Techno Crime Fighters Forum: Episode 26
“Ramola D Reports:
Streamed live on Sep 14, 2017
A historic and explosive panel featuring all 4 regular members of Dr. Marko’s Techno Crime Fighters Team and all 5 members of the US-Europe Joint Investigation Team focus this week on “Revelations.” Starting with a focus on NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart’s petition to the Federal Government to Take Me Off Your Fraud Enemies’ List Now, to the story of the surgical discovery, removal, and laboratory spectroscopy analysis of a covert strangulator implant in Melanie Vritschan’s throat, discussion of the energy tech with which people are being hit, and the big reveal of the name of the persecutor of Dr. Millicent Black–Randall Webster, a USAF veteran and a pastor, of all things, in Tennessee–as well as graphics showing the recorded implants in Dr. Black’s body, installed there by Webster, this episode is crackling with electricity.
Dr. Horton expounds on the nature of the crimes being covered here, and traces the ways in which, materially and legally, all civilians and especially targeted civilians are being enslaved. Karen Stewart addresses the FBI.
Can the FBI be cleaned up to become an organization of integrity working for the people–and not the crime syndicate we see everywhere? Will people and media watching this bombshell video step forward to help?
“I worded it fiercely..this ends now, because we have a right to self defense and we are being murdered. (Karen Stewart)”
“A targeted individual has a covert surgical implant removed by a physician and wins the fight to retain the materials found in her tracheal area.”
“These organizations are Criminals, they are behaving like Predators. We are all victims of the CIA and FBI, as well as the DHS..a whole bunch of other horrific intelligence agencies and military departments, the DOD..DARPA..etc. (Ramola D.)”
“I am shaking my head at the criminality of the FBI. (Karen Stewart)”
“We know that our neighbours are guilty and we will go after them and now it´s the delicious part to go after all these criminals. (Katherine Horton)”
“The U.S. and other countries have been sold into ownership to the Vatican, which is otherwise known as organized crime.
So, The Vatican, as I said many times, has been, for centuries, in deep capture, if not for millennias, by organized crime, so when I say Vatican I mean an organized crime conglomerate. (Katherine Horton)”

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