ELF Technology and Mind Control with Dr. John Hall

“ELF Technology and Mind Control with Dr. John Hall”
“Am 25.09.2013 veröffentlicht
David Knight welcomes to the Infowars studio Dr. John Hall, anesthesiologist and author of “Satellite Terrorism” to discuss the facts of the possibilities of Government mind control and Satellite harassment. http://www.satweapons.com/”
How can you deny this when the technology exist, besides they’ve used it on someone very close to me many time over the last fifteenth years or more. voice to skull is real, and they are using it on the public like rats in a laboratory.”
“Teresa Warrior
I think some of this technology is being used by private industry for sinister purposes or has been used for sinister purposes in the past. I think we are experiencing a disclosure through the Internet for technology that needs regulated. I see a problem with the technology that is harmful to people with causing pain & the weather modification, which withholds water.
vor 9 Monaten”
“Damon Tollemache
I wonder if these individual targets are ‘people’ who have voiced comments etc on youtube and give their true opinion on various ‘political’ etc issues. We all need to get together to stop this ‘electronic harassment’!!
“vor 2 Jahren
MKultraNeverStopped TorturedWithVoiceOfGodWapons
+Damon Tollemache Yes it is. It is all type of people even SHEEPS that are not whistlblowers. This is happening to ANYONE any EVERYONE. Sooner than later, your children will be affected so spread awareness and make the FBI speak out about this and how to get help. They are putting everyone in danger by not informing the public. When someone can read your mind and 3D surround sound your head, most new targets will think it is God telling them they will die soon and spend all of their money or suicide to “start over” this is a real problem. The FBI are pieces of SHIT for not telling the public about this and providing a solution. This is CIA tech (CIA=Cowards Inflamed Asses)
vor 2 Jahren”
“Mich ael
this is happening to me. has been for 2 years. moved 1200 miles away and they followed me. it’s torture. they use weapons that hit my heart and ears.
vor 10 Monaten”
Mich ael Tell them in your head since they’re reading your mind that they’re pussies, cowards and tell them to come face you man to Man and that you know they won’t.”
I wonder why Dr. Hall didn’t mention that President Obama’s “BRAIN Initiative” includes substantial support and funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) which strongly suggests that psychotronic (mind control) technology is being weaponized?
vor 4 Jahren”
“American V8
These people use this weapon on children, kinda give you an idea on the direction where our country and other countries are headed. This is obviously attempted murder…
It’s just very disturbing that our own military isn’t stepping in and terminating the individuals that are torturing men, women and children!! People in America are being trained and PAID for killing innocent people!! Children are being targeted!! For what?!!!”
I believe mostly on gun control and prevent the ascension process, to keep the vibration of the human down, down so much that can not move into the ascension process.
vor 1 Monat”
theodore papageorgiou
Wow it’s like a Philip K Dick novel.
vor 4 Jahren”
“Dan Williams
Excellent information, for sure!”
“Stephen O Neill
Please please please do more to expose these crimes..”
“Daniel Hopkins
I imagine those voices could override all those good quotes I have read from our ancient authors. They may be able to override most of my conditioning, but, they in no way can override my conditioning from the sound guy from those kung-fu movies,-you know, where the one guy seemingly effortlessly whips the ever lovin shit out of legions! -See with your Zatoichi eye! 
vor 4 Jahren”
Jesse Ventura has also attempted to expose this government assassination program which is a combination of COINTELPRO and MKULTRA.”

Vincent Blacklighting
It’s called nano implanting and a company called biotronics is responsible
vor 2 Monaten”

Nick Myer
Of course not everyone will be targeted just for experimental purpose without their consent. There will a vindictive agenda going on for using this kind of technology. But experimenting on anyone without consent & torturing or targeting for any purpose can NEVER be legal and NEVER be right. With regard to experimenting on people without consent, I would have thought the Nuremberg Treaty would cover that for legal clarification. The twisted cowardly stains on humanity who do this will NEVER win.”

this might be wrong but i am in love with this girl but she already has a boyfriend…. i know its wrong but i wish too god i had that elf love gun lol. I love this girl i wish i could marry her its the one sin i ask god to help me commit getting her away from her boyfriend. NSA if you can her me ill do whatever you want just get me this girl ill do your bidding!!!! i swear you know where to find me!! im not kidding
vor 4 Jahren”
To all those who think things aren’t that bad you better think again.. they have these ELF weapons and are willing to use them, thats why we must never stop taking on the NWO . We’re going to have to make our life long goal to defeat the NWO scum.
God Bless 
vor 4 Jahren”

