Springmeier News & Infos 2019

Springmeier News & Infos 2019:
“Fritz Artz Springmeier:; 22. September 2019:
DRAWBACKS TO MEDICAL MAFIA’S SYSTEM. Today we live in a Do-It-Yourself-Health-Care culture. But watch out, not using a professional can be disastrous. Unfortunately, using the System’s standard doctors who use the PC standard models & push big Pharma’s drugs can also be lethal.
Doctors kill lots of people during the course of a year. A person has to keep his wits about him, as the System will force costly, worthless, even dangerous treatments on him. Many doctors I’ve met are very sincere, intelligent people. But they are just people. A standard doctor has not studied nutrition & has been indoctrinated against supplements. They may cop the attitude: “Don’t think for yourself, let us godlike professionals do your thinking”. Then they turn around & prescribe dangerous big Pharma drugs like Prozac, Ritalin, & Statins.
The Powers running this World & controlling/profiting from big Pharma have intentionally muddied the waters, so it becomes difficult to wade thru all the contradictory advice. I’ll give an example which pertains to the brain.”
“Dr. Victoroff, an expert doctor in brain health cautions: “Much of the medical advice doctors give will be based on complete ignorance of genetic differences that could profoundly influence who will benefit the most.” (D) One should not automatically reject doctors, they can be helpful & they are backed by modern medical equipment…just please use them with caution….
One last thought on doctors. In Europe (not so much in the U.S.), doctors have been prescribing noo-tropic drugs (Piracetam, Vinpocetine, Pyritinol, etc.) for 50 years, yet there is no research proving their value nor what dose to prescribe for Alzheimer’s.
“DRAWBACKS TO SUPPLEMENTS. Even though I use supplements, it would be incorrect to imply they are all safe. Many botanicals were used prior to big Pharma refining their beneficial properties into expensive patented drugs. Problems w/ supplements incl. false claims, false or low quality ingredients, their interactions w/ anything else incl. other supplements, drugs & treatments. And finally, a lack of scientific tests proving & pinpointing their benefits.
Water of course is a necessity of life…yet frequently contaminated with brain damaging things, for instance heavy metals like aluminum. By the way, fluoride & silicon in water compete w/ aluminum for absorption in the gut…. ”
“Fritz Artz Springmeier: 8. Oktober 2019. PHILIPPINES BANS GEORGE SOROS: 6TH nation to date to ban Soros & his Open Society Foundations (8 OCT ’19) Illuminati kingpin “philanthropist” & socialist George Soros (bn. 1930) has once again been banned from a nation. So far the nations outlawing his troublemaking Open Society Foundations & banning this billionaire’s travel to
their country are: Hungary (his birth nation), Poland, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia & now the Philippines. In the most recent one, the Philippine’s president said: “There is a special place in hell for you [Soros]…” & as their nation has the death penalty for things Soros has done, their govt. is openly prepared to send him to that “special place”!
THE PUPPET MASTER. Soros has not earned the nickname “puppet master” for nothing. His global meddling has not spared the USA, & for us includes destructive demonstrations, interference in the last presidential election, & his Oct. 2018 immigrant caravan of illegals. He is a globalist intent on creating his Illuminati idea of a New World Order. He uses his money to finance his agenda. His list of nefarious activities seems endless. He was reportedly involved in the Panama Papers scandal, (which could have been far worse if the scandal had incl. the bank across the street). He has been a danger to public order & traditional values in many nations. One of his recent projects has been to stop Brexit…. FINAL THOUGHTS. The election of Trump is just one event of many worldwide, where leaders who are against the destruction of their nations are surfacing & fighting back against the globalist agenda. We are watching history in the making. …it’s been difficult to watch the destruction of America for so many years by presidents who are corrupt & promoting the Illuminati’s agenda…”
Fritz Artz Springmeier: 18. September 2019: “ALZHEIMER’S” & OTHER SIMILAR POPULAR MEDICAL TERMS ARE FALSE LABELS! The label “Alzheimer’s” is a deeply flawed, fuzzy label that should be discarded & replaced with a far more accurate term, because it & similar labels like Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), Frontotemporal lobar dementia (FTLD) & Parkinson’s disease (PD) in reality overlap in having the same bad mechanisms/factors & in reality are not separate “diseases” but different flavors of the same set of bad mechanisms that we all face. Calling them diseases hides the fact we all deal with these mechanisms. In fact, the label “Alzheimer’s” is an arbitrary made-up definition, created by 2 conferences of experts in 1984 & 1985, which uses arbitrary “age-adjusted plague scores” to define “Alzheimer’s”. Let me explain this; a 76 yr. old woman with 16 plaques is said to definitely to have Alzheimer’s, but if she has 15, she doesn’t have it. This is like declaring: “Animals over 15 lbs. are dogs, & under 15 are cats.” It gives a false picture of what is going on, & how to treat it. We think that when it is diagnosed as a disease then it should be treated…when in fact, the mechanisms should have been treated from our teenage years before they destroyed the brain.”
