Truth is the Greatest Enemy of the Satanic State Dr Eric Karlstrom on World Beyond Belief

“Truth is the Greatest Enemy of the Satanic State Dr Eric Karlstrom on World Beyond Belief
“Most TIs in the world probably still don’t know what’s going on to them they know that their lives are being turned upside down they’re being harassed they’re being humiliated they’re being hurt in a very very concerted and deliberate way but they have no clue of where it’s coming from or why , so we’re all struggling to put the pieces together on this thing..
We need to keep delving into the roots of this thing to understand it and I think the more people understand it , the better chance
they are going to have to survive it and we fortunately have the benefit of the Internet and these podcasts and information .. searches etc this is our best defense information and your your world beyond belief series is ..certainly top-notch in this regard and I’m sure it is helping many, it’s very confusing, we get lots of contacts. I’m sure you do too..
.. we’re dealing with a world of deception, military deception and once we start looking into as we’ve done more recently
the contribution of the military and police and the interagency to this global program, well, it is their program and of
course the US military and intelligence agencies work for the US government which of course works for and is now merged with the Corporatocracy, see, so the lines of power we’ve talked about but we’re still trying to understand the details and put forward some
possible solutions..”
“The Pentagon, the military industrial complex consumed 9 trillion dollars .. of American taxpayer resources which is more than
all the other sectors of the economy put together ok so..they did it with with this boogeyman communism, anti-communism, we have to go protect the world from communists J.E. Hoovers role as head of the FBI was always to keep or communist out of the
United States, so they could use that against internal enemies: he’s a communist …Kermit Roosevelt was a CIA operative with a million dollars .. destabilization programs by the CIA..and their minions.. now you have
to talk almost in terms of the CIA DoD, two-thirds of the intelligence operations in the world are funded through DoD and what happened when the wall came down was now these guys needed a boogeyman right… now our military doctrine has shifted..
generation war in going back to the 90s or 80s even going right up to the present the military is ready to fight against individuals and groups. War is not confined to nations anymore, war is out amongst the people, it’s in your country, the battlespace is in your
neighborhood, okay, so we have all these military people ganged up with the police, now through the DHS, to Department of Homeland Security fusion centers and what they’re doing is they’re going through massive amounts of data, that’s provided by NSA on every
aspect of American lives that are being surveilled metadata you know everything about your health records and about
you’re buying history and about your IRS records etc and if they find somebody that they think might be a you know a
problem …because it really is just protecting the power structure and not protecting the nation whatsoever, but if they find
somebody that they think they don’t like then they’ll have an analyst go in there and look for today and then they can annotate the data, put a little check point next to this and let me send it to another analyst and it is 76 fusion centers now in the United
States and stuff like 60 billion dollars a year coming into the Department of Homeland Security and they’re preferring
that billions of dollars of grants to local police departments etc and local community groups to set up this civilian
military military spy feet on the ground system which is actually doing of course the gangstalking so ..we have
this secret army… okay this gang stalking is an old program, going back to COINTELPRO, the FBI to 50 60 70 s and going back to the CIA s MK ULTRA and then MH chaos within which they spied on Americans during the Vietnam War, because they were worried
about the Vietnam syndrome and the Vietnam syndrome is when the people don’t get on board for empire and colonialism around
the world and hamper and hinder the attempts of the military-industrial complex to go out and conquer the world…now there’s 2 million people on the .. watchlist that the DHS has.”
