Report # 47: Dr. Katherine Horton and Dr. Paul Marko: The Crown Corporation
“Report # 47: Dr. Katherine Horton and Dr. Paul Marko: The Crown Corporation”
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Fascinating conversation with two systems analyst experts Dr. Paul Marko and Dr. Katherine Horton with their varied backgrounds in organizational psychology and particle physics and shared expertise and interests in global financial systems and complex human systems on the subject of corporations and the Crown Corporation in particular as involved in the targeting of civilians worldwide.
Dr. Horton traces the geography of the mysterious City of London locked inside Roman walls within the heart of London proper, discussing the symbolism of the many dragons at its periphery, the symbolism of the Swiss cross everywhere (signifying the Templars) and teasing out the connections between this supra-royal City bounded by old Roman borders and the current-day bastion of Roman power, the Vatican.
Dr. Marko discusses how corporations work, and points to how humanity is easily enslaved by the intrinsic nature of corporations with their interest in subsuming the individual to the vaster motive for profit, the cult in culture of corporatehood, and how corporations naturally seem to work to erase humanity from humans.
Also covered are the structure of Mafia organizations with a godfather at the helm, the use of dispensations or bribes to gain protection within Mafia territory and how that relates to current-day taxpaying, and the Queen’s second-class status inside the City of London–suggesting the Dragon’s won — the dragon associated with the Crown and the Vatican.
We roamed far afield as we looked back at the origins of Christianity, the symbol of the crucifix, the symbol of the Crown in the logos of GCHQ, MI5 and MI6, and how it points not to the House of Windsor but to the Crown corporation. Engrossing and wide-ranging conversation tapering down to the phenomenon of targeting and the need to.. dissolve the Crown corporation’s and Vatican’s hold on humanity, and begin to find solutions to course our way out of this fraud-riddled mess.
This conversation complements others we’ve had on the Techno Crime Fighter Forum shows as well as two earlier conversations Dr. Horton had with Real Talk True Media—videos at this channel and at Real Talk’s channel.”
“Patricia Bagley
Gnostics existed for thousands of years before christianity came along, burned their libraries of ancient wisdom & spirituality, tortured and murdered priests & priestesses, destroyed their centers of higher learning, all for power and control and sadism. Hello to nonstop torture (Inquisition) & the Middle Ages of widespread ignorance and oppression. Inquisition (torture and murder) continues unabated for anyone with critical thinking skills, intelligence, independent thought, etc. e.g. Witch trials (heretics) of those with sacred knowledge, herbal healing knowledge, any gifts which were deemed a threat to the church’s hegemony.
vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet)”

K Arth
Ramola: How about the Queen of England? She owns 1/6 of all land in the world. How about how England stole all the property the Church had, or in Germany during Luther’s time they stole a ton of property from the Church.Then brought in Swiss mercinaries to steal the property and kill catholics that would not convert? It is what Henry the 8th who modeled his theft by the Germans. In Germany many Churches were owned by the state or taken by the Lutherans, it was one of the largest thefts ever perpetrated in history – until Corporation running the US . Same with England. Queenie also German. My old boyfriend who was German had money taken out from his check abd given to the Lutheran Church. In Germany they deduct all payments to all religions directly from your paycheck. Also, supposedly, the anti-christ owns London (Maitreya).”
“Cita Previa
I have pointed this out years now and you guys Ignore me. Precious time and lifes lost. Who is in the Cult. jejejeje”
“Fred Last
As I understand it the Knights Hospitaller moved to Switzerland with some of the money received from the disbanded Templars and that is the association with the Red Cross, a medical emergency charity organization.
vor 2 Monaten•
st33p d8
Excellent discussion and analysis of the death cult creeps currently running things. Here’s to displacing them to a locale befitting their true nature (think lake of fire).”

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