Report #49 With Dr Eric Karlstrom – Tribute to Dr Paul Marko
“Report #49 With Dr Eric Karlstrom – Tribute to Dr Paul Marko”
“Am 15.02.2018 veröffentlicht
Celebrating and recalling Dr. Paul Marko’s great work for humanity in researching and educating the world on the hidden truths and realities of our life here on Earth, the nature of our current Surveillance State, the dark powers and factions repressing humanity, those being targeted and tortured, how to shield and how to rise beyond victimizing, the need to expose all that is hidden and keep working for humanity against technocracy and fascism.”

Olga Loaiza
Mindy much love to you; my thoughts and prayers are with you. Much honor goes to Paul for all he has done and taught us. He will be missed and remembered. Of course electro and magnetic waves can and do affect our body and soul. Maybe this is a good time to revisit Barry Trower’s teachings. I’d like to add an exert from an interview with him. The video is titled, Barrie Trower Talks with Victims of Non-Consensual Microwave and EMF Experimentation and Testing

9:12 “The endocrine system, which are the pituitary glands, the pineal glands, the adrenal glands, thyroid, parathyroid, they will control the body’s temperature and they also control how you feel. Now,what happens is, the endocrine glands are particularly sensitive to microwave radiation, particularly sensitive and if the microwaves are affecting any of the endocrine glands; for instance, if they affect the adrenal glands on the kidneys; and that is known to happen, then what you have, it is you will have cortisol being release into the body, that will cause heart palpitations, a feeling of panic even; and withing two hours your immune system will start to crash and when your immune system crashes then you can have your joint pains and your and all the other things. Now, that is from the adrenal. If you have the extra calcium going around your body, which most people have in microwaves and it reacts with the cytosol in the brain, what happens then is you get a whole bunch of spurious signals going through your brain can’t handle, it may be telling you, you are cold, it may be telling you, you are hot, it may be causing some pain in your body. It depends on when and how you physiology is made up.”
I also would like to add that Mr. Trower also said that a person could have these beams or electromagnetic waves directed at them from the sky, from a satellite and they could be set to be activated every so often or constantly activated. The attacks doesn’t necesarily have to done by your next door neighbor. Also something he shared that caught my attention is that you don’t take this beasts to a court of law. They are untouchable he said or something in that regard.”
“LDA Eldin Ramic
some sources claim Hemingway was treated supposedly with electric shocks for depression that “damaged” his memory; sounds like (perhaps trapped in for) brainwashing
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Inca Roads 777
NY Times “Hemingway, Hounded by the Feds” By A. E. HOTCHNER JULY 1, 2011”
“Ophir Flomenbom
YOU confuse the “soldiers” and those that operate the whole mind control scheme
there is a whole system behind the scene
like think about 250 thousand idiots that sit 10 feet in the ground and shot mind control radiation on the whole society : the 99% from one side and the 1% from the other side
these idiots are from universities the universities emeritus and the cia and similar departments.”
“Deborah Anne Weber
Airforce Agenda 2025 Weather as a Force Multiplier
Find this in “HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy” by Jerry E Smith
These kill strategies going on since the late 20s…. remember 36,000 Nazi scientists were brought here… Paperclip, etc
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