A simple way to protect yourself from spirits (Part 1 & 2)

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A simple way to protect yourself from spirits (Part 1)

A simple way to protect yourself from spirits (Part 2)

“So, therefore D. S. is like electricity it is an energy that’s always existent it’s wisdom that you can tap into to help you, so therefore to tap into electricity you can be anybody any denomination, any background, any race you can tap into electricity D.S. is the sam,e enlightened beings, awakened masters, the holy, the divine, the divinity, they are like that,
anyone can tap into them. If people tell you you have to be a certain religion to go to heaven to hell they don’t understand the meaning of religion, if they tell you if you don’t follow their
religion you’re going to go to hell, they are trying to scare you, they’re trying to you know manipulate you, they’re trying to do something that may not be positive and there are some good people
who really believe that, if you follow their religion you’re gonna go to heaven and they do it from a good motivation, also there are good people who think like that, but that’s not
necessarily the right information, okay, so what’s important is that we must be universal, pluralistic and accept a pluralistic type of society, which is everybody’s different, everybody’s religions are different and everybody’s doing the best they can, we accept them as they are, now, being whatever religion you are and people ask me that all time I got another question here if I’m another religion can I do this, of course you can, when you do D. S. again when you …then you can be any religion any background from any part of the world and ask for his help and he will
definitely help you, because he is an awakened, enlightened Buddha and he doesn’t need anything from you. Will D.S. ever harm you or punish you? Some people like to think that God
or divinity will punish you? I don’t like to think of about a cruel, vicious, angry God that punishes me if I do something wrong and I live in fear, because people are like that, people
get angry, they punish you, they get you. I don’t want to pray to a god that’s like people. a God has to be higher than a person, better than a person, so does D.S. get angry and get back
at you if you don’t behave, if you don’t get accurate or you offend him? Of course not, Buddhas have no hatred and have no capability to harm, there is not one single genuine Buddhist text that
teaches us how to harm others, there is not one single teaching of the Buddha in all the hundred plus volumes of the conure that spoken teachings of the Buddha that talk about harming others, there’s not one sadhana or prayer or mantra or ritual or meditation in the Buddhist, genuine Buddhist path that teaches to harm another being, none, none, so are there Buddhists who play with black
magic to harm others? Yes, there are, but their label and their name is Buddhist, but they’re not actually Buddhist because real Buddhists would never use black magic to harm other people, real Christians will never use black magic to harm other people, real Hindus, real Muslims, real Taoists, Jainists, Shinto practitioners, they will never use black magic to harm others, because their
religions teach them to be peaceful, forgiving, loving, tolerant, encompassing, so if a certain person profess to be a certain religion and they harm others well they’re not a very good
representative of their religion because religion doesn’t teach people to harm, but people can take religion twists around and use that as a justification for harm, but that’s not what religion
teaches..He will help, because he is divinity, he is enlightened and he needs nothing from you, he exists to benefit you. (Tsem Tulku Rinpoche)”

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