Henning Witte: Mind Control/MK-Ultra, A.I., Scalar Waves, Covert Harassment…

“Henning Witte: Mind Control/MK-Ultra, A.I., Scalar Waves, Covert Harassment, False Flags, EUCACH.org ”
I put the failed Ziontube-auto-transcriptions that I always need to correct, as an example, to show you how youtube-auto-transcription is cia and nsa…and shows their evil intentions..
(“problem that they could go around, they had another device against depressions to kill him here on the neck harmonizer”
/Goo-gle-Zion-Nazi-Tube-NSA-Fail-Transcription…shows their evil intentions…^^
all the chica pharmaco are designed to / and so to buy those >>>helmet<<< would not be a good idea it’s too”)
BTW. These totally out of control insane Shadow Gov Corporate Zion-Nazi Crime Cabal Cartels and Degenerate Cults/NWO Alphabet Gangs/Oil-Nuclear-Pharma-Military-Medical-Oligarchic-Federal-Fascis/DOD/CIA/NSA/DIA/Arpa/MIC/NIH/GOV/APA/EPA/CDC/AMA/Pentagon/Nazi-Stasi-Templars/FBI/Mafia/CoIntelPro2 etc., they have a assault-pattern/mafia codex/neurosis with the number 11 and with the date 10.6… they regularly use these dates 211/311/511/911/1111/11111111/21111/112/110 as Emergency-Attack-Vector.. DOD even reserved the IP-Range, so deep go these verifiable, real conspiracy facts.

“and the magnetic scalar wave is used in our brain computer and therefore it was correct what the secret services in
Sweden told me they use scalar waves they use magnetic scalar waves in mind control,
so when I had grasped that in Summer 2011 I made research on the Internet is there other devices working with scalar waves? Yes, American company Q-wave was the only company in the world selling devices and they call it scalar waves, with scalar wave other words are Tesla-waves and Tachyons and so on, there are little different names on it, but what the most established name now is, thanks to Professor Meyl, scalar waves and so they had one device you can hang around the neck, it’s this little size, you have to
charge it every 10 days, there is a little battery in there..helping TI’s they claimed, also against mind control, so he
ordered it from America. Magnus Olsson was the first to test and others in Sweden and it helped, so this was also confirmation
that scalar waves exist, the problem was about after one week to 10 days the old problems of mind control came back, so
the secret services found a way to go around it, we found out that the control over the mind control technology is in the
military and in the secret services like Mossad, CIA, NSA and so, FSB in Russia and so..this was of course a
problem that they could go around, they had another device against depressions, you can hang around the neck, a harmonizer
and my mother had always huge problems with depressions and she got Risperdal for that but which didn’t help, it made
it a little bit better in the beginning, but in the long run it made it worse and as I now know Risperdal opens for
demons, all the Psychopharmaka are designed to open for demons … you really got problems and when I
handed out this device on her birthday, she was like changed, she never had depressants since then, she didn’t need
Risperdal any longer, so there you see that all the modern psychiatrist are quackeries. Psychiatry
is quackery, because they talk about chemical imbalances in brain, they are so stupid, they haven’t studied
the brain, they don’t understand that the brain is using magnetic scalar waves and not so much chemicals and those
magnetics scalar waves, as all scalars waves, they are quicker than light, so Einstein lied to us that nothing is quicker than light, also there are conspiracies in physics and now in psychiatry they start to use magnets to get rid of of psychic illness and
this is the correct way, but they are just now starting and never listening, a lot of court cases for people sitting in
psychiatry which are not sick are victims of mind-control and arrogant psychiatrists and judges, they don’t even
take in the information I present them with mind control, they just block, it is horribly stupidities, like in the Middle
Ages, so there we had confirmation how it is working and then I have got in Germany the hint …gold is
helping against mind control..the first thing they do with targeted individuals mind-control
victims, they take the money from them ,so they can’t defend and so to buy gold would not be a good idea, it’s too
expensive, so I figured out let’s try homeopathic gold, homeopathy is a kind of medicine, not working with
chemicals as they usually do today, therefore the stupid doctors say: homeopathy can’t work, because there are no
molecules and therefore no chemical reactions and therefore it’s correctly, they are too stupid to realize that a
medical effects also can be achieved by physics, by interference of waves, in this case scalar waves and this is the better
and more mighty way to do medicine with physics and not with chemistry, so there’s also very primitive level in the Western
world.. in the usual medicine that they don’t realize that interference of wave can change things in the body, because we are built up as a hologram, from scalar waves and therefore homeopathic remedies can help in medicine because they use interference of scalar waves. (Henning Witte)(2017)”

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