“Fritz Artz Springmeier: 7. November 2019: PART 4 ON CHINA: China & the Elite’s Globalism. (7 NOV ’19) Recently I wrote 3 posts on the danger that Red China poses. Now this 4th post’s focus is China’s relation to globalism, an Illuminati project. I could add that the Illuminati opened Red China up for business (the Rothschilds & Van Duyns were in the lead in this) & then they built it up. Global “carry trade” is their biggest money maker, but the Illuminati also make large sums on drugs (both legal & illegal), militaries & wars, & FOREX. They have long range plans for Red China. In this post, I will share more interesting info on Red China, which incl. some comments made by the Illum.’s CFR (via their periodical Foreign Affairs).
CFR. The Council on Foreign Relations is an Illuminati organization which advises U.S. presidents on policy. A few of their members are merely window dressing. Two of my books (Be Wise As Serpents & Bloodlines of the Illuminati) discuss the CFR. I need to explain that the CFR operates within the Matrix; its views line up with the script that is running the World—so you rarely hear from them the hidden machinations that really manipulate things. Rather, they give us a sophisticated view of the World that the Illum. want us to see. It’s the Matrix’s puppet show at its best. ( I can share an example of a behind the scenes affairs. The Rothschilds were the driving force behind Zionism, for instance financing Charles T. Russell, the founder of the WT Society to preach Zionism around the world. Hitler was an MPD member of the Rothschild family. It is a not-well-known fact, but an example of behind the scenes affair that when Hitler came to power, his govt. made an agreement with the Zionists to finance them w/ the equivalent today of over $2.2 billion dollars, as well as weapons to take over Palestine. The Hagana, forerunner of
today’s IDF, was armed with Mauser pistols.) COMMENTS BY THE CFR’S FOREIGN AFFAIRS. The Illuminati want socialism. While both political wings of a nation’s politics are wings of the same Illuminati bird…for instance: Republicans—Democrats in the USA, Liberals—Conservatives in Can., Labour—Conservative in the UK…their favorite of the two wings is the most pro-socialist
party. This will help you understand this following statement in Foreign Affairs: “The liberal [socialist] international order has always depended on the idea of progress.” (A) (By the way, don’t forget that in WW2, Hitler, Stalin & FDR were all staunch socialists as well as occultists/Freemasons. So communism is built on the idea of “progress” with 5 yr. plans. Red China is now in its 13th Five yr. plan (2016-2020). One of their goals is to get all of big pharma in the U.S. to China. (More on this later.) Foreign Affairs states, “Today, globalization is being driven by digital technology, and is increasingly led by China as the new leader of globalization and other emerging economies.” (B) Yes, the elite view China as the new leader of globalization & have lots of economic ties to it. Foreign Affairs cont., “One notable aspect of this realignment is that China has gained a greater voice as a champion of globalization.”(C) “…of the roughly five million U.S. manufacturing jobs lost between 1990 and 2007, a quarter disappeared because of trade with China…”(D) TRADE WITH CHINA. The U.S. is quite dependent on China for low-cost goods. It’s understandable why their goods are lower. The average cost of labor for the $539.5 billion of goods we imported from China in 2018 was reported as $2.30/hr. Plus their quality control is quite unregulated. Of that $539.5 billion, $152 billion was electrical machinery & $117 billion was other machinery. For instance, iPhones & iPads are assembled in China. So we depend on their machinery.
The U.S. is also increasingly dependent on their drugs, what will the mom give her child for an ear infection? And a senior take for pneumonia if Chinese drugs no longer flow to the U.S.? The U.S. no longer makes penicillin. While 24.5% of our generic drugs come from India (& only 8.5% from China)…over 90% of the active pharma ingredients used in India come from China! And China’s pharma standards are substandard. There is a lack of honest regulation. For instance, in 2007-08 over 81 Americans died from poor quality Chinese made heparin. In July, 2019 a Chinese company
was caught making faulty DTap vaccines (DTap=diphtheria, pertussis, & tetanus).
