How will CERN affect your soul

How will CERN affect your soul
Antimatter is supposedly harvested from the 14th Dimension, according to this Theory…
Antimatter is the most expensive substance… They try to harvest Antimatter in a more efficient way via CERN… CERN likely opens hyper-D Portals with Demonic Overloads that probably flood the Planet with Super Dark Entities… People can also produce very very tiny portions of Anti-Matter…. a Maximum Chaos Substance with Ultra High End Explosive Power…
“So there is a physical effect to the spiritual world  and Antimatter and often Demonic Entities and all these paranormal activities are attracted to Antimatter, they are attracted to. For every Gram of Antimatter that is produced and then.. brought into this world, when they produce it, it attracts things from other dimensions coming here, what is CERN going to do, it will allow humanity to produce pounds of Antimatter…the Unseen portion of Dark Matter… That´s also been weaponized.. Nobody knows this but they have a weapon concerning Dark Matter.. to cause Chaos…They can cause Chaos anywhere they want Chaos to be… I know this first hand..”

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