The Tragedy of India: Pfizer, “Mahatma” Gandhi, Beggars, & Bullshit.

Dr.SHIVA LIVE: The Tragedy of India: Pfizer, “Mahatma” Gandhi, Beggars, & Bullshit.
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Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD
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Dr.SHIVA LIVE: The Tragedy of India: Pfizer, “Mahatma” Gandhi, Beggars, & Bullshit.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD in Biological Engineering, the Inventor of Email, Scientist, Engineer, Educator educates us on the propaganda war going on in India – interconnecting the systems of drug development, history, and science using a SYSTEMS approach..”

“”While the British found a guy called Gandhi and they changed his name to “Mahatma” Gandhi which means that he is: The Lord, the Messiah, ok, quite amazing branding that they did and…Gandhi who was a failed lawyer from South Africa, who was literally love-licking the boots of the British… He was brought into India, embraced by the Indian Elite and he was used to quell down this bottoms-up movement that was starting to rise up in India…
he was too “militant”.., but he was fighting for his people, like Thomas Paine and Jefferson and Washington, Gandhi couldn´t have that, because he was an agent of the British Elite and the Indian Gandhi gets promoted as the was all theater.. so Gandhi became promoted as the “Savior” of India…he was a scumbag…if you don´t learn this, people think Gandhi is some great guy. He wasn´t a great guy, he was an agent of the British, the agent of the Indian Elite to suppress a natural Revolution that needed to take place in Inida…Indian People wanted to rise up, kick out the British, kick out the Indian Elite.. Gandhi..he was helping wealthy Elites.. Gandhi was an agent used to tell people to mellow out, promote a Bullshit Philosophy of “Non-Violence” and it wasn´t really non-violent…and Indians were hanged, he said, well, the punishment was just. He was not non-violent, he was
for violence of the Elites against everyday people, but not everyday people fighting back.”

“Sadhguru didn´t say anything, because he is a money-making machine.”
“Deepak Chopra didn´t say anything. I did.”
“Sadhguru ist not a leader, he is a money-making machine.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 7.5.2021: Actually it looks like Youtube monopolized him completely…there are only Videos of him..endless videos..nothing else visible, the rest is censored…likely because it is also based on Government propaganda and NWO compatible speech for Corporate Monopolies and Oligarchic Deception.

“Tegeleshe Bhialehe Ande Geta: vor 7 Minuten:
Please don’t attack Mahatama Gandi! He taught us how to organize!”
“Satwinder Singh: vor 22 Minuten:
Brother wanted to know how can we save people who are already vaccinated…!? By system science or any means..”
Heather Coran: vor 5 Minuten:
The title..Thank you, Dr. As always, you are wonderful. I´m so glad that you haven’t let them bully you into silence, that’s so very impressive.”

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