92 Year Old Blows Lid Off Mind Control Conspiracy…

“The time has passed when we can sit idle and hope for the better we must be bold in defending the oppressed, if not we will pay a sad price for temporary peace and security… what has happened too quickly in this United States of America since the end of World War II makes the Holocaust in Germany look like a 4th July picnic. Tyranny cannot come to the door of any american except by those in law enforcement or military uniform.
..finally I went to a doctor in Rockford Illinois and together they have ranged from me to go to North Shore hospital’s Illinois… That was almost a death sentence for me… powerful drugs were used and the sleep machine and chat machines gotta work out. I was there for five weeks in January of 1964 I was lucky to come out alive they operated for four years and then the building was torn down the ground and made into a public park during the time I was anesthetized. I had cerebral implants inserted into my body making me a target run directed energy weapons I have this surgical scars to prove the evidence….is it ever right to violate citizens as experimental guinea pigs to test new technology on citizens without their informed consent. How many Doctors… were prosecuted for committing these crimes. The United States, after World War Two, violated thousands of American citizens without their informed consent or even telling them that they were being used in an experiment. These trustees have continued since that time and there must be
immediate legal action to end these crimes against our citizens, in all instances the perpetrators violators we’re.. doctor´s ..were paid big money for their involvement…”
This is not conspiracy theory, these are facts that you’re relying on.. Nazi-Doctors who did this is very well-documented ladies and gentlemen.
“This was 1964 it did me twenty years to get the document information and at that time I started getting in touch with other victims and now I’m in touch with others all over the country and we have done a tremendous job trying to expose and stop this.”
“Here are a couple of posts she made on the Internet in 2011, she was tortured and destroyed and died… She was murdered, she was a Doctor and Mother of three. They destroyed her practice and her life and stole over a million dollars from her, the evil monsters love to steal, kill and destroy.  When are they going to do something about these evil criminals…”
“This is a letter after he took his life: To whom it may concern I am a white male 59 years 5th generation American, I was driven to social security disability in 1996. I suffer from neural manipulation, health problems and insomnia. I have been victimized by mind control manipulation, holographic visions, nightmares and bizarre dreams…I have been subliminally degraded.. sabotaged, life threatened and isolated, stripped off human dignity… Why? Because I am Anti-System, because I refuse… fear and intimidation and being chipped… I have been tortured with electromagnetic beam voices…more frequent at night.. nonstop 24/7… I have made attempts for help and assistance, locally and to elected officials to no avail. My family is now a stranger because they’re obviously brainwashed and comfortable with the status quo. I have no resources, but if you’re a legitimate
and compassionate organization I am your objective what I need is serious and urgent response advice and dialogue, the most important work we can do humanity can do while breathing is expose this…”
Thank you so much for sharing that now Barb this technology that we´re referring to, not only does it exist, not only do we of course put the blame on the government developing this technology is well documented that the CIA has experimented with trauma based mind control, sexual trauma based mind control as well especially as it relates to women because it’s very easy for them to do that, but now we have a circumstance where private corporations, ok, .., they’re hiring companies and people experience with this technology in the private sector to actually do. They’ve got private investigators, they’ve got private entities that are running out they are using this technology against their corporate adversaries, ok, this is not just a government thing. It is so mastered it and distributed it, that it has become a widespread thing. Why is it important to bring up what’s happening to the TI’s because thet TIs have been laboratory rats early on to develop the same technology that they’re now applying to the greater population. Everybody sees
it happening, now they’re doing mass mind control aren’t they Barb…
Now we have a bunch of whistleblowers that are coming forward to talk about this technology now I encourage each and every one of you too to research the facts that this technology exists and it’s being used on not just ninety two-year-old barb. 92 year old Barb has been experimented with as a laboratory rat and others in Ti community laboratory rats, so that they can refine the technology and apply it to the greater population now they’re ready to do that. It´s very very widespread thank you for calling in Barb. It´s worldwide, absolute a very powerful technology is being used upon us, .. I will spend every waking moment of my entire life making sure I’m learning more about it and exposing the truth about it…”
(Pete Santilli)
“This conference is in Germany. It´s the Covert Harassment Conference…”
(Pete Santilli Show)(92 Year Old Blows Lid Off Mind Control Conspiracy)
Veröffentlicht am 12.09.2015:
This segment is heartbreaking! Listen as this 92 year old woman talks about her experiences with mind control technology and being targeted since the
“ancientmum vor 1 Woche
So few of us left. Listen to the old folk every chance you get. The modern world does not want the old folk to be heard.
Kathy Bradbury vor 1 Woche
The god of this world system’s time is almost up. The reason scum rises to the top is in order that it may be removed and thrown out. Thank you Barbara for your courage in enduring so you could help others that are suffering the same things by exposing the truth…I am praying for you and all of the TI‘s, Bless you in Jesus Name.
chondram vor 1 Woche
Did she say how this technology was being used on folks other than implants?
Thru the TV/radio/cell phones, etc??
exposing illuminati satanic vor 1 Woche
not surprise about illuminati satanic America government puppets and mind control,President Kennedy and his brother died because the elite satanic masons trying keep secrets away from Americans
Well, we are electrical beings…
MrAtheist Delusion vor 1 Woche
I have also been attacked by ELF technology beams into my head.”

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