Dr.SHIVA LIVE: THE REAL SOLUTION to Big Tech Censorship.

“Dr.SHIVA LIVE: The Inventor of Email Reveals the REAL SOLUTION to Big Tech Censorship.”
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“Bespren Brian: ​Vitamin C is Big Pharmas Kryptonite!”
“luv2travel2000: ​Wizard of whatever…”
“It´s absolutely insane, that´s what´s going on…”
“Fauci and Gates and Clinton were basically causing this pandemic…”
“Bespren Brian: ​FACEBOOK is doing the equivalent of BURNING OF BOOKS in the medieval world. If Dr Shiva is right this instance will be the things of the past. Freedom of Speech will reign supreme!!!”
“suzan hd: ​All Pharma s are corrupt.”
“297 Bda.: ​You are doing something right when Facebook and YouTube delete you.”
“David Sutherland: ​shiva gets them triggered. lol”
“rem3266: ​You are in for a mighty fight Dr Shiva.”
“BerserkerBear: ​DARPA = ‘LifeLog’ = Facebook – 100%”
“We need to completely destroy this establishment of Facebook and Google who think they can control.”
“Zuckerberg…Chan..Biohub (We don´t believe in impossible)..so we can show what scumbag these 2 people…and you can see that they are up to building vaccines. It´s all about Vaccines, Vaccines, Vacccines.”
“Harvard is running a seminar..to criminalize home schooling, ..so they want to criminalize Homeschooling, ..on my tweet feet, because they want mandated indoctrination and they want mandated vaccination..we are not going to allow this to occur. We got to have our freedom, we need digital rights.”
“I know how all these people operate and I know all their little weaknesses.”
“Zuckerberg.. what a scumbag.”
“It´s time to go to war with Mark Zuckerberg. I am trying to be nice to you, but no more, you are on my shitlist, I am coming after you, you freaking creep. You and your wife should go back and maybe study some medicine.”
“We need to put together a massive strategy to destroy this fascist organization. We need to destroy Facebook and we need to make it very clear that they will no longer be tolerated.”
“This guy is killing people..unbelievable.”

“Homeschooling is a great thing. I homeschooled my kids.”
“We know we are hitting a nerve…”
Conspiracy Revelation: 25.4.2020: At least they did not censor you on Twitter, so they don´t see you as an immediate threat…imagine that they pre-emptively blocked me on Twitter, but I would never use it anyway, it´s absolutely useless with a bad, very restricted, unintuitive interface. The NWO-Twits.
My aunt died on sepsis, the stupid Doctors should have given her i.v. Vitamin C 25, 50, 100 grams and she would still be alive…same thing.
Incompetence and incapability is the rule nowadays amongst Medical Doctors, not the Exception…misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis…They still don´t acknowledge Morgellon-Bioweapon that was created at Stanford California by 2 very evil scientists.

“They don´t believe in impossible, but they believe it´s okay to ban people. That´s what they are about. They are about making sure making it impossible for us to exercise our digital rights. We got to fight on our hands and that fight has to be bottoms up for truth, freedom and health. We don´t need the Kennedys, we don´t need the Gates, we don´t need politicians, we don´t need lawyer lobbyists, bottoms up movement, because they sold us all out.”
“Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai
​Vitamin C video was deleted already on Facebook and YouTube!”

“MIT PhD shares the REAL SOLUTION to Big Tech Censorship.”
“REAL Solution to Big Tech Censorship –
Hello everyone this is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, as many of you know I’m running for the United States Senate and
one of the core principles of our campaign, unlike the career politicians who actually are Muppets or Puppets of people who control them is that we want to actually take on real problems and address them with real solutions. The
problem is many of these politicians actually have no idea what the real problem is or for that matter they can’t
even solve anything, because they’re essentially ruled by lobbyists who tell them what the problem or fake problem is
and then they provide them with a fake solution that furthers their interests and the politician is essentially in
there for two four or six years in and out spending most of their time trying to get reelected at least 80/90 percent
of their time in the shooter for Senate campaign we want to focus again as I said on real problems to real solutions to real solutions or real solutions to real problems so
the problem and the solution that I want to focus on is big tech censorship everyone’s heard about this you’ve
probably heard from the quote-unquote the right the issue there’s a conspiracy which same right there may be to watch what we’re doing which likely there probably is but it’s always presented in a very fear model and that there is
something we can’t do it so big, but I applaud those people on the right and bringing it up, the left typically tries to discount the problem or others on the Left their solution is to break up the big guys let’s break up Facebook let’s
break up Google and the reality is they want to put approach to regulation and what is based on fear, but when you really look at this neither Google nor Facebook will ever provide the real framework for politicians to understand what is
actually going on if many of you remember when Mark Zuckerberg was in front of the the Congress that the Congress people were so dumb unfortunately they didn’t even know what
questions to ask him he was running circles around them but I’m gonna offer you a real solution and I’m gonna actually identify what the real problem is and how we really solve big tech censorship. The solution I’m promoting is not something I provided in the last 2 days, this is something I’ve been talking about since 1997 when as a technologist as a scientist as an inventor I noted this as a problem so this almost for 20 years as many of you know I created the first email system when I was a fourteen-year-old kid and the reason it’s important to review this is I didn’t create text messaging I didn’t create electronic messaging in fact the
military guys didn’t even do that at best what they did was an early form of caveman reddit which they attempted to sneak her people into thinking that they did email but you’re looking at the guy who invented email I was a 14 year old
kid in Newark New Jersey working at a Health Sciences institution not in a military institution, in that Health
Sciences institution I was doing research to understand why babies were dying in their sleep applying computing
to to problems in biology while I was there because of my skills as as a kid even though I was working among people
30, 40, 50 years older I was treated as a professional and I was given the challenge of converting the old fashioned interoffice mail system those are all important it was sort of the postal system within offices and the way that system work was every secretary was the creator of information they had on their desktop a physical desktop a typewriter they would write a thing called a memo and that memo had a
structure to from subject they would literally create carbon paper or use carbon paper to create copies so if I
was sending you a memo and I was going to also notify five other people that they should also have a copy was called a CC carbon copy.”
“They could not accept the fact that email was not done by the military, it wasn’t done by some nerd looking guy, it was done by a 14 year old kid in Newark.”

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