Newsbreak 68: David Noakes on Bill Gates & the COVID-19 Vaccine Plandemic Network

“Newsbreak 68: David Noakes on Bill Gates & the COVID-19 Vaccine Plandemic Network”
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“Ramola D Reports: 6930 Abonnenten: Candid conversation with David Noakes, CEO of Immuno Biotech the company which made GcMAF available to many in terminal stages of cancer and other diseases, wrongfully prosecuted by the MHRA despite successful treatment of hundreds of patients, on the subject of Bill Gates and the network of organizations and persona behind the COVID-19 pandemic-to-vaccine agenda.
David’s thoughts & information on the subject were earlier summarized in an email, posted here:
“Human Rights: destroyed under the banner of humanitarianism…”
“Q:the scientific advisors to the UK government who we find out had connections to the pharmaceutical industry what did you make of all of that when you first encountered that
“A: Well. the the UK column has done a superb job linking together all these organisations, there are 15
organisations advising the government and all of them have been bribed or influenced by Bill Gates, so Boris Johnson is only getting one side of the story and that is the side of the vaccinators they all are on the side of vaccination. Vaccinations not good, vaccinations include mercury, aluminium, fetuses and Nagalase. Now Nagalase is the poison put up by 50 diseases to cancel out your GC mat and without GC-mat you have no immune system. So the vaccinators theory is if they destroy your immune system you will be dependent upon vaccines for the rest of your life and each vaccine will make you worse not something they would say openly right oh no they’ll never say it openly vaccines have never done any good. The polio vaccine was a scam what actually cured polio was fresh water fresh drinking water, polio is caused by feces in the drinking water and around the world we cleaned up our water supplies and that got rid of polio all the polio in the world now is caused by vaccines according to doctor
Salk who invented the polio vaccine. Bill Gates is on trial in the Supreme Court of India because he’s killed 400.. he’s given polio to 490000 children and he’s got another case
against him as well for another vaccine and HPV anything yes it is indeed now GlaxoSmithKline produced Cervarix as
their HPV vaccine and Merck produces Gardasil, they kill people, they kill girls every month, now they want to give
it to boys, these vaccines are useless for HPV and for cervical cancer utterly useless but they do kill which as far as Bill Gates is concerned is excellent so he vaccinated 23,000 girls in India with these two vaccines from Merck and
GlaxoSmithKline and he’s caused a number of deaths, so we hope he will be put in prison. I mean it’s pretty unlikely, because he can bribe the judges and the
jury you know I mean Maeve Kennedy was researching Bill Gates and vaccines, she was murdered and put in her own canoe, so
Bill Gates can handle judges, no trouble at all, so there are 15 organizations which are advising the British government and be the same in in America and all of them are pounding the vaccine lockdown line, now the countries that did not lock down are doing enormously better than the lockdown country in fact you know amongst the worst two countries are locked down on America and England who have pretty appalling
records when it comes to Covid-19, because Covid-19 is a very minor disease it was downgraded by public health England from a serious disease to one with a low mortality rate on the 19th of March, so 600,000 people die every year in England. 17,000 died of flu and we’re up to 14,000 dying of Covid-19, but of course the science stinks, the people have died of kovat 19 didn’t mostly die of it, but 99% of people died with Covid-19 are dying of another disease, in fact the health service in England is is labeling sepsis and cancer deaths as
Covid-19 deaths…so the science absolutely stinks and is all
wrong…the government paid GlaxoSmithKline for 90 million doses of unnecessary vaccine…Even with the terribly bad management of Covid-19 by this government and it’s illegal
“because the government doesn’t do its homework the government doesn’t realize that the 15 agencies that are advising it are all controlled by Bill Gates they are not
doing their homework on Bill Ferguson’s failures all the failures of Imperial College.”
“Now Imperial College got 400 million from the Wellcome Trust who is one of Bill Gates’s allies and all the Imperial College also got 184 million from Bill Gates, so there is no
independence in Imperial College, it’s totally on the side of the 15 vaccine companies, totally on side of the lockdown totally on the side of vaccines.”
“Melinda Gates used to be Melinda Watson her father founded IBM and they control that Watson laboratories and they make
vaccines so she made Bill Gates and they are a very powerful force for evil between the pair of them, so they have
given money, they’ve bribed everyone. 15 organizations, so Imperial College is the last person that you take advice from. Imperial College has done so much damage to the nation of Britain it should be closed down and the building’s used for housing, it is so corrupt, you can’t take any advice from Professor Neil Ferguson or Imperial College, now
Bill Gates put 750 million into start Gavi, the vaccine alliance who claim to in fact make half of the world’s children, the British government is now Gavi’s biggest contributor, they have partnered with the Rockefellers, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation the vaccine manufacturers UNICEF and the World Health Organization, they are part of id 2020, all these 15 organizations are aiming for mandatory biometric ID, so not only do they want to vaccinate the world, they want to give us all mandatory ID and this will probably be in the form of a chip, human rights are being destroyed under the banner of humanitary ISM and because Gavi
also fund Ferguson of the of Imperial College.”
“If Gates is successful with his lockdown with his vaccines and with ID 2020 we will lose all our freedom this is a very
serious attack and correct so how how can be even understand this group of companies and organizations working to
word public health when essentially they’re working to word removing all public freedom sure I read you the list
of who is is ended yes okay so the vaccine in impact modeling consortium which is run by Professor needle Ferguson. GlaxoSmithKline who killed 83 thousand Americans with their chemical drug Avandia and got a three billion dollar fine for fraud because they knew vandia killed and they concealed it, but in England of course GlaxoSmithKline has directors on the board of the MHRA sir they got off scot-free in England and they probably killed about 16,000 in England, the Wellcome foundation is a vaccine company the MHRA the medicines and healthcare regulatory agency go to wwm HRA corrupt and you’ll be absolutely
stunned with how corrupt the MHRA is, they kill about 200,000 British every year now Boris Johnson keeps staying when he stands at the podium we want to save lives, no, he doesn’t, if he wanted to save lives he would abolish the MHRA which kills eighty thousand by licensing chemical drugs that kill and then he that then the MHRA also bans safe natural products like GC math which is a human protein
made by man and because they’ve been banning Cannabis for ages and fortunately for us Philip May, Prime Minister Theresa Mae’s husband, was one of the largest investors
in Cannabis and so he got Cannabis legalized in the United Kingdom and made millions out of his cross he’s already
got millions but they all these millionaires want more so we at last got cannabis and legalized.”
“Avandia Vioxx and opioids have killed 450,000 so far and by preventing people from having access to safe natural proteins or treatments, because they are a threat to the profits of the big pharmaceutical companies, so that is why the MHRA kills 200,000 every year and they’re very proud of it.”
“Well, vaccines have never cured anyone of anything and you know the flu vaccine kills a number of people every
year, you should never take any vaccines…the Coalition for epidemic preparedness funding for vaccines UNICEF the who, the World Health Organization, all these organizations are advising the British and American Governments to lock down
which is the worst thing they could do and they’re advising them on their future steps you could not have a worse
set of advisors and Boris Johnson and president Trump are negligent. They’re relying on their advisors instead of their common sense, so all Bill Gates has to do is to bribe
the advisers and he’s got control of the whole government through its stupidity.”

