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ConspiracyRevelation, [13.06.21 20:14]

ConspiracyRevelation, [13.06.21 20:14]
“Annunaki History
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Element 115 is an enigma of sorts. It was only added to the periodic table in 2016, yet for decades it has attracted extra attention because of a supposed connection to extraterrestrial technology and alien lifeforms.
Element 115, or Moscovium, is a man-made, super-heavy element that has 115 protons in its nucleus. As with all elements on the periodic table, the element’s number corresponds to the number of protons in the nucleus of the element’s atom.”That is 23 more protons than the heaviest element that you can find in large quantities on Earth, uranium.”
Element 115 was only discovered in 2003, but it may sound familiar because the name has been around for decades in connection with UFOs, Aliens and other related phenomena. Element 115 is an extremely rare element that’s made one atom at a time in particle accelerators. It exists for just a fraction of a second before it decays into another element.
We are referring to the long-lived story of Robert (“Bob”) Scott Lazar, who in 1989 went public with what he said was top-secret information about element 115. Lazar claimed to be a former employee at Area 51, the famous (and highly classified) area of the Nevada Test and Training Range operated by the United States Air Force, where his job was to reverse-engineer crashed Alien Flying Saucers. He said that he’d personally worked with element 115, which was used to pilot Alien Spacecraft.
It is “impossible to synthesize an element that heavy here on Earth. The substance has to come from a place where super-heavy elements could have been produced naturally,” Lazar said.
Lazar claimed that he’d seen evidence of anti-gravity propulsion technologies, and nine alien spacecraft stored in a hangar at Area 51. Those spaceships ostensibly used some sort of propulsion system that harnessed the inherent power of gravity, and thus utilized the characteristics of element 115 to work their technological wizardry.
The government doesn’t confirm the employment of anyone who’s worked at Area 51. And as some sources have pointed out, the gist of his claims have never been thoroughly disproved. Follow @rudraism_2.0″

ConspiracyRevelation, [13.06.21 20:15]
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Nicht Mosco…Udupendium.

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