No Chip Required: Biocoded DNA Resonant Frequency Links Targeted Individuals to Mind Control Matrix

“No Chip Required: Biocoded DNA Resonant Frequency Links Targeted Individuals to Mind Control Matrix
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“Once they have you DNA they take the DNA and they put the big your DNA code in a supercomputer and in that supercomputer they run algorithms that bio code
electromagnetic transmissions, so they bio-resonate with your body, once they’ve done that they can transmit that from satellites or cell towers or aircraft or any number of ways and that signal will only affect you..well the towers are the matrix… you know the movie the matrix as an example if I go into a city location and I’m testing an environment I can see
probably anywhere from 30 to 60 active Wi-Fi access points, so that means that you’re saturated microwave that’s all
2.4 gigahertz …ve transmissions with 60 transmission access points that are sending and receiving.”
“The human genome project was carried out at the Lawrence
Berkeley National Lab, where I was a staff scientist for five years, they were tracking people in the lab by the
electromagnetic frequency emitted by individual’s DNA, the DNA in every living thing has a unique frequency and signal,
that is what they’re using, what they’re focusing on and what their weaponizing to completely control life. (Deborah Tavares)”
“They tap into the resonant frequency of the DNA of the individual,the targeted individual and this allows total mind, spirits and body control over the individual by
those who are running this program. (BK)”

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