Bases 74 Area 51 TI Calls In Part One

“The guy had a clipboard computer that he can control the whole remote facility prompt and I said can you control that camera from your
computer oh yeah I should focus it on the window I haven’t seen what it look like on camera for a long time and they focus on hair I look pretty good don’t I yeah you look pretty good I’m looking in the window and I said I thought you said these things were asexual you castrated
them all this is yes we did I said I see a little penis on one, you go where where? and all the scientists are coordinate in
front of this front window I said oh no no he’s over in the corner so they turn the keys in the door when you open the
door they had a 6-foot semicircular stainless pad on the other side and it was electrified and there were boot above their knees
because if these things were to scratch you and bite you they’re walking biological weapons you would die a more painful quick death than from being
bitten by a komodo dragon, so this the alarms going off, the lights are going off and they’re all crowded in there and
I shoved all four scientists..”
“I can tell you they were greys green like the greys are grayed because of the heavy metals that they pump in them… what
they create when they create a gray is a biological computer and if a gray wants to download information a lot of information from one grade to another they touch foreheads like an ant and they have ant DNA, if they want to allow unload and their biological computers they can do the most incredible intricate brain surgery operations you can have but they cannot critically think to invent that’s their problem because their biological computers and they take all these heavy metals that attach the genes and proteins at a nanotechnology level and make nano technology
circuit boards ..they are biological computers they can do the most intimate surgery technology in the world , they cannot critically think
they cannot invent, only you and I can invent, only man can invent, they can’t invent, but they can do the most interesting detailed anything but when it’s known.”
“They took me in the area 51 sublevel 1.1 I’m wearing a general uniform I got two Air Force guards on m in for area 51 scientists and they were
fucking crazy they had crazy eyes, mass murderers, rapists, pedophiles, these guys were fucking nuts, one guy was white as fucking snow. I
looked at him and I said how long you’ve been down here he said I haven’t left this facility for 17 years and you know
these are a mile diameter roundsubstructures and I’m on level 1.1 I got two Air Force guards on me these four scientists as far as you can see there’s 15 year old girls, the infant baby girl and I go and the greys are running around wearing elaborate respirators lab coats rubber gloves and rubber boots and I go what the fuck is this they go oh well this is a Grey production sub facility and I said what the fuck am I doing here?
They said, well, we need more blood, we need more DNA…oh we want you to have sex with as many of these clones as possible. I said: what these little girls? .. oh no these aren’t little girls, these are clones, God didn’t create them we did it. I said: you want to have sex with these people?.. they are trained, they’re good at it, we need more DNA and I said to him I said: I don’t have a problem with that
right now, show me and tell me mor,e they didn’t realize what kind of danger they were being around me and they said oh these aren’t clones God didn’t create him, we did.”
„so they took me down I was on level 1.1 they took me down the sublevel 21.1 have you seen those movies dr. MOreau’s Island and all those genetic
mutation shit on TV ..well that’s what the fuck was down there I mean it was a mile diameter full of cages with aisle ways where they
drive pickup trucks….. full of cages in this what looked like half lion and half girl said: help me, help me, please come over there and
help me and I you know me being innocent to this well that wasn’t the first time I was experienced was the first time I
was experienced with it was that predator mission that they made the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie about that was real but it wasn’t something from
outer space all right back to area 51 and they said I wouldn’t go over there if I were you then I walked over there and she’s reaching her arm out going look like half lion half girl could help me help me please come help me when I get close enough to where she could reach me and
she reached out and tried to rip my fucking head off and roared like a lion and these guys are smirking and I said what the fuck is going on here they said oh we’re going on an experiment I said for what purpose to create data I said for what fucking purpose they said to
create data.“
“Well, how do they make the Grays? Then they said we hook a tube to its brain pumping plutonium radioactive material DNA heavy metals
viruses DNA from other insects with a rapid growth rate of a fetus and a rapid growth rate of cancer we create these
greys and we reverse engineered them from the Roswell crash that’s where we got heavy you know the the greys that’s
where we got carbon fiber optics that’s where we got microchips and all that stuff from Roswell and I said I
don’t have a problem with that right now show me and tell me more so we walk this is a mile diameter substructure we walk
a half-mile away and they’ve got the nursery section and we had to put in hot wax ear protectors and put on ear
protectors and go in there and the scream that these things made would have burst your eardrums and they had three
rows of teeth and as soon as they popped in there they castrated them with a head red hot knife and put on a diaper and
put in a bottle of red liquid in their mouths and we got outside I said what is that red bottle of liquid
oh that’s leftover blood from the host I said really I don’t have a problem with this right now
show me and tell me more and then the guy shoves me on the shoulder says you should be very happy and privileged to
see this I said why should I be privileged to see this they said because you’re the top shadow warrior that’s
ever existed your DNA is superior to most people on the planet we’ve used your DNA and all these Gray’s are clones
of you and I said I don’t have a problem with that run now show me and tell me more so then the over across the work
are you are you here do you hear me sir yes I’m listening alright so a little ways away there was a 4×8 door and above it was
written in blood read it said Chucky’s playpen from hell and it had a three by three safety glass door on an 8 by 8
door and I win and I looked at it and it was a nursery section for the greys, they were 11 to 18 inches tall
thousands of them running around.”
“Have you recently heard about people dying of blocked bowels?” “I’ve heard of people who are getting conditions a bit like that in some way.”
“Recently?” well it just could have been.. .. it’s probably only a medical thing yeah right and…do you think there aren’t
evil people around you that you don’t know about ?” “I’d be pretty sure there are and they try and try to spot them as they say keep you friends close and your enemies closer… I would say this quite a large proportion. .. I would say it’s not too far below the surface of the
sweet innocent world we live in that there are these people in large numbers.” ” thirty percent at the low end?”
“I’d say in excess of 50 percent.
“I’ve been told with people the highest national security clearance as possible that the low end of devil worshippers is thirty percent of
the population the high end is fifty percent.”
“Well in the UK I’d say it is possbly higher.”
“That’s true. I don’t live in the UK. I live in fucked up America.”
“Bases 74 Area 51 TI Calls In Part One
“An MK Ultra Target calls in… he is the top of the food chain as far as Shadow Soldiers are concerned. The Horror of Inside Area 51. 15 year old girls, Cloning Horrific.
Re-edit! There are important re edits that required the re upload. I don’t do these for fun. When an edit is required, even for correcting a spelling mistake, it requires a full re-upload
Now, after saving Obama’s life after a shoot out initiated by disgraced rogue President Bush Jnr, after 6 years in jail and he is without pension or benefits, his children are abused within the MK programs, Double Crossed, multiple assassination attempts …and he is as mad as hell….
Extremely strong language, and EXTREME descriptions follow, INSIDE AREA 51
Part 2 follows in a better frame of mind, and John Urwin gives his observations…where is the evidence….
As with all Bases material, this is a witness account. No evidence is presented. Many of the statements can be checked, the question is is this something actually experienced by the witness, or is a ‘front memory’ for some other purpose.
One has to judge by the witnesses account. One cannot go up to the main gate at Area 51 and ask for evidence. Its a secure area, so we have look how ‘the smoke signals behave’.”

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