Fukushima radiation is intentional

“Fukushima was a Mossad Opperation.”
“Leuren Moret Fukushima radiation is intentional extermination that HAARP Tesla technology”
“Radioactive Nanoparticles.”
“I´ve been in the nuclear power plants. I met with Tepco. I know these sources are reliable.
“There are 100 references… This is an educational effort.”
“All of the Reactors 1,2,4 had melted down by 7 p.m. after that Earthquake.
“They went into meltdown immediately after the Earthquake.”
“There was no outside electrical coming into the plant and none of the backup systems were able to function
properly or even to get them started, because the Stuxnet Virus has sabotaged the whole control system of
the Fukushima Plant. Reactors 5 and 6 were also damaged.”
“It´s really an attack on the civilian population.”
“Particulates are all over the world.”
“Being so many hours in the Atmosphere, being exposed to plumes of Radiation in the Atmosphere.”
“The Crews and The Pilots, frequently Celebrities…who are sick and some of them have died…look how much they fly…flying all over the world, every week or day or whatever. No one should be flying unless they absolutely have to, if you can drive or take a train or bus…People should avoid flying.”
Aquariel Charm:
Fukushima, Black Dust, Wigner Effect, Fukushima coverup: http://www.leurenmoret.info/
Leuren Moret’s explains about “The Black Dust,” MOX fuel particulates and nano particles that our planet, infrastructures and every living thing is being bombarded 24 hours a day nonstop. Leuren says that’s called the “Wigner Effect” (google), also known as the decomposition effect, is the disintegration of metals, airplanes, the entire infrastructure of our planet (including humans), by weakening and making it brittle.
shawnanagins77: This really must be viewed more than once. Take notes, people!

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