I was involved in the Earth Defense Force for the Air Force, because I was actually, in the dream state, that is how it happens, well, because you are actually there, but you experience it as a dream state,.. but it actually happened..Earlier this year I received a dream from the
secret space program, because I receive dreams from them all the time, because they actually do know your timeline and they know your future and if there is something that is going to happen, they actually come into a dream not to do something, that is the power they actually the power they have with their remote viewers and astral travelers.”
“Kerry Cassidy: Sorry guys, but I have heard all this before, so it´s not new to me, none of it,..I have interviewed God knows how many super soldier types, I myself am a Milab, this is like just commonplace stuff as far as I am concerned with that, people are sort of acting out in the chat room, same stupid shit, I would prefer people would telling intelligent stuff in the chat rooms.”
Lafe Denton: vor 8 Stunden: After ten years in the military I personally get tired of this SUPER SOLDIER LIARS. Every single one of these Captain America wanna be’s …many also are drug addicted. Just from this kids body language and stutter I see he is lying. Not one of these kooks ever offer a shred of evidence. Most had never been in the military. They watch GI JOE and Captain America and Moonraker to get their information. Some do this for attention others discovered it is an easy hustle to make money. Usually these guys are underachievers, learning disabled and have nothing in life than these lies. It is sad that groups feed their egos and pockets. Which in reality is very dangerous as most end up committing suicide.
sp 1111: vor 2 Wochen: This poor guy went to serve his country and got tortured and raped. Don’t understand why the negative comments??
Benny Ramone: vor 2 Wochen: What room is this guy in????
G JOHNNY: vor 1 Monat:
MR MEANER: vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet): Give me a break Kerry Plastic face! A Ramtha devotee jumping on the shill money train!…
TheNextLevel11: vor 2 Monaten: He shared nothing new -stuff that any beginner researcher could say. Bit weird and had to stop listening after an hour of boredom.
Offgrid Secrets: vor 2 Monaten: He keeps looking down reading a script. Fake. And this guy is just a Steven Greer fan. “Special access projects” lol only one other guy uses that fake terminology.
Deidra Washington: vor 2 Monaten: A black super soldier…
Deidra Washington: vor 2 Monaten: I absolutely believe him. He even stutters a little like myself 😊. All these super soldiers stories have so much in common.
ResistEvolve: vor 2 Monaten: I wonder who the ETs will be meeting with? We’ve got an Orange Orangutan “representing” us in our White House!
Commander Keen: vor 2 Monaten: i appreciate the guy being honest .. he really is telling the truth as he knows it.
Sean Hughes: vor 2 Monaten: Great stuff, fascinating thanks Anthony for your Frank disclosure.
Just4Fun: vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet): Most liars can’t look directly in the eyes of the interviewer. He’s BASICALLY thinking about what he needs to say next. He comes across as someone studying this topic and inserting himself for notoriety or fame.
Just4Fun: vor 3 Monaten: Please don’t discredit a super soldier that now studies cartooning and lives in his mothers basement.
Just4Fun: vor 3 Monaten: How is he currently doing missions with Max Spears? However, I guess all these overlapping
timelines and dimensions allow them to do anything that can be imagined.
Just4Fun: vor 3 Monaten: He speaks in the third party… almost like sharing his research but like it didn’t really
happen to him.
Cynthia Marie Brewer: vor 3 Monaten: You are absolutely credible!
Paul Power: vor 3 Monaten: Exactly right, they can’t wipe the soul memories of ones life. It’s safely below the conscious memories they can wipe.
Luis Sanchez: vor 3 Monaten: CRAP.
Paul Power: vor 3 Monaten: They do go back and forth in the time lines. With ppl. And events. So many ppl. Involved with over lapping times and lives. The truth is crazier than fiction.
Oliver Von arx: vor 3 Monaten: Without all these millions of ‘uuhm’s and ‘aahm’s the interview would only take half an hour; it’s REALLY hard to listen to and follow this guy!!
Truthseeker: vor 3 Monaten: Get out of moms basement.
Truthseeker: vor 3 Monaten: Got your little Star Wars shirt on Mr Super Soldier.
Truthseeker: vor 3 Monaten: This guy is a fraud.
orangeeye13: vor 3 Monaten: This is amazing vid.. So much intel Anthony and Kerry.. Proves the battle of SSP and
3,4,5 Dimension in Air Force.. Let my mind work out some stuff.. great intel and de class.
Pei Wei: vor 3 Monaten: Wow basically sounds like my dreams at night.
Mf Jones: vor 3 Monaten: Another great interview!!!
Kim Prims Stokka: vor 3 Monaten: This is bullshit! This is 100% bullshit!
Lidia McColey: vor 3 Monaten: He definitely has had brain interference… How he talks…
Crawford Toups: vor 3 Monaten: Dune reloaded.
Vicki Lang: vor 3 Monaten: So much of the information has to be true because most all of the super soldier
interviews are pretty much the same information. How can so many have close to the same stories? Thank you for a
wonderful interview.
John Bollinger: vor 3 Monaten: It’s all mind over matter and you’re no more special and have no more abilities than
anyone else. You’re being manipulated. He’ll you don’t even know how to use chi.
Emcee Gee: vor 3 Monaten: Also: remote viewing is not a secret. it’s been used and part of classified or secret
programs by different agencies but it’s no secret that they have used it for a long time.
John Bollinger: vor 3 Monaten: I like when people think they have special abilities compared to everyone else and
again no one has ever seen their so called bullshit abilities. Everyone has the same abilities that are dormant and these brainwashed super soldiers abilities lay dormant too.
Punk Moon: vor 3 Monaten: Yeah, like Donald Marshall, who claims to be this genius musician prodigy child who came
up with half of pop culture as a child slave, lol.
This guy’s story has many of the same elements of Marshall’s story, too. It’s possible that all of these SSP and
REM cloning center whistleblowers are all paid bullshitters (who act so loony that the gov can just say anyone who
listens to them is obviously deranged); but it’s ALSO possible that these people are being MK Ultra’d and/or TI’d,
and thus have farcical false memories that INDEED cover for something that really happened, but is likely a few
layers deeper than all of this grandiose obfuscation that they claim to be the “true” unsuppressed memories.
You think (((they))) don’t know how to stop secrets from manifesting after 30 years old? I bet they don’t even
worry about it, because the false memory stew completely derails that person, long before they really remember.
P Rex: vor 3 Monaten: Mermaid battles.
TheChristobalgonzale: vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet): Max spiers, “yes”. This guy ” no”. He’s too immature. Look at his
body language. Look at his room, it belongs to a teenager. Most of all there is no space.
formatme: vor 3 Monaten: Hes been mind-controlled / abused, sometimes its hard for these whistleblowers to get the
information out. What about his body language, it shows to me hes speaking the truth, hes always looking left which
is a sign up recalling memory and sometimes he also closes his eyes to recall memory as well. There is no space?
what? Space is real. If you dont believe anthony look into tony rodriguez. He has some interviews on youtube. No
way in hell you will walk away after watching his interviews and thinking hes lying, tony rodriguez to me is the
most detailed story and most believable story out there.
MrCrispian: vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet): LIE DETECTOR PLEASE…OR MILITARY DISCHARGE PAPERS…??……and
why are they all psychic empaths….not welders or are fighter pilots….etc…
midnightchannel: vor 3 Monaten: First “super soldier” who looks fit…

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