Ep. 927 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Jason Rice : A New Insider Speaks : LIVE

“Ep. 927 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Jason Rice : A New Insider Speaks : LIVE”
“FTB: … then Jason began specialized training in 1994 to serve as an officer in the ground forces of the interplanetary defense and reaction forces known as IDARF secret space program while he was a student at Florida Tech. I would like to welcome for the first time to fade to black Jason..when you’re talking about the history of Mars or the history of the Moon, these are things that are the opposite that are conventionally found on the Internet but is this
information taught to you in the program or are you picking this up as..from scuttlebutt from other soldiers.
Jason Rice: This is information that is not taught to us ground-pounders in the program..I remember the secret space program and the Cabal have all assured their privacy, their secrecy, by compartmentalization, both probably of the Manhattan Project had over a hundred thousand people working on it but they didn’t know that and so through compartmentalization they were able to keep the whole picture away from so many people.
FTB: The announcement by Donald Trump our president of the space force was announced and I think all of
us raised an eyebrow as to the timing of it and to what is what is actually being represented by creating this and a new wing of our armed forces and… a new division of the the Pentagon that being said.. is this part of the
secret space program?`
Jason Rice:…and it has to do with the Mars Germans. I can absolutely do that, we had a number of uniforms…
we didn’t rely on the uniforms for camouflage per se because we had technology that allowed us to disappear, so we thought to phase in and out of the view so the pattern or the camouflage of the uniforms…the real technology in the uniforms came through from the layering of the material the anti-ballistic properties of the material as well as heat and cooling dissipation of the material they were also electrical generations that’s one of the uniforms that
yielding the form the the patches on it were those of us from Earth ..which was the new Panzer Division and that one what was a of what I first thought was a really strange looking rampant dragon and turns out it was a rampant bear,
specifically the Berlin bear.
FTB: You also mentioned that all of your commanding officers were German okay now we need some explanation here and clarification why is this the case?
Jason Rice: the parent organization for the unit that I was in was Mars German originated and commanded and the reason for that is they held the cards when the deal was struck …and none of Earth’s forces that are going to
be involved in this program are going to make above the rank of major because they’re not going to be in command
positions, because those are all going to be Mars Germans …Mars German is the breakaway civilization that started off in Antarctica, once they moved everything out of Antarctica they still had the facilities there and enough
manufacturing capability that they could do things there if they wanted to but I remember they’d already started their civilization cities on Mars and so New Berlin and New Würzburg were the results of those and they had a
significant population by 1990 in which that was their home, that’s where they were, that’s where they were based out of, they were no longer based out of Antarctica. They were on Mars, they could do anything and everything they wanted to that, ..other pesky governments sneaking in or coming in and doing this or that and wiping out their
civilization it was a continuity of their species, in their minds, considering that the same species as we are but that was them …their mentalities okay that’s create a place where we feel like we can be safe there
was always to Mars German cities where they have a breakaway civilization.
FTB: …and the Germans discovered certain technology down in Antarctica if I’m understanding all of this correctly
which allowed them to in the late 30s during World War two and and the in the 40s to go to the Moon and go to Mars..
Were the Draco already occupying the Moon and Mars at this time?
Jason Rice: Well, just to clarify a little bit, the Draco did not give the Germans technology.
FTB: No, they discovered it, right, right, they Jason Rice.
Jason Rice: They made a deal and the technology that was found down there the Germans had to hand that over so
they didn’t get any piece of that one of that action went to Germany for 25 years, that was part of the deal and so after that..they were able to actually get some of the stuff and start figuring it out because they had not been able to get their hands or their engineers and scientists had not been able to get their hands on it because they’ve had to turn it all of us how are the technologies.. the technology that they developed to build their base on the Moon as well as on Mars bases they had organically developed and that had started off with the secret
societies of the 30s with those prototypes that were already in operation when the Germans took them, so they’d already started..the commanding officers being German… in 1990 timeframe the Germans were tired of and did not want to be involved with the Draco any more than they absolutely had to and if you recall the piece of property that they had traded for, was the Draco territory and so they decided they wanted to go somewhere else, unfortunately they still had time left on the clock for their lease and that contract was specific that couldn’t change that and so they had to find somebody else that would take over the lease. Well, any guesses who was that they found to take it over, the Cabal, who happened to be looking for a Moon base in the early 90s and who was more than happy to pen a deal with him, well, the deal turned out that the Cabal had to provide 25000, about 25,000 soldiers for use where and when that the Mars Germans needed and those soldiers ended up being the IDARF ground soldiers and the Mars Germans put the Martian elements , put the protections in place so that they would always maintain control of it which is how and why they limited command positions to just the Mars German-born and it also meant that they were able to field a large number of combat forces without having to dedicate or devote that large of a number of their own troops.
