Magnus Olsson survives massive DEW attack, launches World Coalition against AI-CIA-NSA DEW transhumanist agenda

“so that these hidden war criminals who are targeting civilians which is prohibited this is genocide and crimes against humanity under the Geneva Conventions under the Rome Treaty under the International Criminal Court statute under any international standard of humanitarian law of national laws…so that we can get started to stop this and we can get a tribunal established to prosecute these people to go apparently some of the proof is that
the masons and the free mason organizations and the secret societies are the ones that are behind this and they are protected…”
“Veröffentlicht am 01.03.2016
Magnus Olsson survives massive DEW attack, launches World Coalition against AI-CIA-NSA DEW transhumanist agenda, shows how 6 million+ Europeans are entrained into HAARP supercomputers, 80% of humanity have chemtrails implants.
By Alfred Lambremont Webre”
“They clone your brain into their super quantum systems and whatever they do it affects you in realtime instantly…50 seconds…they are trying to take over…the morphological system in your brain is what makes everyone different, so what they are trying to achieve to be able to control the morphological system as well.
Time to block the System…The Scalar Waves that they use about the magnetic and electrical wire is hooked up on the inner sphere of the Earth. There are 7 very big and strong electromagnetic systems, that´s called the Scalar Mainframe System, that is hooked up on the 5G System, that is coming out and frome a swedish company called Ericsson…they are the best.
The Free Decisions is being taken away from us as personalities…2045 Project…Memory Extension Chip…you become another personality…
Our way of speaking, talking and putting together, they are mapping this around the world now and everything started by the hives to what is called the mainframe Mr computer and that´s an Artificial Intelligence straight through and the Artificial Intelligence is picking up so fast so it can actually take over the pronto of a personality.
We will win…we are on the winning team.  (Magnus Olsson)”

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