Man sues hospital for implanting him with nanotechnology without his consent

“The Microchipping Agenda: 21.5.2019: They have been doing it for a long time now. It’s just recently they have begun to get caught due to advancement of technology.”
Man sues hospital for implanting him with nanotechnology without his consent:
Feb 03 2015 by Vailham
A man named Richard Cain has filed suit against St John’s Regional Medical Center and St John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital accusing them of implanting devices in his body, along with his two small children, without his consent.
Neither Cain nor his children were aware that they had been implanted until they attended a physician, complaining of numerous identical symptoms such as involuntary movements that were disrupting their sleeping patterns. This sleep disturbance was becoming particularly detrimental to the health of the two boys who were aged only three and four at the time.
The Cain family were referred to the medical team at UCLA where they were given X-rays and CT scans in a bid to get to the root of the problem. To their astonishment, the doctors found that all three members of the Cain family had been implanted with five foreign bodies in identical spots on their bodies – both bilateral arms, the right ventral abdomen and the left bicep. These devices were surgically removed and submitted to an external laboratory for analysis where it was found that the devices were nano-technological waveguides.
Speaking on behalf of the plaintiff, one of the doctors involved in the case said that the devices were “capable of receiving or processing highly specific frequencies within the electromagnetic spectrum known to and regulated by the FCC.” Cain’s suit against the hospital states that he believes that the government were involved in this illegal medical procedure.
As outrageous and bizarre as this story may seem, this kind of thing might happen more often than one might assume. According to Deborah Dupré who has conducted an extensive investigation into unconsensual medical procedures involving implantations, it is possible that as many as 350,000 people in the United States are living with these devices in their bodies at the current time. As many as 15% of these people may have absolutely no knowledge that they have been targeted for this kind of monitoring.”

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  1. John Renfro sagt:

    They’ve chipped me about 6 years ago but I don’t believe there is any legal merit to their actions. This isn’t legal obviously it’s unconstitutional, and it is without due process and against human rights. How can the CIA and NSA mkultra still be a problem after all these years. What do we do ? The other branches and parts of the CIA don’t know about this or turn a blind eye. Please email me your input on this and information on how I can get the chips out of me.

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