FTB: So when the Germans arrived on the Moon well actually let’s get ahead who occupies the Moon today who is in
control of it?
Jason Rice: The Mars Germans still have a base there, it’s just not where it used to be, the cabal’s secret space program now occupies the grounds where the old mars german moon base was … the Swastika Shapep that’s now been filled in, so it looks like a bunch of buildings.
FTB:.. and you have described the Moon as actually …that’s artificial…what you’re describing, now the
swastikas-shaped base but that’s on the outside, but the entire moon is artificial, it’s a ship, right?
Jason Rice: It is artificially augmented, there are parts of it that are machine, there are parts of it that are rock and stone and you’ve got about two miles of the best radiation protection on the surface.
FTB: okay, so it’s half natural, I got, it’s an Augmented natural facility… fascinating stuff Jason, you
stay right there, the Germans doing interplanetary travel of much way before 1969 and and Apollo 11 and us going to the moon..how did they get to the Moon? How did they get to Mars?
Jason Rice: They had their own anti-gravity technology.. going back to the late 30s, in which, by the time that they were building out their base on the Moon and starting their base on Mars, they’d already made some advancements on that original technology, so… it’s like taking a colonial town and handing over an internal combustion engine to him, the rural society, as well, as the other super society already had working models, working prototypes of these anti-gravity saucers, so that the Germans had a huge lineup and that they were able to start…one of the things I
found extremely fascinating is that you know the Antarctic Germans at the time had that technology when Admiral Byrd
went down and when his operation was turned around and returned back to the United States it was four or five months
later that’s it that we had the crash in Roswell wasn’t very long after Admiral Byrd returned and so my thoughts on
it are that there were those that felt the playing field needed to be leveled and so that that Roswell was a deliberate crash to deliver a care package.
FTB: We’re talking about the Germans a lot here. Germany today are they involved? ..and what about
Russia and China and and Great Britain or Spain or France or Brazil, are there any other countries involved with us,
besides us and Germany?
Jason Rice: My suspicion is that each of the major industrial powers have their own secret space program of varying technical advancement, the European Union and the West have by far the most advanced. That’s where the industrial might is that’s where the focus has been, so you have a range of competing secret space programs
that are involved in their own and going about their own business. The cabal has a stranglehold over every country that has a central bank, they had different branches if you will, similar to Western Armies, like artillery, armor, engineers, infantry and then medicine, most of those branches other than infantry were filled out by the Mars Germans.”
Update: 14.3.2019:
“Right and did this help some of the memories come back? (Jimmi Church)(2018)”
“No, as what I refer to as parting gifts from these use apps and let’s keep in mind… make no mistake about it, every person that goes in to a twenty and back SSP program has their minds tinkered with make no mistake about that that leaves an impression that’s different for each person and so having those parting gifts that they leave with you some of them include I guess you can call it suggestions, commands, triggers for seeking out destructive behavior or for changing your behavior, if you start thinking or going into too deeply and too trying to discover find out information about what’s happened and so my programming held up and it worked and..h every time that
I would think that .. that’s pretty strange maybe actually look up something about that something would
happen and that I would be completely distracted and far too busy with other things to be thinking about any strange
conspiracy. (Jason Rice)(2018)”
“One of the things that I can tell you is that the memories are crystal clear when they first come back and it’s like the difference between watching the old rabbit-ear television, black-and-white with the big table on the front and watching a high-definition LED-TV, .. the memories have gotten to recognize that the memories when they come back they’re vastly different then okay just a normal dream walking around my yard it’s not the same so um yeah of course I asked myself you know … what in the world is going on and so it as a scientist is another component,
another piece in the puzzle and ..the awakening process is both invigorating, terrifying, enlightening and
ultimately, very, a very spiritual experience because you realize the things and possibilities that are out there that you’ve done and so trying to impart that information to other people is is challenging to say the least
because it is such a departure from our normal frame of reference that we have to you know try and okayl it how can I explain this it’s like trying to explain the concept of time dilation or timelines I mean you can get into an
entire five hour conversation of trying to explain how time works and we in this consensus reality that information has not been released and so some of the memories are still hidden and this is an ongoing dynamic process at least for me and so I have memories that still are coming back bits pieces here more parts of the puzzle oh if I knew and had a better understanding of time travel, time manipulation which I’m almost certain I did because as an engineer I
would have drilled down into it and found out what it was and what it was about then I could explain it better than I do but those along the lines of okay well you know how do I piece this together and so as the memory started coming back more and more and more and as I said it was a tremendously spiritual experience
because of realizing what it happened the pain and the trauma that you have to clear out from there energy centers in order to be able to carry on the flight. (Jason Rice)(2018)”
“There must have been hundreds or thousands out there in this program if everything that you and Corey and
others say is true then there are a lot of people out there with these same experiences. (Jimmi Church)(2018)”
“Thousands from every country on the planet except those that do not have a central bank. …
Right of which there are six, so there’s nobody from the twenty and back program from North Korea?
