The Wigner Effect – Fukushima Dust of Death

“To send the contaminated Fukushima Air Currents into targeted areas, targeted populations and I watched them do that…there is no doubt at all that they are targeting populations and what they are doing for instance the Queen and the British Government have said they are taking over the southern Island of New Zealand, they are just removing it from the country of New zealand and making it their private mining headquarters for the mining projects in Antarctica and she is a sovereign Queen and so she can do anything with any property in the commonwealth that she wants and the people too, they belong to her. That´s what sovereignty means or sovereign Monarch. This is HAARP, the U.S. Navy doing this, but also England has control of HAARP and what they were doing was capturing or funneling radioactive polluted air down through the middle of the pacific and they were joining it up with the antarctic circulation and contaminating New zealand and Australia and then I saw they were pulling it straight through south east asia …across africa into the pacific and into the mediterrenean and european countries. So they are definitely targeting populations and regions for this New World Order Depopulation, for Lab Rats, for whatever they want to use them for and it´s so obvious and it´s so disgusting and it´s so distructive. They are erasing the history of humanity on this Earth and they irreversibly changing the genome of the entire Planet and they don´t know what they are doing. It took 4,5 Billion Years for Life to evolve on this Planet and they destroyed it in 50 years. / The Earth is a beautiful Planet, it´s a very unique Planet and being part of life on this Planet is really
really a tremendous piece of good luck for we the people. (Leuren Moret)”
Nuked Radio Special with Leuren Moret.
Program recorded Sept 14th, 2014
Fukushima Dust of Death

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