Entrained AI-Insanity.. University-Police-combined Nazi-Satanic Gang Stalking and EMF War Against Humanity

Entrained AI-Insanity… University-Police-combined Nazi-Satanic Gang Stalking and EMF War Against Humanity.

“Opus Dei is involved, the churches are involved.., they transmit all the times at us to tap us with frequencies, they are transmitting right now..it has nothing to with ethnic background, with religion, with socio-economic backgrounds, it has everything to do with mentally disabled people who are being used now to attack humanity around the planet and the cellphones will be given for free to the native americans on indian reservations and it completely destroyed their communities, so that the City of London bankers, the Rothschilds and so forth can steal their natural ressources… “..Can´t we just give them the minerals…I said: No, they want to genocide you..” All kinds of sexual perversions .. goes on in and around the University, it´s a completely criminal and perverted system and it always has been…
It´s not the artificial intelligence that is competing with humanity, it´s the people behind it, who have created these conditions and they are using their artificial mechanism to achieve their goals and their agenda and these entities, these people who are behind this global take-over are the ancient iranian bloodlines, who have completely dominated and controlled the world secretly for 5000 years. These are the Uzbek Tribes from Central Asia, they have created a victim population from the Tajik Iranian bloodlines and those people they put in programs, in ghettos, they inbred them to a point where they are mentally unstable and mentally ill with a lot of character defects and they are using them to overwhelm and to destroy and to overwhelm the healthy people the mentally clean people around the world.
It´s kind of like “One Flew Over the Cuckoo´s Nest”… where the crazy people were in charge of the sane people in the asylum. They reverse what should be happening, they flipped it backwards and they have done that for 5000 years and successfully dominated this planet. Who are they.. well.. Fidel Castro is from an ancient bloodline.. Farnesi means Iranian… Most of Europe is full of Iranian Bloodlines… India is ancient Iranian Bloodlines… When the persian empire collapsed, about 5000 years ago… they were austrian Mithra worshippers… underneath that all, there is still this austrian Mithra worshippers…
The whole earth magnetic field.. are now weaponized… There are 9 British Mind Control Bases in Antarctica, the Russians have 7 Bases there, Japan has 3 Antarctic Mind Control Bases and I don´t know how many the U.S. have, it´s very very secret. But they have entrained the whole entire earth magnetic field to be used as a mind control weapon against humanity. (Leuren Moret)(2015)(8)”
Moret & Battis: EMF War Against Humanity Started in 1945 and is global now
“EMF War Against Humanity From Nazi Germany Started in 1945 and is global now AUGUST 21, 2015 BY ALFRED LAMBREMONT WEBRE LEAVE A COMMENT Moret & Battis: EMF War Against Humanity From Nazi Germany Started in 1945 and is global now
By Alfred Lambremont Webre – NewsInsideOut.com
This Panel is part of an ongoing series on the history, nature and methods of AI Artificial Intelligence’s attempts to takeover Earth, nature, humanity, and spiritual processes.
PART 1: RAYTHEON Multifunct. RFDE System | Patent: US 7629918 B2
Introduction of Patent:
– explanation of transmitter-receiver binary system
– application – tracking and missile defense
– application – biological systems
– 1945 patent for missile defense implicates Kissinger transfer of Nazi missile technology and 5000 German Paperclip Nazi scientists to US
– I.G. Farben pharmaceutical genocide (pre)history WWI and under WWII Nazis
– 1919 Spanish flu (30 million deaths) – Bayer (=Bauer=Rothschild) Bayer company recommended vaccine against Spanish Flu AND Bayer aspirin be used together to fight flu; was a binary weapon causing deaths of many people.
[ref. Ebolagate – Alfred refer to that article in your article on the interview]
Larry will explain these technically and the significance:
– Transfer from binary system that was large and cumbersome/big power needed, and had to be positioned on a Navy ship (RFDE = LaWS),
– scaled down w increased power to a
– system locally available within the civilian power grid AND
– financed by victim population/target, and
– called telecommunications as a hand held device and CELL
– Concept and patent for initial development of cell phone systems was originally held by Hedy Lamar! The US govt. waited until the patent expired (did not want to buy it from her, so they waited until the patent expired. Motorola was all over it in the 1960’s.
***scaled down and in electric grid, victims financed it, sophisticated acquisition system.
***It is a system that can sniff its own signals on the way in, and if it handles/encrypts itself doing that – it eavesdrops on itself and sends it out of band encrypted and undetected. It does not go into the regular info stream, but goes out of that and out of band, then is encrypted and undetected.
***On the flip side, it has gotten to the point w phased array antennas (pizza box antennas) in personal devices they are being widely deployed and now individual cellphones can have 10 antennas in one device and quite programmable across frequency band and direction. Cell phones now are computers and started w I-phones and when IOS Android came out.
– LaWS (Laser Weapons System): MH 370 Malaysian air attacked over S.
China Sea in SIngapore air space (SE Asia headquarters for CIA/MI6).
– Smart Meters/INMARSAT Satellite System: INMARSAT Satellite co. involvement in controlling media and tracking
MH17 false flag, revealed that INMARSAT was started by the Dutch military, and tracked all ocean traffic. Recent information
regarding smart meters indicates that smart meters transmit all smart meter information from individual smart meters to
INMARSAT satellites headquartered in London. US govt data such as Homeland Security and FEMA is stored on
geostationary INMARSAT satellite over Camaroon.
Reference [MH17 And The Jesuit Minuet (Illustrated): http://leurenmoret.info/…/…/mh-17-and-the-jesuit-minuet.html
– GLOBAL ELECTRIC GRID AND GLOBAL WI-FI: Recent news reports that a global electric grid is planned, and global wi-fi
will be transmitted from hi altitude drones without permission from world governments.
Biological attacks on targeted individuals are now being transmitted from integrated smartmeter/antennas/cellphone/street
lamp/University of Calif. campuses and coordinated by police departments.
*EMF frequencies transmitted along sidewalks, streets to track cars, NWO street lamps w phased array antennas,
cellphones, and smart meters.
Ex. Larry’s ankles, Leuren’s face slashed and microwave burn and scar under nostril, cut off Leuren’s hair, deformed toenails,
brown spots on skin caused by infrared targeting, microwave freeze drying of skin – 6 months to heal.
– Assassinations: University of Calif. Berkeley EMF targeting home owners w choice locations – causing deaths or driving them
from homes
– Retired population most attacked for death to get them off pensions and benefits – medical, since they do not join Obama’s
health care plan (older people now being targeted on legs and knees – too many walking with canes in last 6 months)
– Public storage facilities now loaded w EMF weapons, cops, gangstalkers to steal people’s property –
PUBLIC STORAGE is worst company of its genre in local experience.
– UC Berkeley recruiting gays in China to bring to US to train as gangstalkers/hackers etc. – using EMF technologies.
– HEALTH FOOD STORES AND HERBAL MEDICINALS – these stores and businesses are heavily armed w wi-fi to annoy
customers and to attack w gangstalkers making it harder to live and eat in a healthy manner.
– Public transportation loaded w gangstalkers to annoy passengers. Teams of EMF loaded gangstalkers work as units on
trains, subways, buses, sidewalks.
– INFRASOUND transmissions very intense in Bay Area, public storage, apartment buildings – they always take the second floor
in buildings.

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