That’s correct…again this was all back in 91 when I first went into the program so thinking back I don’t have the Central Bank list memorized to be able to tell you okay back at that time this country in that country didn’t have central banks. (Jason Rice)(2018)”
“I made note of and that is your history and not your personal history I’m talking about the history of ufology of
science of the military of different events that have happened paperclip or whatever, where did you acquire this
knowledge of history was it taught to you are part of the program? (Jimmi Church)(2018)”
“Part of the conventionally available information about history was one of those subtle signs of my awakening process , it was an interest in this topic or that topic or that topic and an almost insatiable need to find out more information about that so the that conventional information…those types of information which we have
available through the wonderful invention of the internet. (Jason Rice)(2018)”
“So through compartmentalization they’re able to keep it to a very few small number of people that know the full
picture right they don’t have to tell the ground-pounders what’s going on. (Jason Rice)(2018)”
and speaking of social media Jason one of the things no matter what you’re an insider on or whatever it could be any
aspect of life a whistle-blower insider is a footprint in social media background records you were in the
military there seems to be a lack of social media presence for you why is that and is Jason rice your real name?
.. those are great questions yes that is my real name, there is a very specific reason why I don’t have a
website and that has everything to do with I have come out to talk about my story and I am not interested in
attention for me, I have had a couple of years of time in which I could have started posting, but I was legitimately
concerned about the safety, security and privacy of my family so I made the choice not to start blasting the internet with information about the things that I had to say.
Well, the community and and media and journalists out there are going to look into your background you you’re
expecting that has that already started I would be very surprised if it hasn’t I do want to say that I have plans and a website in the works which I’ll be coming out with I expect to have it out sometime in the next month or so again I am family man and have worked an engineering field and this has come out as a method to respect and honor those that I served with as well as to help raise the consciousness and awareness of everybody that I can about what’s been going on good, bad, ugly and different whatever it is and so I have come out to do that and protecting and respecting my privacy and my family’s privacy you only have to look at what’s been happening in Washington DC to see what people can do to a family , to recognize that you know hey look this is a real life we’re talking about real family, real people and so …I didn’t want it to turn into a circus at my house, so I very specifically did not go public until things were ready to be aired on Gaia. Main or a large reason for that has been I was concerned with my safety.. the people that run these programs have absolutely zero respect, zero respect for the life and all those people, if you will. .. they kill presidents, they kill generals, they’ve killed thousands of other people in the blink of an eye, what’s some engineer in such-and-such city to them, nothing. (Jason Rice)(2018)”
“So my coming public has now opposed off one Avenue in which I don’t think they’re going to come after me directly,
however they have other tools at their disposal, the next one’s going to be a character assassination, the next one’s going to be a possible financial ruination. I mean there’s the whole list you go through their playbook you just look around it’s not hard to find, so my concerns were very real very valid and coming out at one time was the best way that I could come up with with improving my chances of making sure that myself and my family were safe.
(Jason Rice)(2018)”
Everybody else that’s in SSP through the compartmentalization process as well as the different programs have their own experiences now there’s some things that we will share if we weren’t in the same programs obviously if we are in the same ones we’ll have a lot of lot to talk about however I look forward to that I welcome that and I think that especially in this day and age when and I can’t I can’t be grateful enough for the mainstreaming of the whole scientific process taking responsibility for information for knowing what’s going on and that it’s required people to ask the hard questions it’s forced people to look into satanic ritual abuse and child abuse and human trafficking and all the ugliness that exists out there because it’s made people more aware and raised the overall consciousness awareness of what’s happening around us and so this particularly is a great time in which they there’s not a better time than now for this community the whistleblowers to work together to not be either he was protective or
afraid of encroachment or having a fear that their voice is no longer gonna be heard that’s not what this is about
this is about finding out information because you know what disclosure is going to happen I refer to as disclosure
d-day there’s going to be a dump and at some point in time I fully expect and ask for I’m sorry let me back up I fully expected and demand full disclosure don’t hold anything back period there’s gonna be that dump day
d-day it’s gonna happen maybe I think now with the the population being more open to the other things and stuff that
used to be considered tinfoil hat conspiracy theories a lot of people are waking up and going wow they did that oh
