Jogger Rushed to the Hospital After an Intense Workout with Face Mask On

“Staff ReporterMay 14, 2020”
“Jogger Rushed to the Hospital After an Intense Workout with Face Mask On
Staff ReporterMay 14, 2020 11:17 PM EDT
Wearing a face mask has become the new norm for many people when going outside, especially that the world is suffering from a pandemic crisis, even if it causes discomfort and makes breathing difficult.
In China, a 26-year-old resident, known as Zhang Ping was rushed to the Wuhan Central Hospital on May 7 after his left lung collapsed due to high pressure caused by running. He became breathless, and his lung collapsed after he jogged for two hours and a half miles with a face mask on in Wuhan, China.
The doctors said that Mr. Zhang’s lung collapsed by 90%. Fortunately, he is now in a stable condition after undergoing an operation, said the hospital representative.
Jogger Tries to Stay Fit but Ends Up in the Hospital
Life gradually returned to Wuhan after its lockdown was lifted on April 9. But many have been cooped up inside their homes for so long and were not able to do their routine such as doing their workouts. One resident, known as Zhang Ping (not real name), decided to make the most out of the lockdown lift and jog.
Last Thursday, May 7, the 26-year-old man ended up with chest pain after going out for a jog while his mask was on. Even though it made him uncomfortable and hard to breathe, he ignored the significant signs that something was wrong.
Mr. Zhang pushed himself to jog 6 kilometers instead of 3 kilometers, out of a desire to catch up after two months of lockdown. Additionally, MailOnline reported that he ran 4 kilometers before deciding to go home.
He was rushed to the hospital by his family after he complained of chest pains. According to the senior physician for thoracic surgery at a Wuhan hospital, Dr. Chen Baojun said that the face mask pressured Mr. Zhang’s lungs to work harder due to improper oxygen flow. He added that Mr. Zhang’s lung edged his heart towards the right side of his chest.
Furthermore, Dr. Baojun cautioned those people with pre-existing lung conditions to take care when using face mask while exercising, as it could pose a danger rather than protection such as Mr. Zhang’s case, which ended up stressing his physical health more than keeping him safe.
Fortunately, Mr. Zhang is already in stable condition and is recovering after undergoing a medical operation.
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From safe to becoming unsafe
Mr. Zhang’s case was not the only one reported with almost the same scenario. In New Jersey, a driver of a single-car crashed his vehicle after he passed out behind the wheel while wearing an N95 mask for too long, the police said.
Last month, the Lincoln Park Police Department responded to an accident where a vehicle crashed into a wooden pole. The officers posted photos of the crash on Facebook, which has created an “overwhelming response” from the netizens.
Due to a lack of oxygen and an excessive intake of carbon dioxide after wearing the N95 mask for several hours, the driver passed out and crashed his car, according to the Facebook post.
Experts recommend using a cloth mask instead while going to the grocery store as a measure of precaution to prevent the spread of coronavirus.”
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