Targeted Individual Mariana Maritato's Testimony to the ITNJ

“Targeted Individual Mariana Maritato’s Testimony to the ITNJ”
ConspiracyRevelation: Like me… with 36 years of age they typically give people the Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) full torture program of the Zionazi-Eugenics-CFR-CIA-MK Ultra-DIA-NSA-DOD-MJ12-MI-GCHQ-BND-BKA-KGB-USAF-NASA-Navy-CIA-Masonic-Alphabet Inc-Pentagon Inc-Arpa-Illuminazi-Skynet-Predatory Pathogenic Artificial Intelligence-NWO-Banker-Oil-Pharma-Corporate Mafia-Google-Amazon-Microsoft-Motorola-Mars-CoIntelPro2-Lockheed Martin-Siemens-Thyssen-Halliburton-MIT-DuPont-Silicon Valley 1 & 2-Vatican Mafia-Mitre Corp-U.S.-Shadow-Gov-Federal Fascist-Criminals…incl. likely most of the Rockefeller Universities and Research Institutes. That´s a pattern of Zion. They have tortured millions with the exact same protocol.
Incredible summary of most possible MK Ultra Scenarios aka Total Individual Control Technology of Corporate Crime Inc. (ZOG GOG Zionistic Occult Government – Global Occult Government aka New World Order)..must listen for former TIs or current TIs. (NWO Blacklisted People)
“I also learned from Dr. Joseph Farrel book titled “SS Brotherhood” of the Bell the Nazis incredible secret technology that the Nazis in Germany were working on an advanced weapon project called the Bell and that eventually this Bell along with other weapons were taken from Germany to Argentina Dr. Farrel also discusses that the Nazis were also working on very advanced scalar weapons and they had mastered the use of many of their advanced directed-energy weapons well before I was born. (Mariana Maritato)”
“What I have witnessed is the manipulation of people around me not just in my immediate vicinity, geographically, location wise. I have witnessed the manipulation of people around me, even around the world, if I am caught on video conferencing with them around the world or off-site, so I know for a fact that people anywhere in the world can be manipulated and influenced or affected and they do not have to be in my immediate vicinity. (Mariana Maritato)”
“I have no further questions, so this really troubling what they are doing to us, thank you very much for
your great statement.”
“International Tribunal for Natural Justice
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Mariana Maritato’s testimony provides an in-depth account of the many extreme and violent forms of torture that have been inflicted upon her remotely for the past several years, continuing to the present day. Her ongoing ordeal began when she found herself unable to sleep for three continuous days and nights despite trying numerous types of sleeping pills at the highest doses. After a subsequent episode where she felt her brain to be intensely overheating she began to research, and discovered her symptoms to be indicative of microwave radiation poisoning.
Constant sleep disruption continued, then physical assaults began occurring throughout the night which further research led her to conclude that she was being targeted and manipulated by remote electronic weapons. Mariana has regularly experienced what is known as voice to skull technology, where voices, noises, and music are projected into the brain in real time, capable of manipulating perceptions, thoughts, and emotions. The voices are often violent and perverse in nature, at times threatening to inflict cancer and other forms of physical harm upon Mariana and her family, and telling her to commit suicide.
Her testimony is supported by documentation including toxicology reports, pictures, and blood analysis reports. Mariana’s body is shown to contain a synthetic form of nano-technology not naturally occurring in humans, and emitting frequencies of which variations can be traced back to Homeland Security, the U.S. military, and other government entities.
Mariana shares her testimony with the conviction that these evil technologies must be exposed and an end put to the suffering of thousands of men, women and children worldwide. Her testimony was heard via a virtual sitting of the ITNJ’s Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse on 14th September, 2018 before Judge-Advocate, Dr. Chris Cleverely, ITNJ Commissioner Justin Walker, and ITNJ Trustees Janie Rayne and Connie Broussard.
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