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“If you think about somebody so fucking [ __ ] evil that they have the weaponization of weather, somebody’s so [ __ ] evil they’re using biological weapons, trauma based mind control, mass media manipulation and propaganda machines, um mass censorship in the name
of political correctness, I mean there isn’t one area that they haven’t covered
of being [ __ ] fucked up pieces of [ __ ] shit, right, and that’s why we have to do private
videos, like we’re we’re hiding in a basement somewhere gathered as a as the nazis
beat down the door like that’s what it feels like, I mean think about it this is supposed
to be..constitutional republic the land of the free home of the brave and if you bought
into that bullshit [ __ ], I hope you don’t anymore, but if you don’t then you are
automatically labeled domestic terrorist…and um they’ve set up things like
operation legend, for uh the day of the earth will stand still and they knock down the grid and come kill you, I mean i’m not supposed to say these things, I’m not allowed to say these
things but what’s the point right if they’re going to do it gas you,
regardless if they’re setting up everything in place to either make you
take something that’s going to kill you, right, sterilize you wipe out the only thing that you have that connects you to the source and god or alternative is they stalk you,
track you down and then systematically exterminate you… and they’ve done so many studies
too on how humane it is to behead people, nonetheless i mean we have shown that,
they’ve been trying to pass laws in congress in the senate since 1992,
for those seven laws.”

“They knew they were going to come after you through medical martial law like they have now
I think it’s really crazy it really fucks [ __ ] me up…”

Matthew Vance: Mitglied (1 Monat): ​The homeless were snatched here the last few years..
Veritas: ​you just gotta wear God’s armour bro.

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