"Amazon Using Homeless.. As Guinea Pigs In Targeting Program."

“Amazon Using Homeless.. As Guinea Pigs In Targeting Program.”
I suggest to block all IP-Ranges of Amazon, because NSA/CIA uses these IP-Ranges to implant countless Systems globally…
“1989HondaHawk vor 3 Tagen: Amazing how these filthy rich ask for donations, they never use their own money to help, only others money.”
“Tandalayo S. vor 3 Tagen: Well…here’s another whistleblower ME!!! Those damn cops will arrest people who are Homeless…for nothing!!! I have seen it in the jails…I was there!! I spoke to the Homeless women thrown in there so those scum can have a job….There is no crime to speak of inSeattle area…so they use the Homeless to fill those jails….
Bernie mcIntire vor 3 Tagen: They are definitely in bed with the NWO government. I know for a fact . Shipping goods is just a cover.”
“Stormy Daze vor 3 Tagen (bearbeitet):
The items they chose to display in the photo are interesting. A bluebird (MKULTRA program), a bug (listening device), dog (God backwards) because it’s a spiritual war, and a pie – not sure about that one but I’m sure it has an esoteric meaning. Pie in the sky? Easy as pie? Piece of (cake) pie? The sock (sock it to them?) These innocent people absolutely don’t deserve this. The rich think it ok to use those of use who aren’t as financially well off. They will pay when the Good Lord comes to judge. The government only gives stuff when there is something in it for them to gain. Again, this world is so sad.”
“EXPOSING CLASSIFIED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. … One of the companies involved, is Amazon.
They are also amassing, illegally, DNA profiles of millions of individuals, which is used to attack those individuals using ‘DNA Resonance’.
He talks about massive, world changing, human experimentation program being conducted in the USA. Soon to be rolled out to attack millions worldwide.”

Security specialist expose military torture against USA citizens on USA soil.

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