NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney, and His Ordeal

“NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney, and His Ordeal”
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“TomWoodsTV: 55.000 Abonnenten: Bill Binney, a cryptanalyst-mathematician and (formerly) highly placed intelligence official within the National Security Agency (NSA) blew the whistle on NSA activities in 2002. Since then, he’s been through everything from a raid on his home to having a sympathetic documentary made about him. He joins me to discuss his ordeal, plus his views on alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 election.”
“No one could really tell who they were and NSA analyst for example couldn’t do love intelligence, they called it love int internally in NSA where they looked into the data to see if their lovers were cheating on them, so they couldn’t do
that because they wouldn’t be able to tell who their who there which encrypted data represented their lovers, so that
wouldn’t be possible for them and so they removed that and then the other thing was we had a monitoring system that was monitoring what was going on in the network when people came in to look at that data, so we could see what they were doing where they went how long they stayed what they did while they were there and since they didn’t want any monitoring of what they were doing they removed that and so they ended up being
able to monitor everybody and that’s what they did to that program, they distorted it totally.”
“Doesn’t this lead from their point of view to information overload. I mean from our point of view it’s frightening that they have all this information but when you have all that information how on earth would you begin to sort through it?”
“Well that’s the point they can’t and that’s why they’re failing, that’s why these attacks occur and they can’t stop them.”
“okay, so tell me then about. I want to know about something that happened to you personally was there actually a raid
on your home?”
“on what grounds?”
“Well, it was fabricated, the FBI and under a Mueller I might add and the DOJ under Comey, falsified statements to the court t to do a raid on us and we pointed it out one of the sue them for violation of constitutional rights, because of the lives they put into the affidavit, okay, so why were they
targeting you in the first place, because NSA one of them to do at NSA we filed the dod IG complaint against NSA for
corruption, fraud, waste and abuse and the dod IG office found that everything we said was true and much more and they
reported that in their intelligence report dod IG zero five in – Intel – zero three, titled the Trailblazer and
it’s inthread their requirements that was published in 2005 and they’ve been keeping it under wraps since then. They
don’t want anybody to know about all this corruption going on, so can you describe the scene for me what happened
at your home yeah about 12 agents with guns drawn came in pointing guns at my son my wife to me and …
that we said basically an attempt at intimidation, because they didn’t want us to talk about what we knew of the
terrorist surveillance program in its violation of the constitutional rights of every US citizen, so how long did this go on? They came here at nine o’clock in the
morning and left at about 4:00 in the afternoon something like that were they going through your papers and things Oh
everything you know they took they took they destroyed our business went and took all of our any electronic equipment
we had phones email..discs, computers, everything these things were of course returned at some point? Only after we sued them, they kept them for five years and so we
did a what’s called a 41 G return a property lawsuit, because they are required by law to tell us after they confiscate material within sixty days they have to tell us what material
they’re going to keep and what they’ll return and they never did that for five years so they violated the laws andso we we did a 41 G lawsuit and one by the way we set a precedent by
doing that we represented ourselves pro se and we made them look like silly fools in the courtroom.”

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