BUILDING UP CHINA. Most of China’s technology has been stolen from the West by theft, coercion, cyberhacking, & using tech spies implanted throughout the West. In terms of big Pharma, Pfizer recently (5/19/19) opened their global generic HQ division in Shanghai. And Thermo Fisher Scientific opened a facility in Suzhan City.
U.S. MONEY VULNERABLE. The Red China govt. is the largest holder of U.S. Treasury securities. Reportedly, their govt. directly holds $1.3 trillion. In 2015, China created the AIIB bank, which will get the globe away from U.S. dominance of finance, & will help them establish a Sinocentric World Order. Let me just interject that America’s
shale oil will give the U.S. lots of economic power in the 21st century…and will give the U.S. dominance unless China establishes the South China Sea’s oil/gas potential.
THE CCP (Chinese Communist Party). The CCP owns the Chinese govt. The 90 million member CCP appoints people into govt. positions. Also the govt. uses massive surveillance technology incl. facial recog….and people simply disappear. People who make a negative comment on something Chinese have then disappeared! FINAL COMMENTS. The Illum. are manipulating China for their own global economic goals. China’s corrupt leadership work with them. The American people have often been viewed as an impediment to a One-World-State. China provides the leverage for the elite to move the U.S. in the direction they want. In terms of China, Trump has been a speed bump in their time-table. As the Foreign Affairs says: “It would be a mistake to read too much about long-term
trends in the U.S. public opinion from the heated rhetoric of the recent election [ie.Trump].” (E) It remains to be seen how the elite will readjust to continue their “progress” to a global One World State. REFERENCES. By the way, within this post most stats are given for the sake of discussion & have not been verified. (A) Niblett, Robin. “Liberalism in Retreat: The Demise of a Dream”. Foreign Affairs, Jan/Feb 2017, pg. 17 (B) Lund and Tyson. “Globalization Is Not In Retreat: Digital Technology & the Future of Trade”. Foreign Affairs, May/June 2018, pg. 130 (C) ibid., p. 135 (D) ibid., p. 136 (E) Nye, Joseph. “Will the Liberal Order Survive?”Foreign Affairs, Jan/Feb 2017, p.15.”
“Fritz Artz Springmeier: 21. August 2019: DEMONIC “HARPS” & EPIGENETICS (21 AUG ’19). My 3 assignments from the Lord were 1. Expose evil, 2. Give hope, 3. Call people back to the Word of God. In this discussion on nanobiotech epigenetics I will do all three. The goal of this post is to awake people & point them in the direction to look & research. THE WORD. We are warned that Satan comes to rob, kill & destroy.(A) We are warned that he & his minions will ruin people’s bodies, souls, & inflict disease.(B) We know he claims authority over all the world (C), and certainly does over sinners not covered by the blood of Messiah (D). However, God’s people have authority & jurisdiction over him. The authority we have in Christ and how to take jurisdiction is a topic for another day. THE PROBLEM. Humanity is facing an insidious plot to control & kill us. The nanobots within us are able to interface with the computers of the demonic “harps” and are providing the info for a Matrix to be created. For over 25 years, I have warned that a facility in Alaska (along with other similar well-situated facilities) are monitoring & controlling the world. The signals from these places can interact not only with the mind control but also the nanobots, which humanity has taken in internally via a process set in motion by particles received from chemtrails & other sources. I believe these nanobots have been used to create the destruction/death of people’s bodies & that “lyme” disease was invented to cover up this nanotechnology. I have several awake friends who came down with “lyme” disease. The presence of these bots in people at this time is almost universal. I recently saw an interview by Dana Ashlie (of CA I believe) of a researcher who blows the whistle on all this. (E) I recommend the video, even though I don’t think their “solution” is the whole story. THE SOLUTION. Some people have survived attempts to kill them via the bots…so obviously there is hope. You will have to research the solution to your own satisfaction…I can’t take responsibility for you…but I will share where I’d start: To make the bots vulnerable I would take a pinch of Borax (Boron) with water 3x a day. There are limits to what is safe to take so learn those. Then to stop the bots, I would take the superfood sunflower lecithin which comes in liquid or capsule form along with bone meal which is a source of phosphorus. Readers are welcome to share their knowledge/experience on the thread. I most likely have a lot to learn on all this.
REFERENCES. (A) JN 10:10 (B) LK 13:16, JOB 2:7 (C) LK 4:6 (D) ACTS 26:18 (E) Link to Dana’s interview will be given in the thread to this post.”