my gosh like how what what a better time for it to happen after you left the program and you know raising your family married all of that stuff had did you have a handler did you have anybody that stayed with you and in touch and communicated with you after you left the program and went into civilian life no I did not has anybody reached not that I was aware of there have been a number of instances where I have I suspect that I was getting closer to recall and I suspect that there were some reabduction and re wiping that occurred, but those are only suspicions at this time. (Jason Rice)(2018) / (Jimmi Church)(2018)”
“If you speak the truth with love and the truth will set you free and so I don’t believe that the paradigm of secrecy works, it’s had far too many failures and the planetary consciousness is no longer accepting that program that they’re trying to feed and foresee us and so I will not be a piece in a game to be controlled or handled. (Jason Rice)(2018)”
I suspect because again I’m not part of the Q team and I’m not a part of the DoD in any way, so this is just a civilian Jason telling you my suspicions based on my intuition and the information that I have is that you
remember last year all those launches that occurred globally all rockets in real short period of time.. I’m sorry that’s classified can’t tell you yes it’s a beauty rocket, I doubt very seriously there was anything in them my feelings are that that was a cover for some of the already SSP assets in place, so that coming back they can say yeah I remember when we lost those things. I’ve worked at SSP you ask any other space engineers
how long does it take to design prep and build a satellite and they don’t keep ..so they custom build them for a launch and these are planted years in advance, so…Trump hasn’t been in office that long for them to adult and gone through the entire process even in a black project to build a satellite it’s there just wasn’t enough time so I think that trumps mentioning or coming out with … hey we’re going to have the new space force was a part of the unmasking the drip drip disclosure to get to the point where he can say hey look we’ve got these assets in space hey look we’ve got this technology… a number of things and it has to do with the Mars Germans. (Jason Rice)(2018)”
JK Shapan. vor 4 Monaten: Jason Rice is the real deal … Corey is now doing to Jason what he claims the military complex has been doing to him. I have read the legal document emailed on October 3rd to Rice from Goode’s attorney (Valerie Yanaros, Yanaros Law,P.C. – Addison, TX) saying that he, Goode, owns and has copyrighted the terms Secret Space Program, SSP, 20 and Back, Blue Avians, Dark Fleet, and many more. That is so bizarre there are no words for it. If Goode was telling the truth that these are actual entities and beings then they ARE absolutely in the public domain. How can you demand declassification of a program and then copyright the name? What the HEY? If he fabricated these terms for his comic books, notoriety and monetary gain ..in other words he ‘CREATED’ them in his imagination, then he should be at Comic-con, not UFOlogy conferences saying these are real, correct? Is he Orson Wells, just making it all up for our entertainment? There are too many people coming forward now who were in the SSP, including Laura Eisenhower… has he legally served her? He has 100% lost me and many others with his manipulations and lack of consciousness.
Diziblonde: vor 5 Monaten: I always wondered if “Religion” meant a “Re Legion of forces”. They write about the forces of the LORD and such. “Serving the LORD, something like Lunar Operations regional defense” or something like that. You never know. They speak about serving the LORD, and needing a new body to do this, being reborn, etc. You never know… It all starts to take on a new meaning.. When you add neighbors, and wars in the heavens, etc, along wih paintings of “Aliens” and what appear to be alien craft in the skies.
E Jay: vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet): The SSP have different levels. Sounds like Jason is on the lower level where the Deep State functions. According to David Wilcock, Gaia is on the Deep State level. The Space Force (Military, Corporate Bank) is separate from the Deep State (CIA, NSA, Corporate, Bank) level. According to people in the Deep State, they believe they are in it for a long time.
Mark Dark: vor 2 Monaten: Order out of Chaos….love it!
Robert Crawford Crawford: vor 5 Monaten: This guy presents theories about, we got the real deal here in DC on the ‘Aliens’ two key eyewitnesses here,…was followed by the black helicopter…had to run for my life…the beings name is ………………..KRLLL…………….. watch out folks…
Thomas Bruner: vor 5 Monaten: Sounds like a classic case of life long mind control. I am somewhat suspect that anyone could recall from ages two or three for instance?
“JC: Did you engage in and kill aliens?”
“JR: I did.”
“JC: How many?”
“JR: More than I can count …”
“JC: You killed thousands of aliens?”
“The type of warfare that we were involved with the entire purpose behind IDARF was so that they could franchise evil and the way that they did that was they would arrive at a planet that was
at a certain technological advancement and they would show the different faction leaders or clan leaders images and tell them that there were aliens on the way can you say false flag so that
they could garner their permission to quote-unquote help them defend that Planet, so that’s where we came in, so the franchising of evil operation, involved co-opting a world’s population
to believe that they were being invaded, so that this group could come in and help them because the ultimate goal was to get them under a one world government and it involved usually reducing
anywhere from forty to sixty percent of the planet’s population and in the process the mass landings that occurred during that there were thousands tens of thousands that were invaded these hybrid
alien creatures that came in to do their dirty work, were the result of manufactured lifeforms, specifically to do and carry out those orders. (Jason Rice)(2018)”

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