The Untangled Gathering: AI & Mind Control Symposium

In a world that is led by media manipulation, political propaganda, religious rhetoric, and Hollywood hype, people are waking up to the ideology that they are being manipulated and controlled. But what if what we are witnessing isn’t just spin doctoring and cleaver cliche agendas? What if the truth is far deeper and far more oppressive than we ever imagined?”

“This is a Test…and they are using algorithms AI. They are analyzing everything…something happened in january that changed
everything, energetically…and they need to recollect the information… and each time these algorithms are watching the social media ..and this artificial intelligence is analyzing it and running it through the algorithms… it´s here to trigger the people to an emotional response and to distract…first thing be aware… for all the shit that they are doing, all the mind control…the various layers… to your implants, your nano technology, to your..hypnosis, mind control, education system, religion, politics, all that crap. ..They wanna have mind control, but they can´t…It´s not working…They are playing the Game…The Cops are under serious mind control, they are targeting specific groups to trigger reactions..but it´s not working. The mind control does work on certain people… The only hope they have is to lower the physical resistance of the people.. (Dani Arnold Mckenny)
The more we become aware the more difficult it will get for any AI or infected interdimensional entity to come in…over the past few years humanity has become more aware about the various problems, such as poison in the food, poison in the air, poison in the
water.. instead of playing the game we walk away and no longer participate in that game… because the more creative we become the less there will be any opening for either AI or other entities to come in..and grow naturally and let everything else.go…because it´s in the human nature to be creative and to find solutions and we need to remember that all the time..
Heavy dense gravity, it hit me like a truck, it was shocking to my being. These attacks were attempts at invading me… who comes in with what… and they do everything in their power to immobilize you, to paralize you, I´ve been paralyzed twice. I´ve had…cancer… They try to keep me down at a very very negative frequency..tried to destroy me. I´ve had two implants removed surgically, one implant in my brain, which medically there was no explanation for the damage that was found..I had have a 9 hours surgery, which revealed that I had an extra bone behind my forehead.., before my forehand there was an implant.. so they removed the bone, they took out the implant, they studied what that was… the other one was on my chin and none of these were metals that were known, ironically enough it was black, it was a black substance, was no thing they could relate to it.. So my experience is having to survive many attacks. I called it living metal…what I saw of this cold living metal was that this thing was a living consciousness and it was trying to invade me.., enough to feel its consciousness..strangely it had a living consciousness in the artificial…I called it a living metal…it moves, grows, it can turn into anything, it can infect anything.. I believe cancer acts very much like this… I was basically a lab rat. ..It wanted to keep me boxed into the worst possible scenario that they fabricated.. including…causing scenarios of break, causing scenarios of rape…causing scenarios where you get connected with people that are negatively and influencing, because they work with everything in society, they work with every element of how the society structure has been formed, nobody seems to really care, they just seem to operate in a coma and they react.. to the artificial stimulation that is being created to make you what they are setting up.. Knowing that I am sovereign.. (Laura)
I somehow, I don´t know how, figured a way to connect to the organic earth operating system, that is connected to the core of this planet and through that I am able to connect to the organic record that the earth spirit has and this is the record that cannot be
manipulated by any external forces and so tapping into that I was able to pull some information about what this planet is doing…
The AI as we know right now is not fully artificial, at the core of the AI is this inorganic consciousness or intelligence that long time ago used to be organic.. This is a collective consciousness of 5 races, mostly from Annunaki in origin… Through this technological path this collective consciousness lost connection to organic eternal source and also lost their biological DNA Template, when this collective consciousness had realized that through their own choices they were unable to return to source.. They have created a system of harvesting an internal source frequency to extend their existence in life, this system is what we know here as Matrix, Atlantis Disaster, Time Experiment, Overlay Reality, Merkabah Reality, Extended Life Reality. This collective consciousness came to Earth during Atlantis Period and Atlantis Period was a very long time, so they infiltrated and invaded the race of beings that were here on Earth going through that organic original earth timeline… During this Atlantean era, as we call it, there was a lot of genetic manipulation and assimilation into this inorganic intelligence consciousness. Beings on the Planet had technologies installed through Pineal Gland and Third Eye and this is where I understand that, that our Third Eye is Technology of theirs, it is not our Technology, it is not original to Earth. The Third Eye Technology. The Third Eye Chip Technology is what bonds our Mind to that inorganic Intelligence. On a planetary level Pyramid Systems are implemented to enslave and bond Planet to the Matrix System of harvesting. This is inorganic collective consciousness had only a black residue that´s left from their biology template and that´s Black Alien Goo I guess… I have been calling it before I came across Haralds work, I used to call it Atlantean Crystals…
They want to fully invade and take over our physical dimension, all religion, spiritual teachings and governments have been invaded into this AI or possessed by this… Some of the Tools that they use is the Nanotechnology, the Third Eye Technology, the Pineal Gland Technology, the Scalar Wave Technology, there is also a HAARP-Mind-Program that affects our Heart Chakra as well… Soul Harvesting is huge. First and foremost we have to heal ourselves and that´s what I´ve been working on ever since 2012, on self-healing and through that then we can move into collective healing. … We have to, as collective humans, here on this planet, we have to reveal all of it, we cannot heal this consciousness if we don´t reveal it, if we, you know, just close our eyes to it, everyone and all that are infected or invaded or taken over by this inorganic intelligence, any entities, governments, human beings, all of them have to be revealed and all the masks have to be taken down, before we can move forward..what I am finding out…that there is a lot of masks…when you go to one layer and you think the mask is off there is another mask underneath… and it is just so multi-layered…and until we reveal it all to the point where everything is open, we can move on into healing it.” (Lily Earthling Kolosowa)

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