“Fritz Artz Springmeier: 12. August 2019: YOUR GREATEST WEALTH, YOUR HEALTH: choosing life in an age of death traps (12 AUG ’19) Since I began exposing the World Order in 1990, I have encouraged all of us to make life-giving healthy choices. Such choices are pleasing to God who said: [I have]…”set before thee…life and good, and death and evil…Choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live…” (A) .. The enemy of humanity has systematically created death traps in our food supply, & to avoid these death traps requires wisdom & awareness. As 3 JN 1:2 says, I “pray
you may enjoy good health…” … as the goal of the leadership of these food corporations is quietly in line with Illuminati goals (population reduction & dumbing us down) the foods are prepared to damage our health & brains. …. MORE GUIDELINES. We are called upon to “give [our] bodies to God … Our “bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit…you are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” (H) “And ye shall serve the LORD your God, and He shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee.”(I) As someone aptly said, Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. But not only that, it is the temple for God’s Holy Spirit.
OTHER CONSIDERATIONS. Some have protested that God will miraculously give them health, they don’t need to worry about food. There is a kernel of truth in this, that we should place spiritual priorities first and God can override the dangers of the world…the Word said we could even drink poison and be protected (J)…but such instances are to be situations where we have little choice…not unnecessary daily habits. May the Holy Spirit inspire all of us to make choices for life….”
“Fritz Artz Springmeier: 2. September 2019:
A BIBLICAL VIEW OF TODAY’S GLOBALIZATION (2 SEPT ’19) The concepts of globalization & its socialist philosophy have been indoctrinated into several generations of public school children & reinforced by the mass media. Large numbers of unawake Christians are in favor of globalization…. At this pt. let’s discuss briefly how globalism is really functioning, before we look at the Bible. The socialist concepts of globalization have been consistently proved to be disastrous for nations that practiced it, for example go to Poland, Romania, & North Korea to see how these
policies will play out in reality. It is not hard to do the math to see that a nation has limited resources & limited welfare resources, and millions of migrants from poor areas of the world moving in would overwhelm their resources & trample down whatever was nice in the areas they would migrate into. History has plenty of examples of nice areas being trashed. Sadly, globalism has created a drain of educated brains from underdeveloped to developed nations. It’s put whole sectors of workers out of work. There is a dark under-reported side to it. Since globalism
began, we have witnessed how an economic depression in one country can cause economic disasters in other nations. For instance, something that began in Asia, hurt Russia in 1999.
NOW, THE BIBLICAL VIEW. The Biblical view is quite different than the World’s popular politically-correct view. Globalism fits the Biblical warning that there is a way that seems right whose end is death!! Socialism does not bring salvation by equally distributing wealth (in line with Karl Marx’s dialectical materialism). It makes everyone equally poor. The cause of suffering in the world is not unequal distribution of wealth but sin, which is corrected by salvation through Christ, not socialism. An abundant life does not depend on wealth. Christ said the poor would be with us always, and that everyone should be content with what he has and not covet what others have… It records 2 other times of such complete rebellion & apostasy towards
God, these were Noah’s day and when the Tower of Babel was built by a united world. In order to limit evil, God created separate languages & nations. God is no internationalist, no globalist, and not cosmopolitan. He is the one who created the barriers to limit the growth of evil.”
“HOW THE LIMITS GOD IMPOSED ON EVIL ARE OVERTURNED BY GLOBALISM. Already globalism has resulted in all kinds of communicable diseases spreading or spreading faster. All kind of formerly rare diseases are spreading, not just HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Bird Flu, Mad Cow disease etc. The multinational corporations are indeed gaining monopoly power worldwide, but rather than improving life…which at times it does…it has given the satanic Illuminati kingpins, who control these corporations, incredible power & wealth. Now they can command politicians and can fleece the entire
world, and cont. to put small businesses out of business. Globalism has removed ethics from the markets (incl. the money markets). Currency manipulation abounds. Thousands of examples occur daily; what comes to mind is George Soros making an easy $1 billion in profit when he forced the U.K.’s PM John Major to devalue the British pound 12%. Socialism & the Illuminati want families destroyed…and globalism has been doing that. Family values are globally being swept away under a deluge of programs & propaganda & being replaced with the values of Hollywood, Disney,
McDonalds, & the Mass Media. Six corporations own the mass media that now give most of the so-called news (the real fake news) to the world. People like George Soros are heroes of the globalism movement. Instead of traditional values, young people around the world are using the web, Apple ipads, & playing things like hip-hop music while disrespecting their parents & elders. (The “web” is an appropriate name as it functions just as a spider web for the controllers.) The values of global socialism (called “democracy”) & Illuminati monopolies (called “free
markets”) are opposed to traditional … values.”

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