Operation Thumb Tack Zakaos Hunting The Thule and Vril

I always wondered about the strange Mexican Nazi Cartel Facebook Stalkers…now you are the deciphering expert for this breed…very interesting.
Also the description with the Gipsy Witches from Romania…and the Vril and Thule Zion-Nazi-Satanists.
“Veröffentlicht am 18.04.2016
Breaking Ninja News Exclusive Part Two. This Video is about the Nazi Power structure Modern Psychopaths internal programming and the Demon programs and the start of them and the satanic Projects and Black Programs up to today.
We have all heard of The Nazi Operation Clip Paper then turned into the Skull and Bones / Kkk’s / Skull and Bones Vie the Skull and Bones Made and created, C.I.A.’s Operation Paper clip . This was done to protect the Thule and Vril psychopaths.
Operation Thumb Tack is the Vril and Thule super secret Time warp, mind control warp and time travel and warp super assassin projects. This operation features the satanic orders most feared and valuable gate keeper. The Mimic Pin Diamond Demon internal archon mind control system. This is all about the Sub Con program ( Subconscious demonic programming remotely ) Boob Tube Patent and the Lily wave Magnetic Field intrusion they have in all Tv and Computers attacking and programming you while you use this technology .
To be continued .
Pssss Pinned post Nazi Darpa Book ?
The Continued assaults and attempted assignations of the Super Cowards continues . Example Joke but for real : Hey lets Fight ! Ok , let me hack your brain and see if i can steal your style and what ever else i want so I can will before we battle . Aw”

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