Noam Chomsky. Let him starve.

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Noam Chomsky. Let him starve.
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“a conflict between the people who have chosen to have the covaxx and those who chose not to, it’s a battle,
it’s a a war, where we have to win, because it’s about bodily integrity, freedom of choice and respect for the individual and freedom values that I hold in very in in high regard as they say those values are extremely important to
me and noam chomsky said that the people who refused to have the covaxx, if
they are locked out of society, so that they will not be able to go and shop groceries and food and so on that’s
not the problem because they had the choice and basically he said well let them starve…
he’s an old man … he seems a little bit out of it, ,.. anything about his mental capabilities,
but he seems a little bit off, he seems a little bit uh he’s not right there anymore but anyway he said that let them starve…i would like to tell noam chomsky that um i think that’s a uh repulsive thing to say..
i don’t think that’s okay that anyone should suffer or starve, no matter their political opinion or
race, religion, gender and all that, as a society we should take care of each other..”

“He’s an old fool.”

“Good people have a limit, there is a limit to how much abuse you can take, before you start thinking
that I’ve had enough of this and if you’re a good person you will take quite a lot of abuse before
you get to that point I actually don’t think that most people have gotten to that point yet
but I think we are very close now, I know I am.”

“I work really hard, because i knowi suspect i should say that we are facing very hard times and i’ve said
before you have to put in an extra effort now and yes having money matters it does it really does,
i’m not one of those people who think that money will not be of any value in
the future and so on and so on i don’t think that well sometime at some point in the future certainly but not
not now not tomorrow, not next month, so you should do what you can now to to
save up whatever you can to prepare, buy in supplies, be ready to hunker down or to move
uh be flexible and all that i won’t get in into the details here…pretty much everything
is becoming more and more expensive and a lot more expensive as well, so it’s not a good deal…we are getting less and less back and we are expected to give more and more, pay more taxes, pay more for whatever you buy…
you’re actually getting less like a silly example…a pack of bacon, ah, they’ve shrunk now here in Norway,
that’s funny the price went up why did why is it now less bacon in the package there
and it’s not going to get better.”

“If i had to choose between keeping some extra food for myself and feeding norm chomsky, what do you think i would do?
I would let him starve of course, in fact if he was on fire i wouldn’t pass water to help him.”

“Adam in Alaska: ​Shrinkflation.”

“Here’s the thing the people in salt now in the usa, they seem to be people with no respect for anything
and yeah so nothing is secure anymore..”

“Billy boy, billy boy and his human experimentation in third world nations in the name of developing certain vaxxes,
yes,…and it’s one of the main reasons why I think that he is one of the worst and most dangerous individuals on the
planet right now..”

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