Vatican Secrets EXPOSED by Jordan Maxwell

Vatican Secrets EXPOSED by Jordan Maxwell
“The Cult of Mitra is the predecessor of the satanic Cult of Christianity. Religion is behind all cruelty of this planet.
Rom has dominated Europe for 3500 years under the guise of Christianity.
Europe has dominated the Earth. The greatest and most powerful cult in the world is the Cult of Mitra.
The Vatican is a political empire. Jordan Maxwell does not believe for a moment that Jesus existed as a man.
He thinks the entire new testament is a symbolic metaphor, as well as the old testaments, a very powerful law and ownership of people document.
The Bible as political documents put into the politically by very powerful secret societies and fraternal orders.
(Opus Dei, Knights of Malta)
It´s a dominating, very powerful and oppressive old system of Rom´s Caesar. Mitra worship of Sun (Sunday). The Pope has sovereignty about all life on earth. He gets the “divine” right of Rom. All animal life, all human life.. The Pope is standing in for Jesus. Abolute power corrupts absolutely. All Governments of the world are profoundly dark, violent and corrupt. The Vatican worship the Fish God Dagon. Christianity is the worship of the Fish God Dagon.
The Vatican created the Knights Templar to be basically their assassins then they turned on the Knights Templar. What happens is that the Templars are doing all the dirty work and collecting all the jewels in and material treasures raping the earth and giving it to the Vatican. The Mafia is directly connected to the Vatican in the Vatican. Dealing directly with the holy father, dealing directly with the pope. The Knights Templar were the first banking system and are still. It´s a masonic operation. The Vatican dominates the American Court System.”

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