” these people all need to be in jail before the next vaccine comes along before the next virus comes along this was a trial the next virus will be a lot worse it will kill billions of us and so will the vaccine so we’ve got to get these people locked up behind bars before the next vaccine comes, so before the next virus comes.”
“So you feel there is a real danger of these bioengineered bioweaponized virus as being let lose on humanity,”
“they are definitely going to do it there is no question they did it this time I think it was probably developed in an
American laboratory and taken by a Chinese professor to the Wuhan bioweapons lab and released from there I’m pretty sure that Covid-19 was developed in America.”
“apparently there are American universities and American
military have labs in China or have connections with labs in China because Johns Hopkins for instance.”
“yeah why would you have a bioweapons lab you’d
only have it to kill and there are a number of bioweapons labs all around the world and one of these days, one of these viruses is going to be released and killed billions of us and you think the virus itself will do it not the attempted vaccines, they don’t really care whether they kill us by vaccines or by a virus. I think a vaccine will be more difficult than a virus…so I think they’ll do it with another virus, another weaponized virus and of course never has the British an American public been so naive, six
thousand people die in the UK every year, 17,000 died of flu every year and now we have the coal country locked down for a
completely insignificant little disease, I mean hundred and sixty thousand died of cancer we can use GC-mat and cure
120 thousand of them but the government doesn’t want to save lives.”
“Bill Gates Vaccines Kill and Maim.”
“Saucepans at 8:00 p.m. in the evening to thank the NHS the nurses don’t need to have all Saucepans banged they need a
massive pay rise but this is cheaper for the government to get the naive public banging saucepans and because the public
are scared stiff, we have the fake news channel the BBC is our main fake news channel which conceals all of this from
you, nothing that I’m saying will be said by the BBC.”
“This is incompetence in the press, but we’ve seen it so many times and they always follow the government line and we are already living in a dictatorship.”
“They’ll make vaccines and Bill Gates wants to become a vaccine billionaire and they all want to reduce the world’s
population by several billion, we know..they think
they only need 500 million to keep them in the lifestyle to which they’re accustomed and they want to get rid of
us and unfortunately our government wants to get rid of us.”
“Well, in England you can do no better than go to and you’ll be blown away …it
goes into great detail about how the government is killing us and of course we live under Gestapo Courts in Britain
our courts are organized crime syndicates, they are utterly corrupt, all our courts and the MHRA uses corrupt courts and they arrested Linda Fire who is not guilty of making
or distributing GcMAF…”

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