“..okay, they say all the world’s a stage.. all the men and women are merely players ..a lot of actors out there now who
are being paid to put on these disruptive roles, they don’t know the extent to which they’re destroying people, they don’t know the extent of their karma that they are taking onto themselves, they know they’re getting some money and we have a lot of underemployed people, but this assistance is just so profoundly and fundamentally evil that it must be exposed and these people must
be called out. I mean all the world’s a stage means’s all the same, no, it is not all the same, if you do my present world view … you’re going to hell,.. that has eternal consequences.. that’s payback ,.. you’re putting people in hell, hey!.. you’re going to go to hell, if you’re doing it deliberately .. unrepentantly, consistently .. ..this is the nature of the universe we live in and these people are useful idiots as Lenin used that term, in a system that they don’t understand… what’s being formed here is a secret CIA standing army who are these people who are the perps who are in a command and control system which is
now driven by the military with their 4th generation warfare you have these mobile command centers, these c4irsa ..command control computer communications or command control communications computer and intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance who are bouncing information off of satellites and/or accumulating data in real time and who are even though we’re tracking every individual that is in the system and then putting people on them to harass them based on psychological protocols that have been developed for those people that are designed to degrade them as in desert 6 some of East German Stasi
decomposition, we’re going to do these it’s no clutch torture we’re going to do these actions it’s a death
of a thousand cuts, these actions are designed to break the will to deny, to destroy ..and all these words are used
in the documents is a military operation, but it’s a new kind of military operation we’re not going to kill the
person outright it’s a long war.. it’s going to be a slow attrition and this is what they did in the beach program in
Vietnam them against the civilian infrastructure there that supported the Vietcong or said they did and so so
again this is coming out of these CIA operations, now it’s global and we have apparently this global standing army
which has been formulated, it’s another secret army that can be used to quell any possible resistance of the population to this Corporate New World Order, which is of course colonialism, imperialism, world takeover by the extremely rich by the Psychopaths
that you’ve talked about.. it’s called in the US military we have the Air Force, we have the Marines, we have all these military forces and that plus we have the civil military army to descend upon and suppress any possible dissent and I’m suspecting that what’s going on with people like me how’s the University professor for 30 years. I’m not a violent person,
I’ve got no crimes, I’ve never been in jail, you know, I mean, my crimes are things like .. traffic tickets.
..but I could be defined as as a potential terrorist threat because my ideas against globalization for instance
that I’ve written about my ideas …is threatening to the system, so I can be put on this terrorist list, as I suspected to have and and therefore they can go after people like me, so this is quite a beast we’re up against.”
….He is real….
“..and of course Jesus did say: I am the way, the truth and the life and so there has been this historic effort to destroy Christianity and notice it hasn’t been successful, but it’s certainly Christianity has been degraded by .. manipulation and
..infiltration etc.. so that a lot of what’s going on in the name of Christianity has nothing to do I mean you go to the Vatican yeah it looks very phenomenal … I think Jesus wouldn’t recognize the place as having anything to do with what he was like was about.
The truth is reality you know the creator gave us a beautiful world and the enemy, I guess, if you buy into that kind of basic
biblical worldview is a Jehova, he wants to take it over and I think that these armies ..the black awakening.. would be that Satan is prepared for the return of Jesus. I mean the demons know that Jesus is real, the demons know that Jesus is the Lord, the demons know that Jesus is more powerful than they are.. Satan is preparing his armies in hopes of winning when Jesus comes back
..and of course it’s predicted in the Book of Revelations and elsewhere that that won’t happen we’ve read you know we
know the end of the story at least from the Bible’s point of view but the satanic forces are gearing up it would appear to win this war..with these satanic super soldiers and of course as you move into this age of Robotics..”
Kathy Radny 1 year ago (edited):
Secret? No, God knows exactly who those thieving skank bastards are and where their rotting souls are going too.
Stephen O Neill: I am being tortured.
Entity Shadow: The New World Order is a Jewish idea ,designed, manufactured, to enslave humanity!
demass flat earth: 9 months ago: Kkk … 11 .11 .11. Is 33 degrees government fan club.
Bliss Blossum: It is not demonic possession it is technology!
Marie Jeannine Sylvie Lachaine: They used my ex against me and he let me know he had no choice … and I believe they may be using my boys as well, who also feel as they have no choice.
John LaPaglia: The “United States Intelligence Agencies” are totally out of control.
Andrew Rattle: you two are really the most informative people on this subject. thank you.
TitoTorrero Damulira: Part of organized gangs talking tactics is to cut off TI’s social and family connections.
Bill Peck: Eric is one of the few academics who are speaking about fourth generation warfare. What are you doing to spread awareness of 4gw?
dave giroux: 1 year ago: these guys make a good team.
dave giroux: 1 year ago: truth.
Nameless Grace: 1 year ago: Once again, a very informative discussion! It’s always a pleasure to watch.

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