Targeted Individuals: EXACTLY how it is done – Nano Crystals – The Science

“Targeted Individuals: EXACTLY how it is done – Nano Crystals – The Science”
“Targeted Individuals: EXACTLY how it is done – Nano Crystals – The Science
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IF THE SOUND IS LOW TURN IT UP. THEY HAVE BEEN MESSING WITH MY TECHNOLOGY. This is one of the most important videos I will post. If anyone is in doubt of any of your claims that the government and secret services are responsible for our harassment show them this video. SHARE this information as far and wide as possible. In brief what I discuss in this video, nano crystals, quantum dots and how they are being put into our bodies to give the government and intelligence services control over us. The is how any psychic ability is achieved. I also mention in her a few ways that might resolve these nano crystals. This include consuming sea produce such as seaweed, chlorella, spirulina, sodium chloride and other green algae. The objective of this would be to slowly erode the nano crystals over time.
For all who want to contribute to getting this information out there and exposing the largest domestic terrorist organisation in my next video I will offer a very easy and intimidating free way to contribute.”
“That these quantum dots–that they’re used, they upload peoples memories and take all their semiconductors, and semiconductors as you know are like the most computers, they upload people’s consciousness onto them and then they had certain sets into the body, now there are two tiers that if there’s technological and there is
the spiritual, so in the real world and spirits are very similar to these quantum dots, so I might
mention this important video .. so these quantum dots once they go into the body ….through different access points they can do it via chakras, it could be the private parts, it could be hearts…
they tend to choose open portals, so it’s normally like the mouth, the ears, all the private parts but they tend to select, they access the body… there and then they will start to travel in the body …
It was emerging fluorescent labels, now remember I told you that when I saw it in my pineal glands, that they were nano-crystals, there it was bright lights, now these nano crystals are bright lights.
I’ve heard that after I read that after a while they tend to go down…
Quantum dots are a novel class of inorganic fluorophore, so it’s in organic, it’s not human material and fluorophore which are gaining widespread recognition as a result of the exceptional photo physical properties, they are rapidly being applied to existing and emerging technologies and could have an important role in many areas, they are excellent for bioimaging, so that’s a bio image and again with them using it as taking images and recording things in the body, so they actually can record what’s going on inside your body and it can actually take pictures of that .. because they are semiconductor and nano crystals that have broad excitation spectra as narrow emission spectra is turnable emission Peaks long fluorescent lifetimes…negligible photo bleaching and ability to conjure conjugates to proteins, so one of the things that I was going to say is that if you eat with a lot of proteins you should stop eating as much… if you want to avoid these nanoparticles connecting to your proteins because it seems they use that proteins to connect and conjoining.. and so this is what I found in more than one article has been a few articles on this topic…
They used rats as an example and they would inject these rats with nano crystals and they found that
after three to four minutes a nanocrystals had spread mainly – then I think he said they make it mainly to the
liver, mainly to all of the parts of the body where you excrete waste liquids and also nerves – and I think was nodes in the brain as well so they found we’re in four to three to four minutes they were
like nano crystals in their parts of the in all parts of body they found that nano crystals .. in the
skin were able to likely to cause cancer.”
“Migration of intradermally injected Qunatum Dots to sentinel organs in mice.” ” (2007) so it talks about
the experiment they had done on mice so .,..” following intradermal infiltration.”
Lisa Scott: vor 8 Monaten: It’s witchcraft. We shouldn’t look up the dark sayings of Satan. The life of Esau. God is a miracle worker and he can prepare you a table in the wilderness in front of your enemies. God protects people from being poisoned, murdered and such, you don’t have to read their minds and they’ll Never be able to read Christ’s mind. Allow him to walk you through this and you’ll come out better incredibly blessed.
PineapplePowersuit: vor 9 Monaten: Very important information. Thank you, Bella. But no one needs to get stuck in the purely physical aspects of this. Make no mistake, it is a spiritual war and ti’s have been chosen.
New Breed: vor 7 Monaten: Do not do anything harmful to any other person no matter what they tell you, no matter how they make you feel.. This is the goal of the ones attacking me, and they caused another to harm me and they tell me horrific things, everyday, all day.. most recently that they caused my beloved pet to have a seizure which left him paralyzed and i couldn’t let him go for four days.. he was in pain, but it was so difficult to have him put to sleep.. they shame me for this. They also say things like, “dumb animal” in my head to cause me mental stress… They also say racist things to me, and often mention my childhood abuse and mock me for my uncle raping me, reminding me daily.. They do not care about you, NEVER let them trick you into thinking they are somehow on your side! It’s basically a kill cam and your torture is how they make their money. Just do what you can to spread awareness.
Harmony Love: vor 4 Monaten: Just say meat not protein this is part of thebrainwashing.
God Good: vor 4 Monaten: James Delinois said all ti’s targets I divividuals needs to stand together to fight against domestic terrorists (gangs stalkers).
Gold Christian: vor 8 Monaten: Thank you, They are after our blood line. But GOD ALMIGHTY who put us in this earth will surely put us through all these Satanic demonic entities.
God Good: vor 4 Monaten: They used my neighbors to target you 24/7.
SpiritJourney: vor 7 Monaten: Wow! You really did your homework. New to your channel. Keep on going.
best man: vor 7 Monaten: The perps are Christians.
Servant of THE MOST HIGH: vor 11 Monaten: natural psychokinesis plays a huge role, technology is secondary….as well d.e.w and e.l.f are the base technologies used.
