“Patent US5507291A – Signals Intelligence – Brain Stimulation for Remote Neural Monitoring – Electronic Brain Link – Capabilities of NSA Operatives using RNM – Signs of Being Criminally Targeted – Patent US6011991A

The Signals Intelligence mission of the NSA has evolved into a program of decoding EMF waves in the environment for wirelessly tapping into computers and tracking persons with the electrical currents in their bodies. Signals Intelligence is based on the fact that everything in the environment with an electric current in it has a magnetic flux around it which gives off EMF waves. The NSA/DoD has developed proprietary advanced digital equipment which can remotely analyze all objects whether man-made or organic that have electrical activity.”

“Famous neuroscientist warns that remote neural monitoring equipment is “far from being science fiction and can be used for control of behavior in brainwashing”

Remote Neural Monitoring – Scientist’s agree remote neural monitoring is a danger and a human health hazard!

As a direct result from the remote monitoring technology the victim is being exposed to a harmful directed energy for decades at a time!, which is a HEALTH HAZARD!

Scientists believe that like leukemia and the cancerous risks posed by mobile phones which also emit microwave remote neural monitoring can also pose similar threats to a subject’s overall health as the heating effect of tissues with the speed of light is a known effect of high powered microwave and electromagnetic pulse weapons”.

Remote Neural Monitoring was NOT invented to “detect criminal thought inside the mind” or for “investigations”. Nor does it have any place, or serve any alleged purpose in law enforcement!

There is several articles of information that has appeared on the internet regarding remote neural monitoring being portrayed as a “Crime Fighting and Detection Tool”. These articles appear to be an obvious attempt to legitimize and conditioned readers in the public to accept remote neural monitoring as a legitimate law enforcement tool, which it is NOT! Just as Organized Stalking and harassment is NOT and is completely the opposite! Is being criminally used simultaneously with organized stalking to violate, invade, harass and terrorize individuals for decades at a time.

Polygraphs have served the purpose, and are quite accurate of determining, if someone is telling the truth regarding criminal activity, also if remote neural monitoring was to be used for that purpose, it would require a quite complicated warrant, despite the unlawful illegal criminal manner that it is being used on individuals without their consent and their permission. It is quite obvious that warrants are not being obtained, and that remote neural monitoring is being used to intentionally harass and terrorize individuals for years at a time, simultaneously with organized stalking and harassment.”


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