Brainwashed by Nithyananda; Now I'm Speaking Out About his DANGEROUS CULT!

“Brainwashed by Nithyananda; Now I’m Speaking Out About his DANGEROUS CULT!”
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Sarah Stephanie Landry
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Lessons learned. Please don’t fall into the same trap I did.”
“sree jith: vor 4 Tagen: You just need something called common sense to understand he’s fake.. it’s not rocket science.”
“Sherief Nriya: vor 2 Monaten: Being an Indian I never believed in him …. most Indian actually hate him because he is fraud.”
“Deva Raj: vor 2 Monaten: Sadhguru is the next one in the list.
Prasanth J Nair: vor 2 Monaten: @Deva Raj Keep dreaming.
Prasanth J Nair: vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet): He (Nithyananda) is a fraud. No doubt in that.
Acting Unacting: vor 2 Monaten: Sadhguru is the best.
Deva Raj: vor 2 Monaten: @Prasanth J Nair And you keep supporting illogical Godmen.
Prasanth J Nair: vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet): @Deva Raj : If you think he is illogical, that’s your opinion. I don’t consider Sadguru as a “godman”. But, in my opinion, his speeches have logic. (Also, it’s none of your business whether I support him or not.)
Deva Raj: vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet): @Prasanth J Nair Also it is none of your business that I find him illogical & a charlatan. Hope you get it. Don’t come to me supporting this charlatan.
Rajesh Menon: vor 5 Tagen: 🙏 Sarah:
It takes a lot of guts to come out in public and accept things like what you did in this video. It is one the most difficult things to do. Which tells me that you are a good person deep in you. I sincerely wish you had studied Sanathana dharma from a real guru. Karma catches up.. good or bad.. we like it or don’t.. wish you a peaceful and meaningful life hereafter.. 🙏
Google trop curieux: vor 3 Tagen: I guess that’s gonna bring you a lot of soul growth.
Ajith Appukuttan: vor 2 Monaten: he is the fakest guru of all time, I watched his videos, he doesn’t even know what he is talking about.
R P C: vor 1 Tag: We Indians knew that this low life was an illiterate degenerate all along. It’s partly fools like you that made him the confidence to fool society.
Shivoham Shivoham: vor 3 Tagen: There are people who hired sicarios and they are tracking down nityananda’s location. The fraud guru is now being hunted. His head has a bounty in the darkweb.
Semper Fidelis: vor 1 Tag: There is another one called satguru. Omg, how many of them are there?
Suna pana: vor 7 Stunden: India is a land of fraud godmen.
Buddha could not even get any big followings in India eventhough he was born in India.
Conspiracy Revelation: 4.12.2019: That is an argument Suna P. …
Manu Das: vor 2 Monaten: “E is not equal to M C square
Its emmmmmmmmccccc ” Dear sarah, sorry for your bad experience, but we indians consider him as a buffoon..
vijji: vor 2 Monaten: Buffon or mentally ill. Paranoid, narcissist ? A young man realizes he is a shakta in the traditional sense, a healer. His teachers in his home town give him traditional siddha secrets about things in which few people know. He messes around with power, reading people’s minds, using his shakti to move people, seduces men and women alike with simple chakra manipulation, brainwashes young people into believing the oneness will make them gods, makes them jump, roll on the floor, shock them with lust desire, doing thinks in front of adults and young people which should be done in privacy. He flips out and thinks he is god, builds himself a brass chariot and rides around his land, he becomes a predator and parasite for both Westerners and Asians alike since he needs cash follow to make himself look grand, but in real daily life he lives like a sannyasi. This confuses his followers even more. He thrives on keeping people confused. Perhaps he cheats people for large sums of money and builds a beautiful Hollywood set for theatre entertainment disguised as sacred satsangs. Lots of actors and actresses doing his bidding hand picked by him chosen for good looks, girls, boys ladies, men and mesmerizes them into believing they have power, which they do, power to bull shit . he is not a fraud, he is nuts and dangerous.
SerpentDawn: vor 1 Monat: Manu Das my husband always laughs at that guy.
Conspiracy Revelation: 4.12.2019: Yes SerpentDawn, from the outside, as uninvolved viewer, like me too, it looks very clownish and humorous..but from the inside it seems to become pretty fast life-threatening.
Ultimate Revelations: vor 1 Monat: People who follow him or take him seriously should be getting Ph.D in Studpidity from IIT Bombay.
mail2babuz: vor 1 Monat: Ultimate Revelations: Correct! People who follow this person amaze me more than how stupid Nithy is!
Pirate Man: vor 1 Monat: I was amazed at her ability to delude herself, but when her mother came to visit and also bought into it… I was totally confusing. It´s not possible to be that dumb, so I figured she was just a great actor and maybe genius. now… it turns out, she really was. I´m speechless.
vinodh kumar: vor 2 Monaten: We don’t believe this man Nithyananda. He is such a fake guy. The person who preaches Hinduism never sell his knowledge for money.
Conspiracy Revelation: 4.12.2019: True, he falls under Demi-Gods (In Western Terms we would say Demiurgic) Rule then, according to your Gita…So he can´t be a
Arpith Das: vor 1 Monat: All he is doing is for money, Nothing else, Targeting the sensitive minded Foreigners.
Debanshu Roy: vor 1 Monat: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?”
Pulicat Ettikudiappan: vor 1 Woche: Too late lady, you have done too much damage already.
Shyam Sundar: vor 3 Tagen (bearbeitet): I want to put it on record …my personal acquaintance with a person for 9 years tells me that some human beings do possess psychic capabilities like materializing objects from the air, telepathy and clairvoyance. And yet, that doesn’t necessarily make them good humans or higher humans. A man can possess such capabilities and still be bad or evil.
Conspiracy Revelation: 4.12.2019: Exactly…
UtubeS: vor 6 Tagen: I am surprised that you even joined his group. All my Indian friends laugh at him.

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