Do the ELITES have an antidote for the Chemtrails?

No…Their Brainstem, subretinal zone, cochlear area, motorcortex and prefrontal cortex is also nanofected…and can be hacked…it was the most stupid idea to biodigitize analogue human beings…and make them “potentially hackable”…like a poor operating system. Now we get Rootkits into Humans..CIA/DIA/NSA/DOD/DARPANIHGOV/NASA/BND/MI/GCHQ/Alphabet Gangsters BrainGate.
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“chemtrailing the sky…they poison everybody and the other thing I´m really really starting to think is that the fact that they´re spraying the sky so bad is to fill us up, they must have been tracking everybody´s blood because it´s easy enough for them to do when you have everyone´s medical records. I think they are tracking everybodys blood and
there isn´t quite enough aluminum, barium, strontium and whatever else in people´s blood streams. Now if you use all those inside somebody´s bloodstream and combine that with things ike smart dust or nano particulates, you can literally control somebody using radio frequencies and I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous
but Odd reality did a phenomenal video on it yesterday… he came to the exact same conclusion that I was texting to him as i was watching his video you see what I´m saying and this stuff is not hidden they are absolutely right out in
the open with the transhumanist agenda and the transhumanist dreams, cryogenics believe that they´re going to be able to upload even after they are long gone. These guys in virtual reality this is what they´re doing this is what their plans are and I believe the reason that they´re spraying the atmosphere so bad is so that we can easily be
controlled like worker bees, drones whatever you want to call it and 1I think that´s exactly exactly why Harvard has stepped up their spraying program, the only reason Harvard has come out and said that we are going to spray the atmosphere is because it´s going to be so obvious it´s going to be so apparent that they have to come out and say something because everyone´s going to notice it which blows me away because i can´t imagine people don´t see it now but apparently not but i guess it´s going to be so bad with their operation solar shield that they actually had to tell people about it in the first place but i think that the technology behind is incredibly nefarious, as far as the questions strawman asked, it´s either they have an antidote or they´re strictly listening to this guy right
here and they plan on uploading their consciousness (soul) into a robotic body that´s waiting for them and that´s why they´re spending all this money on AI and robotic technology, because it´s off the hook you´ve got guys building robots that look exactly like themselves and that you can´t tell the difference just like this one right here and now
this is 0an old video this is eight years ago this looks exactly like the guy that built it that´s what they´re doing that´s what all the wealthy people are doing right now it´s off the hook. I thing it´s the it´s the most nefarious thing we´ve ever seen before and I believe they´re kicking it up exponentially and right in our faces this year, really, really bad and one other thing is they´re censoring the hell out of us. I mean it´s it´s unbelievable I´ve gotten more copyright strikes than you can shake a stick at and I´m no longer capable live stream even though I´m in good standing, you see what I mean, not able to live stream
anymore…they just decided I’m not allowed to live stream anymore, so there it is, they’re shutting us down, find alternatives, download information to your own computers if you can and protect it, because at one point you’re going to come online one morning and everyone’s going to be gone.”

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