Report #189 | Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower on United Nations & Communism Vs USA & Sovereignty

“Report #189 | Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower on United Nations & Communism Vs USA & Sovereignty
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Informative conversation with CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell who delineates the globalist and communist aims, agenda and activities of the United Nations, in sharp contrast to the God-Given rights and freedoms protected and guaranteed by the United States Constitution, the persecution of Christianity versus the pursuit of Luciferianism in the UN, and the current ongoing tug-of-war of tyranny in this age of Covid’s plandemic spread.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 2.8.2020: I ESU vs UNITED NAZIS MEME:

“The luciferians and what their ideology is all about…
okay ramona let me start by reading the first quote in the article because i think this says a lot okay here it is and this has to do with communism of course which we will get into in more detail okay great popular support and
enthusiasm for the united nations policies should be built up well organized and fully articulate, but it is necessary
to do more than that, the opposition must be
rendered so impotent that it will be unable to gather any significant support in the senate against the United Nations
charter and the treaties which will follow and that comes from political affairs the official publication of the american communist party april 1945 which shows a clear connection between the american communist party and the
united nations …of course .. the united nations was formed i think we tried to talk about this in the last program which was sabotaged but the united nations was formed in and it was the the kind of precursor to the united nations was something called the league of nations and that was after world war one that they had the league of nations, now the united states did not join the league of nations after world war one, but after world war ii when the united nations came into being um well then they caved and it’s a tragedy in my opinion, because now we have 70 years of communist
totalitarianism which is what the united nations is really all about.”
“well it has ramola but what we need to understand
is this is an ages old plot it didn’t begin with the united nations this goes back thousands of years and involves the
secret societies like the masonic order and the theosophical society with helena blavatsky, alice bailey, it goes way back
and this plot is something which wants to implement a total control over the entire world and all the people of the world, a totalitarian one world government absolutely i thank you for bringing that up because you are tracing the
background now to the whole masonic enterprise the secret societies and this whole novus orders seculorum or whatever yes but it also it goes so far back and i don’t really
want to get into too much detail about that ramola because i i think it’s important to take a more practical approach to show where we are today because of the united nations and
yesterday when we were sabotaged we were talking about the fact that the united nations, their so-called spirituality is of a luciferian nation nature um now there’s another quote
that i can read here by saul olinsky and everybody probably knows who that is uh he was basically the the guru for hillary clinton he was a communist socialist and he
wrote the book rules for radicals so let me read the
the quote from from him sure here he this is his dedication
to the book lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder
acknowledgement to the very first radical from all our legends mythology and history and who is to know
where mythology leaves off and history begins
or which is which the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom lucifer okay …rules for radicals a pragmatic primer for realistic radicals dedicated to lucifer.. this is absolutely amazing actually it’s kind of astonishing isn’t it first of all that
it’s in his dedication um and secondly that .. he sees
lucifer as a radical rebel to look up to and sort of put at the top of his enterprise.”
“Helena Blavatsky from the secret doctrine, okay, quote:
Lucifer is divine and terrestrial light, the holy ghost and satan at one and the same time and now it stands
proven that satan or the red fiery dragon and lucifer or
light bearer is in us, it is our mind our tempter and redeemer, our intelligent liberator and savior from pure animalism.”
“you want to have nothing to do with the united nations
okay you want nothing to do with them now we’ll talk about the lucis trust now the lucis trust formally called lucifer trust that’s the official publishing company of the united nations.”
“well, ..certainly the goal is total domination across the entire world.”
“they want to destroy everything that is sacred okay just
moral moral values moral absolutes that are based on godly values christian or judeo-christian values not
not these these weird cults that are coming in and and trying to to usurp the whole ideological structure here.”
“Principles of the united nations, so rather than unalienable
all caps rights granted by the creator the individual shall be subject to limitations quote and he will have no
quote rights except those determined by the united nations how’s that for an attempt to usurp the power of the creator what kind of person would allow such tyranny over his life
what kind of country would allow such usurpation of unalienable rights, socialists, communists, marxists, that´s who…it’s telling people that rights are not given by god okay these are godless people rights are not bestowed by god
as as being unalienable rights are issued by a governing body such as the united nations okay now no another thing here remotely is united nations has no authority no jurisdiction
in these united states okay if they make treaties that’s a separate thing but they do not they cannot and do not
supersede the constitution it’s marbury versus madison okay we know that all right that all laws that are repugnant
to the constitution are null and void and everything these people they don’t have the right to do it.”
“yes they’ve been pulled in but they’re not lawful that’s the thing that everyone needs to understand what we have here is a group of plotters and planners and manipulators they have no authority, they have no jurisdiction to do any of this,
they run everything by propaganda and using flowery language
and in other words trying to make it sound like oh we’re doing this for the good of all well no they’re doing it for the plot of global so-called domination.”
“the kind of groups like one such group would be um
mk ultra victims okay i’ve known people for many many years
that thought they could appeal to the united nations
okay in other words we are mk ultra victims we
want justice and who do they go to they go to the united nations and each time one of these people okay each time one of these people in the past were going wait decades back in the past you know i i did know some people and i had communication with some people that were trying
to say file lawsuits class action lawsuits or they wanted to do something in other words they didn’t know what to
do so they would get a petition together and they would they would you know then submit the petition to the united
nations and i would always say no i won’t sign that because those people are not my authority they don’t have any authority over my life nor will they ever and if you when you sign something like that what you’re doing
is you’re basically saying okay i’m awarding you i’m awarding you control over my life i’m asking you to step in and intervene in what’s happening in my life and that is a very foolish thing to do because they’re not because
first of all they don’t have any authority but when people keep doing it it builds the i the ideology oh they’re going to help you no they won’t help you at all, what they will do is build greater support for the united nations and the
..I have to be very blunt..anybody i don’t care who it is who’s connected with the united nations that’s not my friend okay and i they are not going to do anything because they are
connected to these people ..they may do something,
they may speak flowery lying oh we care about this you
know but the guy himself i have the guy in my hall of shame.”
“Let me read this quote to achieve world government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individual individualism loyalty to family tradition national patriotism and religious dogmas the re-interpretation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong
which has been the basis of child training the substitution of intelligent and rational thinking for faith in the certainties of the old people these are the belated objectives for charting the changes in human behavior okay that’s george brock chisholm head of the world health
organization 1896 to 1971 ….so this guy is a psychiatrist
part of the world health organization this is what i’m trying to tell you ramola, this organization is absolutely diabolical okay they want to destroy morality they want to destroy liberty sovereignty morality because they’re collectivists and in my opinion they are headed by
satan himself.”
“unless you know god okay unless the holy spirit lives in your heart and you know the truth okay then anything is possible you can be fooled into anything.”

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