They use supercomputers to remote control the human brain via satellite technology. This computer analyzes your thoughts on both conscious & subconscious level. It can manipulate emotions. It can analyze data on your subconscious level and place into a thought to your conscious brain so you can hear it. Forced speech. It can manipulate dreams move muscles, etc. many other evils from a computer. The victim can hear a low frequency usually in the left ear when under full mind control. All this computer can do is use words & phrases you already know to harass you. If you don’t know a certain word, the computer cannot force your brain to “think” of it bc you don’t know that word or phrase. Also, it CAN AND DOES manipulate ppl in your surrounding to make you think all ppl know what’s going on with you. It’s mind control on you and others. When you lose cell phone service, this thing still can keep you under surveillance via satellite. There’s no where to hide on planet earth.
vor 2 Jahren”
“Vincent Blacklighting
It’s cell phone uplink nano technology
vor 2 Monaten”
“Xander Taylor
The only good use I can see for this technology is helping people who are DEAF to hear. It should be used for that purpose & not withheld.”

Dj Bassboussa Jojo
please make sure you have a ultrasound first before the MRI just to make sure you don’t have chips in you. Nanotechnology is mostly used but chipping is too. Cause if you’ve been chipped the magnets in the MRI will rip that/those chips out of you causing major pain and massive injuries wherever they are (if any)
Please stay away from processed foods and anything that has preservatives, GMO, fluoride, additives and so called vitamins…some soya…and immunisations. It’s all poison which targets our immune system and makes it weak. It also has viral strains which are responsible for everything bad health wise…also these actions used by surveillance is what’s mutates it changing our DNA…if it didn’t kill us!”
“Dj Bassboussa Jojo
Yeah, the bastards stalking I last decade are so loud. Their also pretending to be your subconscious like it’s said here. If your thoughts are hinting to criminal activities ignore it, it’s them. Majority of media doesn’t assist us much because of their part in it.”

DHS through Fusion Centers that comprise the CIA, the FBI, State and local police now have it installed – it’s on the streets and their training with nonconsensual targets. Sometimes it’s the entire house hold. A big secret yet operated with 100s of community members throughout the United States..
vor 4 Jahren”

I have been a victim of Electronic Harassment since 2008 in the United Kingdom and have been targeted since I was a young child. I have been subjected to electric shocks several times whilst I was sleeping which nearly could have killed me and I am being spied on 24/7 365 days a year.
vor 1 Jahr”
“Ivan Foakeni
yes its hidden in the cell phone towers and satellite communication systems all they do is tune into your brain wave frequency then its all harrasment and mind control for me they wanted all my information and monitored all my dreams (astral and time travel) this is a secrect project and they dont want me to comment but im not listening i want out i’ve been trying to find a way out for 11 years now i hope someone can do some thing about this as i know many people are commiting suicided .
vor 4 Jahren”

Freddy Wilder
Majority of them targeting me are Filipinos Jacksonville Florida Nas jax
vor 7 Monaten”
if you hear voices: deworm yourself, chelate all metals, elliminate candida and other parasites, take 5 x 500mg B3(niacinamide) per day, take high dose multivitamins, mix 1000mcg B12 and 1000mcg folic acid in kefir or yogurt, lt is sit overnight at room temp and drink it ON EMPTY STOMAC Next day FIRST THING in the morning.
vor 4 Jahren”
“Tech Yisraelite
All these ULF/ELF are already attached to our phone towers everywhere. MK ultra on steroids.”
Many people didn’t believe in neurological weapons until U.S. embassy personnel were attacked with them in Cuba.
vor 7 Monaten”
“T M
All it will take is to reverse it and they get a mayor dosis of their ‘prank’.
vor 4 Jahren
I believe that the sources and the users of these high or low tech electronic assaults will perish by their own inventions and applications.”
What evil people we are surrounded by….”
In 1975, I was in a U.S. Army Special Weapons Unit in Germany. I am certain “Voice to Skull” was used on me one day as I walked across the Parade Field toward the Motor Poole. I was the ONLY person in the entire oval. What did the “voice” tell me? Not once, but twice as I took a few more steps, it stated “Go Buy Gold”…….Both times I heard the “voice”, it stopped me dead in my tracks. It was a “booming male voice”. I’m sure the “technicians” got a big laugh out of it…..
vor 4 Jahren
Free Man
Happening here in Australia.
vor 3 Wochen”

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