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Creative people see the world in a very different way. Where the normal person would see blandness and dead ends, creative people see endless possibilities. Dr. Peterson says that these people are very high in the trait of openness. While this may sound romantic and fun, these people do not work well in a very capitalistic and rigid society. Dr. Peterson discusses in this video the challenges that modern-day creatives face in their everyday lives…”

“…and so artists move us forward into the unknown and you can see them doing that in cities, because it’s the open people
the artists who go into parts of the cities that are have degenerated to some degree back into chaos and then revitalize them and they civilize them and then the less artistic people who who are more conventional move in…
the reason are non-creative people is because creative people often died, they’re out doing like screwy things
they attract attention from people they shouldn’t attract attention from like the authorities you know the creative,
people are revolutionary, well, tyrants don’t really like revolutionaries, there’s lots of reason not to be creative, but even now like creative people, it’s hard to monetize your creative creativity artists have a hell of a time surviving
right and so creativity as such is a it’s a double-edged blessing for sure and part
of the reason that lots of people aren’t creative is because it’s a lot let’s think about it from an
evolutionary perspective is because it’s a hell of a lot easier not to be decked out in bright colors when the predators
come along right you want to stay camouflaged against the herd like a Zebra…”

“the conservatives really have a problem with this in particular because conservative people tend not to be that
creative because they should be concerned with economic development and beauty is so unbelievably crucial to economic development it just yells out at you..”

“A real piece of art is a window into the transcendent, that’s what it is.”

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