Secret NWO Island Headquarters… At 'The Last Place On Earth'

Secret NWO Island Headquarters Discovered
“The plot thickens. When the NWO Criminal Funding front Pureheart went off radar, along with its vast stolen Trillions
… Surprise, surprise. Nothing secret stays buried long.
But, you have to give it to them, if you plan to reign down a Nuclear holocaust upon the earth, no major city is safe, or bunker. So they funded a safe haven, but damn the spies! …
…now to hide was key as the world Intel Agencies started looking at him. Nowhere for him was safe from attack for the Global havoc he has caused. Or worse, under Thug Fuhrer Bush 41 and the evil incarnate he personifies, a real new Deep Cover Dr. NO type of Deep Bunker was needed to carry out Global Armageddon and hide, safe from retaliation.
Well that is until now, as Russia and China lock on their own Satellite Missiles and Laser Weapons to ensure that if it all kicks off, this entire mountain range, and all hiding below, however well fortified, will be entombed forever. What the hell are these vast arrays of Giant antennas for? These are vast, secret Military Compound Islands costing Trillions. Funded how? For what? Who owns this?
Is this nation controlled, or secret Cabal? This is an enormous undertaking. Does Congress know? Why not?
If this is the NWO hidden Lair, the world needs to unite and atomize it and all ensconced inside. If this is in fact Purehearts NWO Global terrorist and Fraud centre, it’s time the world sends a message. Both Russia and China have significant Space Weapons targeting US bases and cities, but why not test their real power with a direct hit. No Sovereign Nation is attacked. No civilian area. So how does the US explain this is its Neutron bombarded and Bunker Busters crack open the mountain caverns below? Norway will hardly fight. Putin and China need to make this the #1 target if now if proven. Bond would track Blofeld, and the Licence is enough to action it. Time to end the Bush Baker Zionist Cabal.

No secret now is it? No point on HAARPING on about what’s coming. Vlad the Impaler is tooling up – long overdue.
A Big, Big, Big Question. Look at those colossal antenna targeting space. The vast array and size. To communicate with who?
Look at the military support and clouding. This looks very suspicious, as hell!
Despite being the most remote location upon the planet Earth, completely uninhabited according to the CIA’s World Factbook, the subantarctic volcanic island called ‘Bouvet Island‘ is home to the top-level internet country domain code .bv and is located in the direct vicinity of several recent unsolved mysteries as outlined in the story and 1st 3 videos below. The facts we’ve uncovered lead us to believe a secret island headquarters of the New World Order has been discovered in one of the most remote regions on the planet that is also the home to an ongoing series of internet cyber warfare attacks being launched across the world as well as a HAARP control point for the NWO’s nefarious electronic warfare.
Far away from humanity in the south Atlantic Ocean between South America, South Africa and Antarctica, you could draw a circle with a 1000 mile radius around Bouvet Island that would contain no other land whatsoever. Ruled by Norway since 1930, it has been statused as a nature preserve, an area with no human inhabitants, yet the top-level internet domain code remains a mystery.”
Source: 2015/03/secret-nwo-island-headquarters

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