Human Wetware & The 5G Computer Weapon

Conspiracy Revelation: 25.6.2019: The First Way to Freedom and Empowerment…REMOVE ALL NSA-BACKDOORs from all Hardware products!!!!!!! (Idealism) Or at least create a HARDWARE NICHE (Realism) with 100% CLEAN products free from the Nazion-Stasi-Army or New-Stasi-Army or Nazion-Subversion-Army / Nasty-Subversive-A…
“CISCO, known as the NSA’s “golden child” was key to this effort.”
I told this in a public Hardware-Forum and they got wild like remote controlled Zombie Beasts who want to believe in fairy tales and fake security….80%-95% are still completely oblivious of the fact that all CISCO ROUTERS/FIREWALLS are completely insecure and backdoored by NSA…
“Human Wetware & The 5G Computer Weapon
Posted on 04/16/2019 |
In 1963 IBM was told by federal regulators that it could not market its new computer to citizens because it was a dangerous weapon through which disinformation could be used to subdue entire populations.
A couple of decades of deregulation later, IBM was finally allowed to sell its weapons system to the world. By 1993 the National Security Agency (NSA) had installed a backdoor chip into these computer weapons, giving them a monopoly over the encryption process. Those involved in this effort included John Podesta, Larry Summers, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, and George Bush Sr. via the Carlyle Group.
CISCO, known as the NSA’s “golden child” was key to this effort. Crown Agent GE was instrumental in procuring the required and stolen PROMIS software. Intel pitched in, installing an “aggressive remote control” on all of its chips known as a mechanical engine controller. Through its new Point Focal Node Trusted Remote Access Control (PFNTRAC), the NSA could now TRAC everything.
Hillary Clinton and her Rose Law Firm cohorts aided this effort through their extensive patent infringement litigation on behalf of Big Tech, whose Crown and military sponsors already knew that patents and innovation would play a big role in the full spectrum dominance which they sought through this new computer weapon.
While Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton was busy using Mena, AR as a contra-cocaine hub, and Little Rock’s finest Jackson Stephens was using his Worthen Bank to help BCCI launder money looted by the IMF from some of the poorest countries in the world, Hillary Clinton was helping the IBM Eclipse Foundation steal key software from Leader Technologies which would eventually become Facebook.
QRS-11 crystal gyroscopes were also sent from Little Rock to the NSA where they would prove key in the agency’s encryption monopoly. They would soon be installed in everything from jumbo jets to cars to missile systems. With the ability to be turned on and off by their NSA controllers, the QRS-11 crystals would provide the basis for the internet of things.
Crown Agent SERCO was given the contract to run the US patent office and all subsequent 5G-related patents would mysteriously come under the control of HP alumnus and Agilent founder Richard P. Walker. (
By the time military insider and AT&T/Bell Labs alumnus Eric Schmidt became CEO of Google, IBM’s Eclipse Foundation had organized its Silicon Valley underlings to begin carrying forward their weaponized 5G dream. This would involve computer hardware, which they already had; computer software, which was soon streaming out of the now well-funded Silicon Valley NSA fronts; and wetware.
Wetware meant human beings and other living creatures, which would be ionized and programmed on a highly individualized DNA basis with the hardware and software to create a completely integrated and controllable 5G grid full spectrum dominance weapons system. Artificial intelligence would permeate the grid, seeking to self-replicate while turning humanity off.
It was soon after Schmidt got to Google that Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and other NSA data collection tools were rolled out. The Bank of International Settlements had a rogue CIA faction under its control which operated out of CERN. It was now time to personalize the wetware. To do so everyone would have to be profiled emotionally, spiritually and physically.
Google’s Alphabet parent scooped up Boston Dynamics, which was the first company to develop robotics. The 911 Crown false flag attack on the US would provide the pretext for passage of the Patriot Act, which had been crafted by Robert Mueller and his treasonous City of London-owned cohorts. With the US Constitution effectively suspended, humans would now have no legal basis to resist their coming 5G grid enslavement.
The Crown’s GCHQ now openly set up shop in Ft. Meade, MD, giving a whole new meaning to a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Authority) warrant. Project Echelon soon morphed into the Five Eyes Alliance. All communications were now monitored by the Board of Broadcasting Governors (BBG). Later President Obama would establish the Global Engagement Center within the State Department to serve as a sort of Ministry of Truth.
Rothschild lieutenant George Soros waited in the wings to pull off his final colored revolution if necessary. It would involve the overthrow of President Donald Trump, should he not comply with the Crown’s enslavement agenda. It would be called the Purple Revolution. Purple is the color of the “royals”.
Using the Agenda 21 hammer of climate change, humans were cast as the villain, paving the way for the Rothschild’s new carbon footprint social credit-based digital currency which would be used for the 5G grid.
With Big Brother now fully in place, any dissenters operating on the computer/internet weapon could now be de-platformed from the various NSA data collection sites. Facebook and Twitter banned radical individuals, Youtube went after 5G and chemtrails videos and Amazon banned anti-vaccine books.
The release of Edward Snowden’s files was halted in March as the billionaire who controls them complained of money problems. And last week Julian Assange as given up by Ecuador’s traitorous new President Lenin Moreno as part of an IMF loan deal. The astute will have noticed that Assange was not taken away in a London police car, but in a van owned by Crown Agent SERCO.
Dean Henderson”

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