Maria: vor 9 Monaten: You are very smart in your age, doing research I’m also doing research almost 5 years trying to figure what’s happened to me.
Willtakemorethanpopperstomakemeunhealthyha: vor 9 Monaten (bearbeitet): The hardest thing about being a TI is to decipher where their cut off point is. I’ve blamed my perps for things that weren’t them at all. How far do they go? They will go as far as their resources will allow. Most targeting is operated by a nut job, puppet master funding the harassment… It’s easy to get lost and caught up in fantasy as a form of an escape. Crazy escapism is one of their objectives. Stay strong. Stay as you are. Godspeed.
Skylyn Kemp: vor 8 Monaten: greetings! I have seen the nano crystal in my pineal gland also. I seen it as it rotated in from the left to the right rotating from a dot to a line to multiple lines rotating counterclockwise to clockwise. It appeared to stay suspended in air like a hologram hexagonal shape, it had an outline of purple light and blue fill colour. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
Greg Skomaroske: vor 8 Monaten: They have messed with my technology as well. It was the fbi and dept of Justice in Wisconsin.
Force Multiplier: vor 5 Monaten: Bella, you are blowing my mind. Since I was a child, I would have a repeating nightmare of being surrounded with black spheres. They would pile on me until I would wake up in a state of shock and took me time to come out of. I am a t.i. with heavy gang stalking, ect. This technology is old. I am 48 now. Wow. This also links the flashing colored lights in the sky. Those control the crystals I think. Amazing.
The War Above Us: vor 1 Monat: Damn, I saw the flashes a week ago, and if these nanos light up under UV, I’m imagining the florescent chem clouds in the evening. And, I’ve been eating tons of protein, gotta cut back. I’ve had this urge to fast lately, need to get on it.
Diane’s Perception: vor 1 Monat: TI’s are the remnant, chosen by God so be careful not to get caught up in all the crap that the enemy is throwing at you. Keep your mind on Jesus and the word of God and don’t focus on the negative things. This is what the enemy want because his only purpose is to kill, steal and destroy. Know that you are special to God and know that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Peace.
Gold Christian: vor 10 Monaten: My God, they put this little crystals on our water and food, and this goes to different parts of our internal organs, and eyes so through this crystal camera they can see our internal body and through our eyes they can see all what we are doing, they know when we sleep, and they see all what we are looking and doing, why don’t they use it to catch criminals instead of innocent people, no privacy anymore, this has to be from governments, society people has no money to operate this huge operation is large it has to be government issue. No wonder when i sleep i get crazy dreams, they are into our dreams too, they organise stalk you during the day, you come home the neighbours around you make noise to disturb you, the neighbourhood hood stalk you watch your every move, the neighbour upstairs listen to your every move you make in your home, if you go to toilet you will hear them go to toilet too at that particular time you go to toilet? If you go to kitchen you will hear his foot step goes to kitchen too, always the time you go they go, any part of your house, your rooms, they stalk you there, and I can hear them very clearly ,me living downstairs I can hear them movement following me upstairs they are living, they literally stalk me in my own home, the freaks living up of me, one time i called police on them, police refuse to come, the police said we are neighbours we should settle it, and the stupid police was asking for my number, I called to complain about the neighbour upstairs making loud noise disturbing me, which they do every time as part of their gang stalking me, instead the stupid police is asking for my number, I always knew the police people have their hand in people stalking me, many times i see the police car passing me everytime I am out side, every time I cross and intersection a police car we pass and they look at me, and am not a criminal, the police are into stalking me too, but the day i cleaned our stircase, my neighbour upstairs called police on me, instead of them to thank me for cleaning the staircase, they called police on me that i pour water on the staircase to make their old father fall down that’s why i pour water on the step,and their father did not even pass the step, they just assumed i pour water on the step as a trap for their father to fall. God knows I didn’t, I cleaned the step genuinely, but now I can understand, because they are into organised stalking me they think i want to revenge by pouring water on the steps to make their father slip and fall which he didn’t even fall he didn’t even pass the step, number one am christian why would i want to do a thing like that to a old man that is old enough to be my father. God almighty help me from this stalkers.
Latricia Thompson: vor 9 Monaten (bearbeitet): EMP gun. You can make a cheap one for 500.
JoAnn Valenzuela: vor 10 Monaten: I have evidence that these are being put in our eyes for the “handlers” to take their images from what is being viewed ….. God bless all you do for the kingdom of God in Yeshuas name, Amen.
J P: vor 1 Jahr (bearbeitet): I am trying colonic therapy..along side being in Christ..God has a sense of humour…
Organic coffee flush
Pink salt flush
Bicarbonate soda flush
Honey & apple cider
The detox is incredible…after flush..kit 8.99 ebay…a glooppy vile comes out of your mouth in the shower..bucket loads…
Wash out that which the particles operate…..but it clears your mind in relation to it..
Gonna try a pink salt bath.
Tyrrantdestroyer74: vor 9 Monaten: I have been raw frugivore for 3 months now…. funny how ya mention no proteins because I am avoiding them already from just studying how we should eat inherently. I am hard core targeted and the ringing in my ears is getting bad… we will beat them…. I will not give up…. must take my power back!! Thanks again Bellaaa.
Arch L Croft: vor 9 Monaten (bearbeitet): Whoa, SLOW down so we can understand what you are saying and you won’t fumble your words so much. I really want to know what you are talking about but it sounds like gibberish. You are freaking me out…

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