Jordan Maxwell- "Christianity is not what people think it is"

Jordan Maxwell- “Christianity is not what people think it is”
“Adam Rose: the “bible”was written by masons king james and the church of nicea they changed every thing black is white and white is black Yahwah\jehovah you know the I AM with at least 2 names is the devil.Just use common sense: true source God is one thing and one thing only and that is divine. Not jealous,vengeful not needing prayed too burnt offerings circumcisions (trauma based programming by the way) “your god”destroys the earth to cover its mistakes.its a little sad.”
“It has no bearing whatsoever on a man dying on a cross, it has nothing
whatsoever to do with what Christianity today portrays as the basis for´s all over in your face everywhere .. go to a
library and look up ancient Sun worship, the one subject that really opens up the key, the key that opens the whole subject .. it’s
called the cult of was called the Imperial Sun Cult of Rome
and the Caesars all had to abide by the laws of the imperial Sun cult..a lot of people do not know Caesars in Rome were not the power of Rome the
Caesars Rome represented the power, the power was behind them the guys who run the Empire.. “It sounds like something what is our culture right actually. Jordan, I want to segue in talking about this very
popular new pope who’s an open Jesuit and for years and decades you’ve talked about how the Pope is really just kind of the frontman, but it’s the dark Pope who’s running things and it was only George Lucas kind of references that in Star Wars right with Darth Vader’s not really running the empire to assist..”
We’re talking about political power and money so the guys who control the
finances control the government and so if you’re in a position to have that kind of political power…”
“Yeah that’s the whole story about money and the whole idea the Knights Templars as I said was a Catholic Masonic Order
called Knights Templars , they were the people , they were the guys who gave us what we call international banking they were like a secret society
it’s like the Mafia, it´s like the mob and they appoint each in every city a head of their operation and all those heads get together somewhere back in New Yorkand sit down and talk business and we’ve seen that movie and so it was agreed upon by the Knights Templars by each one
of the members that if you as a member write out how much money you put into the pot into our pot here we’ll put
money in together you tell me how much money are you putting in and give me that slip so that when you come to visit me on the other coast when you come to visit me you got that much money that’s for sure you put that much in and you got it and so that way I protect your money well you protect mine and so they became known as the international bankers now it’s interesting that the Federal Reserve and the and the Internal Revenue the corporate headquarters for Internal Revenue and the Internal Revenue is in Puerto Rico. Pirates of the Caribbean ABC purely a fascist communist operation in America’s ABC disney incredible in your face when you see the symbols and the words and the terms they’re using, it’s like anything else like a CIA or FBI guy who studied all his life one mob family and how they operate and what the colors mean what the symbols mean and what the terms mean and then put him out there and say all right pick out a mob group out there they all say well there’s one right there he’s using
every word that they have ever used that guy right there and this guy over here with this company using the same symbol, same word, same terms .. its pattern’s called Casa Grande ..oh it’s far more powerful today..
“How is it? Do you think there’s ever a way to even break that?”
No, I see no possible way..”

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