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“Well, the idea that Mark Zuckerberg who runs Facebook is a joke. I mean have you seen those staring eyes in absolute terror and that bewildered face when he’s being questioned on Capitol Hill. I mean the idea he’s running a company like
Facebook is ridiculous, obviously you know that there are other forces involved here and that’s where you get your coordination from that’s why Amazon, Facebook and Google and all and Twitter all and Apple are all censoring in unison, because it’s coordinated towards this this this goal of complete control of information and so what you’re seeing is free speech being targeted with more and more excuses to reach this situation of complete control and this is really really important, because the next stage to look at this:
Where does human behavior come from, it comes from human perception if I have a certain perception of an event or a situation I’ll behave towards it in a certain way if I have a different perception of that situation I’ll behave towards it in a different way, so perception, from perception comes behavior, where does perception come from? It comes from information received, whether it’s personal experience which is a form of information, whether it’s newspaper, Facebook post or whatever, it’s information received. Now if you go deep in the shadows beyond the politicians you reach that level of this web where they understand a how reality works this don’t want us to know and be how the mind works how psychology works and what we’re looking at because it’s a few
manipulating so many the only way that you can achieve that is by controlling the perceptions of the many and by dividing and ruling the many as well but you’ve got to control the perceptions of the many and to do that you control information and what’s what this process of the internet and these internet giants, near monopolies, that process can
be simply explained and it can be explained why up to relatively recently the internet was censorship free, oh my god not anymore and why your Facebook’s and your Google’s and Twitter’s and stuff and Amazon’s were censorship free and
now suddenly they aren’t. This is theprocess towards that goal of complete control of information, thus complete control of human perception, thus control of human behavior this is the the process. The internet was created originally by an organization called DARPA, DARPA is the technological
development arm of the Pentagon. I would call DARPA evil except it might sue me for defamation or evil might sue me for defamation of character. It’s a sinister organization for which we can thank for death rays and endless new ways of killing people in larger and larger numbers without damaging the furniture nice people and they created the Internet now if they create the Internet ain’t good for humanityalthough it could be and it has been, but ultimately that’s not the plan or they would not have created it with military technology…now the idea and this is all connected
to the to the smart technology and all the technologies that are coming in andartificial intelligence they had to get the Internet to a point where it was the central pillar of human society the central pillar of where all our information came came from the central pillar of control this is why we now
have the Internet of Things where billions of pieces of technology everything from your fridge to your car to your telly are connected to the to the Internet but to reach that point it had to be what’s what people wanted if they’d have introduced a censored Internet from the start the Internet
wouldn’t be now what it what it doesbecome and they Trojan horsed it in, they Trojan horsed it in a very good phrase, so what they what they did was have a Sun censored internet and people going this is grey you know this is fantastic and it became you know the center pillar of human society and of
course in that initial period where they were selling it people like me and so many other people had the platform uncensored to get information out there and it was great and I’m sure you know your your DARPAs and all theconnected organizations to DARPA were kind of you know spitting through their teeth, but it they had to do it to get the internet to
where they wanted in the same way when your Facebook started and you googles and your Twitter’s and your Amazon’s with the books they would not have reached this point they’ve reached of near-monopoly and if they’d have been censoring us
they are now from the start, instead they did exactly the same thing: no censorship, say what you like and people then became addicted to Facebook and Google became by far the biggest search engine Amazon has basically destroyed the independent book industry worldwide as it existed before and so they reached this point of monopoly and and and then came the point where yes the Internet is the central pillar of
human society and it’s now irreversible and yes these are near monopolies and who you’re gonna go to if not then who
you’re going to go to to get any numbers watching your videos if not YouTube owned by Google of course, so alphabets
parent company so now we’re in a position of power and strength now the Internet’s gonna become what it was
always planned to be now Facebook and Google and Twitter and Amazon are now all going to be what they’re always planned to be which wire gatekeepers on what on the information that people can see in here and because of that human perception is increasingly being given a narrower and narrower band
of information from which to form those perceptions so perceptions are being manipulated and I I have a kind of very
simple rule of thumb when people say to say to me well what are the areas that there are of the agenda and I say look
at anything you cannot have an alternative opinion about look at any subject where to say something different from the official narrative you’re going to get abuse…you’re basically going to get shut down they are the key areas of the agenda or many key areas of the agenda.”

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